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  1. Not pa or nj but Delaware paddle sports isn’t far from the Cape-Lewes ferry in lewes...and no sales tax.
  2. Anyone know how these fit? I’m 6”4 350 and wondering if I’ll be able to squeeze my fatass into the xxl. It looks like the newer model is a little bigger so I might just go with that.
  3. Hey guys I’m going to be in murrells Inlet in mid march and am debating bringing the yak. Are the reds or specks biting yet? Any advice on the area would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I should have some at my house. I’ll be there end of the month and will try to remember to check!
  5. I went in there in August to pick up some 1oz spoons and they didn’t even have them. Doubt there is much left. It’s gone down hill tremendously in last few years. I stopped going in because the minnows would either be 3/4 dead or the bait would just be bad. Used to be a nice place and they were always nice
  6. Problem is it’s not even viewed as a surf fishing permit it’s a load the whole extended family in the back of pick up and have a bbq on the beach permit. I’d say Less than 50% of people on the beach on a weekend are actually trying to catch fish. Like people said someone grabs their ultralight combo from Walmart and some worms and tosses their line out. I’m all for increasing the price to get some more enforcement out there. Another thing that drives me nuts is letting your kids go run around all crazy. I’m trying to fish at the fishing beach go to the wading beach if you want to act like that. I wish they would make a rule that everyone in the car has to have a fishing license or something like that. Also these are the same jackasses who get stuck at the entrances and **** them up spinning tires and get stuck.
  7. I always miss the big fishing shows because I find out about them after the fact. When are the dc/baltimore/Annapolis shows this year? i know this coming Saturday the 12th is the Frederick Saltwater Anglers show at Frederick county fairgrounds.
  8. Just as the title says where are the good Delaware/Oc fishing shows at and when? I find I always miss one I want to go to because I have no idea that it’s going on. Thanks!
  9. Had to carry my big rig from the bed of my truck to my garage by myself and it was difficult. Definitely making a dolly here soon.
  10. I think my first season I won’t really venture into big water and i do it will be close to shore. There’s a decent size kayak club around my way that I’m going to try to get out with guys from there as long as they don’t mind a noob tagging along.
  11. Lol great point about having to take a leak. Thanks for the input.
  12. Thanks for all the very helpful replies. In 62 degree water(60 degree outside temps)are neoprene waders sufficient or is it 100% dry suit only?
  13. Just bought a 2018 Jackson Big Rig today due to it being a great price. Won’t be taking it out fishing until the spring so I’m going to load up on accessories slowly until spring. In your opinion what are some can’t be on the water without items(I know a PFD is 100% necessary). Thanks! Also is the $300 dollar paddle vs the $100 paddle a big deal?
  14. Does anybody on here have this yak? I’m 6’3 320 and looking to get into kayak fishing the Chesapeake Bay and associated rivers. I was looking at this or the Jackson big rig but the vibe is priced much better. Anyways does this kayak handle for you? I would probably use on the rivers mostly. Looking for anything positive or negative thanks.
  15. Still available?