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  1. The island has been on fire the last couple weeks. I’ve had a lot of success with a Rapala jerkbait. If you ever want a buddy let me know!
  2. Most definitely cam straps. I used my cam buckles up top and a mini ratchet stern and bow. It was a Malone system I got off amazon.
  3. where you at? In Md the perch are in just about every tributary but the one I fish. I finally got some yesterday but they aren’t in the usual spots where I can catch a fish every cast for hours straight.
  4. Just left it in the sun and used a plunger and it went right out. I learned a few lessons from this. First, don’t use ratcheting stern and bow straps. Second, don’t put a kayak up on a bare roof rack. Some surf pads are on order lol. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  5. I made the rookie mistake of using the ratcheting bow and stern tie downs on my kayak and now I have a nice rack bar dent in the bottom of my kayak. I have a trip planned for tomorrow and don’t have the tools currently to fix the dent. Should I nix the trip to get home and fix the hull or should I be good to go for tomorrow then fix it after? Thanks
  6. I had a bag of some swimming mullet at my beach house from last summer I forgot about and never opened that was alll dried out. My jar of gulp was fine though. They probably haven’t been used since October. Maybe September.
  7. Just curious to hear what others consider to windy to take the yak out. It’s been a very windy spring here in Maryland and the next week not looking great either. Sustained winds of 10knots with 25knot gusts has me thinking stay home.
  8. Nobody is saying you can’t go to your property. I live in Annapolis and went to check in my house in Lewes. Literally drove there looked around for a little then drove my ass back to Annapolis. The traffic was heavy on rt 1 and some of the back roads even though it was a Wednesday at 1pm. Even though Delaware’s border is “closed” it seemed more alive than Annapolis does. If my wife didn’t need a fast internet connection for work I would’ve gone there weeks ago. I am worried for a lot of business’s from Lewes to Fenwick. This is going to be a rough summer for them for sure. The Delawareans can hate the out of staters all they want but they are the ones keeping that economy going.
  9. Lol yeah blackwater is an absolute ****how too. There’s so many people that bank fish there and if you don’t get there early you can’t even get a spot to park at the launch. I went on a Monday morning and every bridge is packed to the brim with cars. It’s not worth it at all. You recommend in launches in the paptapsco? I usually fish out of the Severn and I’ve never seen one there.
  10. Lol that’s good. I’ve only been out for snakes twice. Once at blackwater and once in mallows bay. What bodies of water hold snakes up your way? I’ve been looking for somewhere closer to launch.
  11. Thanks for your input. I too have been searching all over those forums. The drive part is a little worrisome however it seems like they make it right pretty quickly if you have a good dealer which I do. I just really like the layout of the slayer a lot. I also don’t like how you’re stuck in one position on the oldtown. They are really comparable kayaks though. I appreciate the offer but I’m going to check out some kayaks tomorrow and will be able to demo one. I’m basically in between baltimore and Annapolis. Just counting down the days to May 1st. March was pretty slow with the striper bite for me. How did you do? I’ve always wanted to fish the susky flats I need to get up their one spring.
  12. Thanks Riddler. I appreciate all the informative information.
  13. Yeah the only thing that was concerning me with the outback is the seat weight says max of 275. That’s good to hear. I appreciate you answering my questions. Thanks for the help i was struggling to find some reviews that weren’t youtubers. I went on YouTube to look up some oldtown reviews and seems like they give them to a lot of you tubers and they just want say they are the greatest kayak in the world to keep getting free stuff.
  14. Yeah I’m too fat for a revo. I’m 6’3” 325. I rather use my legs in a big yak than paddle though. Either way my local dealer does demos so I plan to try out as many as they will allow me to once the madness dies down.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I fish brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay 90% of the time and coastal bays the other 10%. That’s the only time I would be heavy in the salt. Either way I made the mistake with my first kayak(a Jackson big rig) and didnt test it out first. I ended up with a kayak I hate because it’s a beast to paddle in current and the cockpit storage area sucks big time. Im into kayak fishing enough now where I can justify the cost of a pedal drive. However I don’t know if I want to spend PA money. The old towns come at a nice price point that my wife will give me less crap over lol.