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  1. The 7 inch ones Loaded with 21 BB's. Have saonded some down and left paint along the top and hit wit with 3 coats of clear. Try it.
  2. Nice, there are still some Honest people out there!!! What goes around comes around. You'll be getting some big fish this year. Thanks
  3. Hey, as they say, It is what it is. We can bitch and moan bla bla bla, or we can stay home. Not many choices here. Lots of talk and no action taken!! It's only going to get worse
  4. Next weeks weather looks much better. So water temps will hopefully get to 52/55 degrees. I was at the ditch today. License plate Maryland, Maine, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, it's like the League of nations now at the Canal. And guess what, half of them can't speak English!!!
  5. Couldn't agree more!!!
  6. Rest till August!!!
  7. I've also had issues in that Marina!! Bunch of chit heads.
  8. I'm a Geezer and don't know if I'll ever be comfortable with that title.... I'm now invisible!!!
  9. Amen Brother!!!
  10. Well isn't this what we've been waiting for. Some good weather with the fish starting to show up??? Whether it's the traffic, the crowds, the numbers of guys fishing, it's all changed and never going back. I guess we're going have to learn to deal with it all or just stay home. I sound like an old fart don't I !!! I caught a nice little striper the other day and a guy close to me says, Is that a Striper?????
  11. Send her straight to the big House. It will be interesting to see how she tries to get away with this!! POS
  12. Will you just look at the face on this bitch!!
  13. Wondering how the hell they can get out of this and how the hell to afford legal fees.
  14. Let's Hope, the Water is still on the cool side at 49/50. But won't be long. Some South West winds would help.
  15. "Too Close" Their our Fish!! Now that is some Funny Chit!!!