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  1. Mine float but they are less than a year old.
  2. Trolling in the summer time in the Chesapeake makes me laugh though. Yeah bro let's troll 16oz mojos to catch 20" fish. You're fighting the weight of the lure rather than the fish. offshore trolling and trolling during the spring and fall is different though.
  3. Went out in eastern bay. A lot of life at first light. Had a bunch of hits on top water but they were all little guys. Tried casting paddle tails at current with points but only picked up some 15" fish. Not a remarkable day but it was good to get out. Side note I guess because of gas prices but there were hardly any boats out even at 10-11am. When I got back to a usually packed parking lot there was plenty of space left.
  4. I will be off my kayak. Can't make the after party but should be a good time.
  5. Not sure about a budget but I've heard very good things about the hobie lynx and it only weighs 50lbs.
  6. As long as you're fishing you can be inside park. This time of year you may get a striper or two from the beach there but it's mostly a bait n wait game for catfish. If you like throwing lures Jonas green is a good white perch spot and they will gladly hit lures. Pretty fun on a light rod. Anglers in Annapolis(near sandy point) is a good place for bait and advice.
  7. Inception tackle makes them. I just found out about them too.
  8. Whole bunch of people out there this weekend. Seems like the bluefish bite shut down in Delaware after Friday. A lot of bird activity in the inlet but only came up with hickory shad. I didn't realize how bad the north inlet beach area is. At high tide there basically isn't a beach anymore.
  9. My experience as well. Bite seems to completely shut off at the outgoing.
  10. Aren't Joe baggs swarters just rebranded alibaba lures?
  11. It kinda looks like a tsunami surface blaster.
  12. Saw a bunch of peanut bunker washed up on a de bay beach. I missed the bite the few times I tried but couldn't get away from the fam for the right tides. There's been a lot bluefish around nearing 30". Hopefully they stick around a few more weeks.
  13. Anne Arundel has a few. Sandy Point State Park and Jonas Green in Annapolis.
  14. I saw a pic last year from Delaware where someone got a cobia from shore but they kayaked out their line. Not sure how far out.
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