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  1. I have a twin power shimano 1400 with odm Jiggster 11' and I have have had great results with both. The Jiggster has more back bone than the Frontier. I looked at the Frontier and I'm glad I went with the Jiggster.
  2. I have a number of Feeders and I've seen more Hummers this year than ever!!
  3. Or perhaps get one of those fancy assed lasers as I have. When you see the laser shinning at you I'm sure any Half-assed Intelligent Man would think twice about their reckless behavior!!!!
  4. I purchased a used Jigster this winter. Just caught my first good striper with it. Close to one of the Bridges and wanted to get the fish turned before he got anywhere near any problem areas near bridge abutments that weren't too far away.. That Jigster and the twin power 1400 performed Brother, 34 pounds. If you get it you won't be disappointed I'm sure.
  5. When I originally posted this I didn't post the picture my friend took because it is definitely a spot burn. But I can assure you the red marks were plentiful and serious. Fish didn't look underweight at all and weighed 34 pounds. Took off like a rocket on release.
  6. I like those Cannon Balls. They act very differently than most jig heads and in a good way. Difficult to explain, but very effective.
  7. I have a jigster and it is a great Rod. I think It could turn a whale!!
  8. A guy the other day said to me "Dam I thought guys were catching all kinds of stripers here in the Canal. We went to Walmart and bought all kinds of stuff and haven't caught a thing and I've been here for 2 hours". I just smiled and said "you have to put your time in" Between cell phones and Facebook (I don't do facebook, Crazy chit) the cat is out of the bag. I used to think there is enough room and fish for everyone. NOT ANYMORE, RAISE THE SIZE LIMIT TO 36/38 INCHES, PLEASE!!!!
  9. Because he could talk a dog offfff a meat truck!!!
  10. If, this was in fact in International waters, the Chit is about to hit the fan. Take out the missile site that launched the missle that downed this Drone. I don't think we can allow these crazy bastards to have nukes.
  11. Interesting stuff, beleive it or not...
  12. Wish I didn't have to wait a week to see it again!!!
  13. A Brand new one. Just started a week or so ago. looks like it will be a clasic. "The city on the HIll" Great show the Wineter Hill gang in the late 80's early 90's.
  14. Those aren't the high speed boats i saw..
  15. One other problem is the parking. There are only 4 parking places at the Maritime and beleive me they ticket all the time.