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  1. I’ve seen this several times including this morning. Stripers are at the top of the water and seem to be still in place and as we troll by slowly the fish swirl as if we surprised them. Then when casting, as soon as the lure hits the water several more swirls can be seen, as if the lure surprised the fish. We marked dozens of fish of varying size from teens to 30+” fish. We try all sorts of plugs in different colors, sizes, and depth but only catch a few. Has anyone encountered this type of behavior before? I’m guessing the fish are sleeping or resting but want to get some input. If anyone has ideas for how to catch them when they’re doing this, it would be appreciated.
  2. Need some help with picking out a conventional reel. I'm leaning towards a 400-size single-speed Accurate Fury. I've noticed that there are a number of variations of the 400, I've listed them below: FX-400GS FX-400NGS FX-400XGS FX-400XNGS I don't know what these variations are so I don't what they mean. I'm looking for a versatile reel to live line pogeys/mackerel and fishing with chunk bait. 1. Can someone explain what these variations are? 2. Which variation seems the best for the fishing I mentioned above? Thanks!
  3. I own 4 BG 5000's and a Saltist 4000 and they're great. I have them set up on 3 St. Croix 7' HM Tidemasters for stripers/blues/albies, and a 4th on a St. Croix Mojo 10'6" surf rod. While they're durable and powerful rods, they're a bit heavy and overkill for spring schoolie fishing and funnyfish in the fall. I just purchased a medium-moderate 7' St. Croix Avid for a finesse setup. I've had my eyes on the new Stradic FL for months because of its light weight and smooth retrieve. My biggest question that I'm struggling with is what size to get. I'm torn between the 3000 and the 4000. I like the idea of having as small/light of a reel as possible for making fights with smaller fish more fun, but I want to make sure that the reel could handle a fight with a 20+ pounder if I happen to hook into a larger bass/gator blue. Looking for insight. I've only fished Daiwa and Penn reels in the past and am new to Shimano reels and the Stradic line. I've been hearing great things about the Stradic FL, but don't know anyone personally that's used it for stripers/blues/albies. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. Would you recommend 20lb test or 30lb test for braid on a 4k Stradic FL?
  5. Thanks guys, very helpful! Catatonic that picture is very helpful, I didn't realize how much slimmer the Stradic 4k is than the Saltist 4k.
  6. Has anyone had any luck around Medford recently? Hoping to get out for a few hours this weekend.
  7. Anyone had any luck yet? Haven't heard of anyone having success with stripers so far. Hopefully, they start showing up in the next few weeks.
  8. Anyone heard anything about where the stripers are at in their migration? Guessing they'll be making their way up here in the next few weeks.
  9. Hit up the *a fishing pier last night and this morning at 5:30. Not even a sniff with an SP Minnow and a popper. Going to try a few different plugs next time.
  10. Anyone have any luck around Medford/Boston this weekend? Caught a few schoolies at the canal Sunday but haven't had luck around Medford recently.
  11. Looking for recommendations for plugs for the canal and nearby beaches. Have a few 7" Magic Swimmers and Stick Shads and picked up a few pencil poppers (1 Gibbs,1 Wally, both in white), and a few Savages. Ended up buying all the Magic Swimmers, Stick Shads, and Savages in mackerel patterns per a friend's recommendation. What other plugs do you all recommend and which colors work best? One guy who seemed to know his stuff that I chatted with at the canal recommended Cotton Cordell Redfin in white and a Guppy Jobo in white, not sure if he was blowing smoke. Also heard Left Hook Pigrims are good. Trying to fill my tackle box up with the necessities, any recommendations are greatly appreciated! On that note, I'm looking for a new tackle bag since my old box is falling apart, love those ideas you guys posted above. Appreciate the insight!
  12. Thank you @guilino12! I live right across the bridge from Assembly in Medford. Seen some guys in small boats in the Mystic River fishing but never seen any birds or action. I'll definitely keep an eye out. Bought a 10'6" St. Croix Mojo with a Daiwa BG 5000 so I'm looking to bust it out and start breaking her in. A friend of mine said Boston harbor is loaded with Pogies, I'm still looking for a good place to set up on shore. If anyone happens to live around the south coast, there are massive amounts of peanut bunker and small baitfish loading up estuaries near Wareham. Heard a report of a big school of schoolies coming in yesterday morning and tore the bait up for a few hours. Excited to see the first signs of the fall run!
  13. Just moved to the Boston area (Medford) from the south coast. Used to fishing the canal and surrounding beaches on the cape but have never fished around Boston. Fishing has dried up around the south coast for a few weeks outside of some mackerel and baby bonito recently. Anyone had any luck around the Boston area? I know specific locations are discouraged but I'm looking for some help/tips without having any knowledge of the fishing spots around Boston. If anyone has any tackle recommendations, those are very appreciated as well. I've got a bunch of tackle that is geared for the canal (Magic Swimmers, Savages, Stick Shads, etc.), but I'm always looking for new toys if they're working for other spots. Thanks in advance for the insight!