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  1. Would like the chartreuse one on the right side second one up from the bottom if you split.
  2. There might be something in the Okuma Nomad line. I don’t have a specific model in mind but I’ve looked at a few of their travel rods and thought the build and balance was really good.
  3. I can’t tie a decent Palomar with #40 fluoro either. Gave up on doing that a long time ago. Always took 3-4 tries to get it to cinch down correctly. The San Diego knot is my go to for most tests above #30. It’s really great for all tests up to #80. Maybe #100 at most. For #100-130 I usually use an Uni.
  4. What line tests do you mainly use?
  5. Pulled into RI yesterday afternoon. Hitting the state parks around the coast right now. It seems like most of these state parks or public beaches are closed at dark? Would like to be able to fish after dark or get started really early in the morning. Tried pulling up info on beaches or areas open after dark and am not really finding anything. Appreciate any clarification you can send my way. Thanks.
  6. Are the 2021 10k and up twin powers in stock anywhere? Interested in a 14k.
  7. I’ve carried on 2 piece 7’ rods. No tube. I usually tape both sections together with paint tape.
  8. Tempted. What are the specs on that spook?
  9. I’ll take 6. Thanks.
  10. Keep it all. Thin out the tackle maybe but I would keep all of the rods and reels. You’ll probably find a use for everything you have sooner or later. Seems to almost always work out that way.
  11. Really good friend just caught a 180-190 pound bluefin out of San Diego. So happy for him. He just came back in. Looking forward to finding out more soon when we talk.
  12. Happened to come across this one. Looking forward to throwing it.
  13. I use 24”-26” leaders because that size is just about as long as I can go while casting as hard as I can with the knot outside the rod. Go as long as you can in regard to this I would say.
  14. If you have a wetsuit maybe you can get out far enough to the bluefin tuna that are supposed to be “nearby”. just kidding obviously. Wishful thinking!
  15. Sounds pretty awesome.
  16. Don’t get distracted by all of the chatter about the other knots. The Alberto knot is what a ton of people use for tuna in San Diego. It’s a proven and very effective knot. Some sportfishing crews don’t even tie the FG knot. They only use the Alberto. (I actually asked a deckhand about that once) The best knot is the one you can tie easily and with confidence.
  17. Yes, it's a great knot. I use the Albright with leaders #40 and above just because I tie it with more confidence and a lot quicker than I tie an Alberto. The Albright doesn't hold well with thinner leaders so for #30 and anything under, I tie an Alberto. The Alberto goes through the guides better than an Albright does. I always try to tie short leaders when throwing lures of any kind so the knot doesn't have to go through the guides but when pitching live bait out with long leaders, the Alberto works well, and the Albright does all right in this situation too.
  18. Thank you for the offer. I went with the slightly better offer - really put more time than expected into getting the reel 100% ready to go with the fresh service and line. And it’s really a cool paddle handle.
  19. Daiwa Lexa 300hd HSP in very good condition. Reel is only about 2-3 months old and was professionally cleaned and serviced only to get rid of the excess grease. Factory paddle handle. Full spool of fresh Sufix 832 in #40 added two weeks ago. $210 shipped. I still have the box - not shown in pictures.
  20. Yeah. I’ll do that. Thanks all for the interest.
  21. I wasn’t sure if you really knew what you were looking for and I guess I thought I would try to give you an idea of what kind of rod pairs up well with that reel since I’ve fished that reel quite a bit for a few years now. One of the Phenix M1 inshore rod could be great for plugs. They’re much lighter and fun to fish with. Not as solid and durable as the Black Diamond rods though. Now that you say you want a 9’ or 10’ casting rod, there aren’t a lot to pick from. Tica makes casting models in these lengths. Let us know if you find anything that appeals to you.
  22. No, I gave it to a friend.
  23. I have mine on a Phenix Black Diamond 809h. But it’s probably built a little heavier than you would need for typical jetty/striper fishing. This rod was designed for west coast yellowtail/tuna/other big inshore fish. Any other similar 8’ 20-40 or 15-35 rod built with lighter components would work well. Maybe the Phenix M1 inshore 82H or the MH models. Hard to find on the east coast though.
  24. Lightweight PVC tubes from Home Depot for the rods.
  25. It doesn’t fit my hands as well as I thought it would. Got an OG Lexa 400hd that’s been a workhorse and an awesome reel for more than five years and really thought this reel would work out in the same way.