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    Just started fishing again after about 20 years.
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    Photography, Cooking, Working Out.
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    I'm done with that.

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  1. Just being supportive of a guy with a new hobby. But, I agree with you totally, if it can't catch fish what good is it??? All Good.. She looks pretty but won't suck
  2. That will do it.
  3. Good Morning, I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with a Pace Maker. Got the word this morning after wearing a Heart monitor for two weeks that I need a Pace Maker. If anyone has any history (positive or negative) with this, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks
  4. I saw him Yesterday at press conferance. He did look very strange. At one point he was rolling his eyes up at the ceiling. Looked strange
  5. Ya, it's too bad. Rules have changed so much now it's very difficult if not impossible to compare QB's from the old days to today. We could also make the same comparison about men from those days versus today. If a QB goes to the ground now it's a big deal. I'm so old I remember how YA Tittle looked after getting up from that hit. Older than dirt I am.
  6. Anything to get through the winter months. Hope they catch fish for you. Enjoy, don't listen to the haters.
  7. Snow flake convention.. The parents pay for this crazy chit. Go figure
  8. This is how the all weather shows roll. Funny thing is people fall for it!!!
  9. I almost felt bad for him today. I guess he's always talking trash during the game. He did have a good year though.
  10. Just saw this on Breitbart news. Maybe this is what we need on the East Coast as well!! Kill the Seals, save the fish, the sharks will go somewhere else??
  11. Going to be a great Game. They say it's a very tuff place to play. Pats surprized alot of folks today.
  12. I thought they would win, but that was a great showing. Love him or hate him, Bill is one of the best to ever coach the game of football. On to K.C!!!! Dam, talk about a game to look forward to.
  13. After watching both games Yesterday ( Home sick) This is going to be a huge game for Pats. KC and LA both looked very good. LA's run game was very good. Love to watch that old school run it down their throats.
  14. One mans Treasure is another mans Trash. All good, you earn the money, you get spend the money the way you want.