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  1. I was thinking the same thing last night looking at my notes from Last year. I caught my largest fish last year on June 15th and it was 43 lbs.
  2. Yes, I did release it. I didn't keep a fish all last year!! Thanks
  3. Good Morning, First good Striper this morning in Canal, 23 pounds.
  4. What they really like is stupid customers, with lots of GREEN..
  5. Good point. Hadn't thought about that!!
  6. Now that is a Serious fine.
  7. Been seeing lots of Robins and lots of Blue Jays.
  8. All bull Chit... Can't believe anyone watches this chit... You must need to get net flicks..
  9. 90% of all reported new (Tv and Print) have been negitive!!!! No wonder he's on their asses so much...
  10. Have watched a few of " The Mandalorian" Seems ok but nothing to brag about. I just got a 4k TV so it's nice to check out a 4K show/Movie. 4K is the NUTS
  11. Wow, the haters are out this morning. It will be interesting to see how the Pat's have improved since their last poor showing. As the Tuna used to say, " The season starts on Thanksgiving Day"!!!!
  12. Couldn't find tht thread???
  13. I use clips for everything except for epoxy jigs for funny fish. Do you use the 50lbs clips for Funny fish?? Couldn't agree more on the versatility without retie though. So I'm hoping to hear many guys using the clips as well. Lot's of times if you're not totally ready when you see these funny fish from shore it's already to late. Thanks
  14. I have always tied directly to epoxy jigs, using about 5 foot leaders. I've been seeing more and more guys using 25lbs micro clips. What do folks think about this and how well do clipps work for Albies, and bones, funny fish??????
  15. I always tie directly to jig. What are your thoughts on that??