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  1. I love my daiwa BG reels. I have a 2500 and 3500 size perfect for my fishing in the Chesapeake and marshs in Delaware. I bought a bait caster rod/reel for jigging and I’m not really a huge fan of it. I try to use it more to get used to it but it’s just not working out.
  2. Yeah the more I think about the more I think I’m gonna suck it up the rest of the year and try to get a PA or outback this fall/winter. Just gotta convince the wife to let me get a new kayak a year later lol.
  3. I never really fish north of the bay bridge so I can’t give you any tips in that regard but I highly recommend reading Alan Battistas kayak trolling book and his jigging book. They are an excellent source of information for someone just starting kayak fishing in the bay. He does talk about susky flats a good bit so I’m assuming that would be up your way.
  4. I definitely need to work on my paddling I just like the idea of being able to be hands free to fish. I would paddle out to the area I would fish. I go back and forth on wether I would want to do this because it just seems like a lot of extra weight to paddle when you’re not using it and only get 2-3 hours of it makes me uneasy about spending all that money on it. Plus it seems like a lot to deal with. Just trying to see if pros out weigh the cons...
  5. I’ve mostly been fishing Delaware this year but when I’m home I go out on the Severn and haven’t caught a striper over 12in. I will fish hard for stripes for the first few hours and realize it’s just not going to happen. I’m out then switch to perchin where you’re guaranteed to catch fish right now. Captain Bert’s perch pounders from anglers have been my go to spinner for perch. The chartreuse color and the chartreuse/white have been hot for me. The other day off of the end of a pier I caught 30 perch in prob 45 mins. There have been a ton of juvy stripers in the back creeks as well so I guess that is something to be happy about.
  6. Definitely know your limitations. This is my first season kayak fishing and I usually stick to calmer waters. I have gone out in the Chesapeake bay twice. Once it was like glass and little wind, perfect conditions. The next time it said 5mph winds so I figured no biggie, as soon as I got .25 miles under the bay bridge and realized the swell was too intense I turned around and headed in. I almost flipped my yak early on reaching to far over the side for a fish, definitely use your net to avoid reaching super far over the gunnel.
  7. Fished a canal system in de last weekend. A good bit of slot stripers around. Other people around me were catching short flounder, didn’t see to many people keep.
  8. Hey guys I’m in my first year of kayak fishing and definitely wish I got a pedal drive but at this point I’m going to have my Jackson big rig for at least another season. Trolling in this thing can be a real pain as it is heavy and in current it can take everything I have to paddle. Being able to have my hands free sounds great but I have some concerns about it. It would seem you’re limited to how long you can fish because once your battery goes it seems that paddling with the motor on back would not be fun and cause the kayak to not track well? Anyways just looking for peoples opinions of who has added a trolling motor and wether you liked it or not before I make the purchase. Thanks
  9. Not pa or nj but Delaware paddle sports isn’t far from the Cape-Lewes ferry in lewes...and no sales tax.
  10. Anyone know how these fit? I’m 6”4 350 and wondering if I’ll be able to squeeze my fatass into the xxl. It looks like the newer model is a little bigger so I might just go with that.
  11. Hey guys I’m going to be in murrells Inlet in mid march and am debating bringing the yak. Are the reds or specks biting yet? Any advice on the area would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I should have some at my house. I’ll be there end of the month and will try to remember to check!
  13. I went in there in August to pick up some 1oz spoons and they didn’t even have them. Doubt there is much left. It’s gone down hill tremendously in last few years. I stopped going in because the minnows would either be 3/4 dead or the bait would just be bad. Used to be a nice place and they were always nice
  14. Problem is it’s not even viewed as a surf fishing permit it’s a load the whole extended family in the back of pick up and have a bbq on the beach permit. I’d say Less than 50% of people on the beach on a weekend are actually trying to catch fish. Like people said someone grabs their ultralight combo from Walmart and some worms and tosses their line out. I’m all for increasing the price to get some more enforcement out there. Another thing that drives me nuts is letting your kids go run around all crazy. I’m trying to fish at the fishing beach go to the wading beach if you want to act like that. I wish they would make a rule that everyone in the car has to have a fishing license or something like that. Also these are the same jackasses who get stuck at the entrances and **** them up spinning tires and get stuck.
  15. I always miss the big fishing shows because I find out about them after the fact. When are the dc/baltimore/Annapolis shows this year? i know this coming Saturday the 12th is the Frederick Saltwater Anglers show at Frederick county fairgrounds.