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  1. This is the BPS net I was talking about. It’s super light, doesn’t take up a lot of space and I’ve had anything from a pound and half smallmouth to some nice stripers in it. It’s probably only 12” or 14” deep which makes getting fish and any plugs that might have gotten tangled in the net super easy to get out. It’s been great for my small boat. Felt like it was a really good buy at $39.
  2. Very happy with the rockhopper belt I recently picked up from the saltwater edge in Middleton. Comfortable and has a good ss buckle on it.
  3. Well, funny. I generally am not a fan of anything BPS either. But I have a small boat and I picked up a typical bass sized net but with a deep mesh bag a few months ago that could hold a large striper or musky if needed. But hated how it took up so much space in the boat with the tailing mesh end and how a small bait with a pair of treble hooks would get entangled in it. Went to cabela’s to look for a rubber mesh net since they would have the best inventory of nets around and after looking at everything, the collapsible BPS net designed for bass with a good sized diameter but really shallow net was the best one I could find. Ended up being totally perfect. I’ve netted small to big fish with that thing. Doesn’t get in the way at all in the boat. I’ll take a picture of the net later.
  4. Don’t blame you for being upset. I would feel the same way. Don’t think that should be part of buying a new rod and having that happen almost immediately. Hope you get it resolved.
  5. Thanks for the tip about the paintball tube!
  6. Pretty cool that gear up was able to make a full length bag on request! Appreciate the input.
  7. Hmm yeah. I wanted to venture out a little bit and see how it goes. There’s a lot of threads and comments about fishing the bay in a small boat. On The Water even did an article about it.
  8. Curious about what one tube belt plug bag is working out well for you. Interested in gear up’s water bottle/one tube holster but the tube is only 6” deep. Thinking at least 8” would be much better and convenient. Emailed them to ask about this. ODM makes an AIO single tube bag that looks interesting. Not sure if it’s a little bulkier than I would like it to be. And it doesn’t have a latch on it the way gear up’s bag does. Anything else out there that’s a solid design in a single tube that’s about 3”x8”? Not sure if I missed this in some other threads. Thanks.
  9. I have a 14' tin mod-v boat with a 20 hp 4s Yamaha on it. It's a solid and reliable rig. I've been kicking around the idea of fishing Raritan Bay sometime soon. Maybe next week if the weather is ideal for some of those stripers and bluefish that are still around. I've read tons of older threads, both in this site and on other forums about small boats out in the bay. Feels like I have a really good idea of the risks that come with doing this. Curious if any of you would be up for this? I was thinking I would probably go out of the Keyport ramp. Again, it's just an idea I'm kicking around. Not fully committed to it. Feel free to msg me. Thanks!!!
  10. The Lexa 400hd is an awesome reel. I got one the first year they came out. Used it on the yak in the salt several times yearly and it held up great for the whole year while my Curado 300e or Tranx 300/400 reels would already show need for service and maintenance after a few trips. I’ve gotten a few 20-60 pound tuna on it off sportfishing boats. Love throwing a colt sniper with that reel. Throws it waaaay out there and you can burn it back in. Very little wasted time and effort. Really fun for schoolie sized fish. I still have the 7.1 model and after 5+ years it’s still going strong. I’ll say that the only time I had problems with the reel was when I sent it to Daiwa for servicing. Used it 2-3 times and it wasn’t working exactly as it should. Luckily was able to get it quickly serviced locally which doesn’t always happen during the season.
  11. New backpack worked out pretty good. 30l Grundens. Can fit a deep 3700 in there, a jacket, a bottle of water and a tin can or another bottle of the beverage of your choice in the side pocket holders. Weight distribution and fit is much better than the much bigger and not as good fitting 45l Gecko waterproof pack I used for a couple of years. Thinking that a small belt bag for a small collection of go to stuff would be a good accessory to this pack so I don’t have to go into the pack every time I change stuff.
  12. An extra 3k permits seems like a lot. Nice fish. Get that on bait?
  13. Yep. It’s a solid reel. Guys have landed bluefin over #100 with the reel.
  14. Thanks all. I am out fishing Narragansett/south RI rocks. Throwing plugs right now. There’s a bunch of people around me soaking bait but not seeing anyone catching anything. I actually wanted to try a beach spot in Narragansett but parking was so confusing. All of the lots nearby had signs saying permits of something or the other required. I couldn’t really tell if I could park there at all. I didn’t want to stop and ask anyone. Tons of people around today. Maybe tomorrow.
  15. Been around Rhode Island mostly for the last 3 days. Done a lot of fishing on the island and surrounding rivers but I really came on this trip to surf fish more than fish farther up inland. I haven’t fished Narragansett yet.Thinking about fishing there tonight and possibly staying one more day before heading up to Maine. Those are some serious and beautiful rocks you got out here. I have korkers but it’s still a little daunting going out into those rocks during dark. If anyone wants to team up tonight that would be cool. I am coming back down from providence. Just stopped by Ocean State Bait and Tackle. What a cool place. Was so great meeting and talking with Dave. He gave it to me straight on! And I walked away with some good new wood.