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  1. Check out Captian Jeff Maggio. He is a legend down in South Florida and he will put you on some big snook and tarpon.
  2. I completely agree on my 6.6ft travel rod I have a 3000 stella that I love and it balances it out perfectly. But if I was to fish a regular 1 piece 6'6 id fish a 1000 or 2500 shimano stradic. I would go for the 3000.
  3. Have you looked at the Hogy Jigheads. I love them for kitechs and doa cals, they are extra strong and extra sharp. I believe its 3.99 or 4.99 for a 3 pack at J and H.
  4. 1. 5inch Tsunami Swim Shad in White 2. 3/4 oz bucktail 3. Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow 4.D.O.A Shrimp 5. 1oz Krokodile Spoon
  5. I have used the Star Rods Paraflex 9ft in florida and I love it. The only rod I love more than this is my Star Rods VPR 9ft. The paraflex is a great rod for live bait fishing and throwing lures. I have caught many large snook and redfish throwing swimbaits and freeling croakers. Remember the Paraflex is a 70/30 grip so one section will be a bit longer, but this means increased sensitivity like a 1 piece rod. I used this rod for a year and put it through its paces and its fantastic. However If you can scrounge up the extra 50 dollars I would get the Star Rods VPR surf. This rod is incredible. I have landed so many big fish and done so many crazy things with this rod. The components and blank are better than on the paraflex and the VPR is lighter than the Paraflex. It is also a lot more sensitive than the paraflex. I can feel the tail of my swimbait vibrating in the rod and I can tell when my lure is going through grass or deadlines. I fish this rod heavily and I abuse it due to the fact that star rods offers a life time warranty, it takes all my abuse and outperforms every other rod I have used.
  6. I took apart the whole reel and everything looks great. I just applied some Corrosion X grease and some bearing oil and everything is buttery smooth and silent. The line roller bearing was the problem and I took care of it.
  7. I would go with a Penn Slammer 4500. I had this reel, paired up with a 9ft Star Rods VPR. It was so light but it was the most powerful set up I used to own at the time. My friends and I have used the 4500 slammer to catch redfish on the flats all the way up to live baiting for grouper in 100ft of water. It is a very versatile reel and will have plenty of line capacity and drag. Also the 5500 feels unbalanced on a 9ft rod imo.
  8. I disassembled the line roller and took the seals out and let the bearing soak in wd-40 for 45 minutes. After that I took a q-tip and a toothpick and cleaned the bearings and roller mechanism out removing all the grease and grit. I then flushed it with water surprisingly some sand particles and grease chunks came out. Then I put some bearing lubricant and packed the mechanism full of grease before re installing the seals and putting the line roller assembly. At first the bearing was still a tad noisy when I was retrieving. But after 5 minute of rotating the line roller bearing the noise stopped and it is silent.
  9. Yes you are correct that was a typo.
  10. What kind of tool do I need to use to take apart the drag assembly a wrench or a special screw driver?
  11. Lol. I service most of my reels and I have serviced a vr200 and vs150 in the past. I don't think it would be too much of a problem.
  12. I think you have found the problem to my solution. I am assuming I would have to send my reel in for servicing then, unless I can find the correct size and type of bearing.
  13. Thank you. I have never caught one but have lost a few giants this season already.
  14. Ahhh makes a lot of sense. I live in Florida and this Stall I picked up idk if I want to get it serviced just yet due to the fact that the mullet run is in full swing right now. I might oil and grease some key components and go from there as well as soaking the reel in freshwater for a few minutes, to clear out any sand or salt that might be in there.
  15. LOL. I see what you mean about not being lightly used. Its immaculate on the outside and I can service the reel myself if I needed to. Would it be worth it to have it shipped out to a dealer? Idk if I have the right tools, I have serviced a buddies vs 150 and my old vr200 a few times.