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  1. Thanks man, just waiting on the orioles.
  2. Fibber where are you located
  3. Same here and the cat birds do love the grape jelly!!! Have you had Orioles in the past??
  4. I'm still trying to attract some orioles. Have the feeder out with oranges and grape juice and nothing yet.
  5. I have one of these Oriole feeders that has little spikes on it to place oranges as well as holes for Orioles to drink from. I'm going the use this nectar recipe from a birding website. They say the birds go crazy over this. 1 cup grape jelly 1 cup water 1/2 cup white sugar juice from half an orange Let me know what you all think. I haven't had any orioles as yet.
  6. I just made an online purchase for some new Hummingbird feeders. Been feeding these guys for years and this is the best feeder I've ever had. Very easy to clean all kinds of advantages. Brwoynn Hummingbird feeder. 16. oz. large capacity easy to place and refill. You won't regret this purchase!!!
  7. The above video was from last year. For whatever reason, the hummers love this feeder. The connector in back that attaches food supply to the feeding port is fragile though.
  8. I saw my first female this morning..
  9. Lots of Hummers, no Baltimore yet. Where do you live Woma??
  10. I put out a feeder for Baltimore Orioles. In the past, I think I've put the feeder out too late. I'll post some pictures as soon as ai get some photos!!
  11. It's supposed to be warm this week, so I think they'll be arriving in numbers soon.
  12. Yes, they are very territorial..
  13. The Hummers are freezing this morning. It's only 35 degrees out there.
  14. I use some of those hangers and they are very nice
  15. Most feeders have like a little water mote to keep the Ants. But ants are a problem.