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  1. I'm in.
  2. Thanks not interested in a Trike.
  3. Thanks!! One of the best shows ever.
  4. I went for a long walk on the canal yesterday and saw an Osprey and a King Fisher..
  5. I'd like to buy a Mikes white Ditch Witch
  6. I'd like to buy a used canal bike amybe a hybrid.
  7. i used copper BB's for everything and it has worked well.
  8. I've had good luck with them. Great service and resonable pricing... What's not to like???
  9. That is a real find!!!!
  10. Shot 4 times, 26 operations, had a total big toe fusion two years ago and just got a pacemaker. I think it's a pretty safe bet you can throw it Further than I can. But, I look marvelous doing it. Beside casting distance isn't the only thing that catches Strippers. THANK GOD!!!!
  11. I'm still in. I'm a seasoned old Bastard, so no will have to worry about me outcasting them. However, I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can throw my new (USED) ODM Jiggster with Twinpower 1400 and super slick I purchased recently.
  12. AirBNB is tuff to beat. Enjoy your time at home!!!
  13. Using more Bucktails and fishing more nights. Staying safe
  14. I think so as well.
  15. Just got those Mikes plugs. Great condition and Thanks for getting them here so fast.