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  1. Thanks. It was an enjoyable outing. Took me about 30 mins walking the bank casting to find a productive spot but once you found them they seemed to hit every cast. Gold shad darts seemed to be the hot color. Caught one rat striper too. It was weird to be in DC but feel like you were in the middle of nowhere. Fletchers cove is a beautiful place! Too bad there is so much trash every where in some spots, Like someone had a party and just left everything there. It was appalling that people could have that much disrespect for the outdoors.
  2. Yeah I had a few tails bitten off a few weeks ago. I haven’t dusted the kayak off yet since the surf has been pretty productive. I’m think this warm weather should help bring them in. I get to go fishing on Tuesday-Sun so hopefully they show up then lol.
  3. Here’s what I tied up based on what colors you say work best. I bought the shad darts awhile back. A few 3/8 gold spoons and I may have some 1/4 spoons somewhere. I was just worried about casting distance. plan on using a 7ft medium rod but I’ll have my 8ft surf rod in the truck in case. thanks everyone for tips.
  4. Yeah definitely not going to wade. I’m finally getting out there tomorrow. I had some 1/4 ball jigs laying around so I tried to is Up a few flashy jigs.
  5. Thanks. Maybe I’ll convince the wife to come along.
  6. Anyone think we’re gonna get any gator blues come inshore this year? Hopefully this warm weather gets them going.
  7. I’ve found small spinners like the anglers perch pounder outfishes any sort of bait. There’s spots in the Severn where I can literally get a perch every cast.
  8. Respectfully offer 80 shipped.
  9. I used some of the 30lb inshore last week fishing off some jettys. Dragged it over rocks more than a few times and there weren’t any nicks in it at all. I don’t think I’ll ever pay for regular fluorocarbon ever again. 30lb is like 24 bucks for a 100yds so I’m sold. Should be enough to last me the season lol
  10. Thanks that’s what I was thinking. I have a 9’6” airwave elite I use if I need a stouter rod and It would be nice to be able to go back and forth.
  11. Sorry to bring back a thread from the dead but I have a VR question. Where I’m at in DE we don’t have any shops that carry Van Staal. I’ve been getting too much saltwater on my other reels for my liking and am looking to get a VR series reel. I may end up just taking a ride to TD. what size vr reel would pair best with a 8ft ODM DNA 3/8-2oz rod? Thanks
  12. I think these are meant for freshwater but a lot of guys around me use them as a buck tail trailer. They are also really cheap.
  13. Have you ever rented the rowboats? How could one person handle them? Thanks
  14. 10-3. Saw that was a bad idea the more I read about it. Not worth the risk. Thanks for tip!