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  1. Sometimes you just have to buy 2 or 3 or 4 lures to get one that works the way it should. I have a couple of lures that I’ve dialed in over the years and I have to buy them 3 or 4 at a time and usually one turns out just right. Same thing with Doc’s. The first one I picked up was defective. The second one swam much better.
  2. Orvis. Super comfortable. I did not want to spend that much money on wading boots but was stuck because it’s really hard finding boots that feel good on my wide feet. Turned out to be totally worth it.
  3. Tempted!!!!!! Someone hurry up and grab this before I’m forced to do it.
  4. Electrical tape works great. It’s a little bothersome from time to time. But I have one rod that needs it and it seems to be the best solution. Only suggesting it as a temporary solution in response to some other comments about that.
  5. Tried to send a PM with some info that can't be posted here per forum rules. I got a reply saying you cannot receive messages?
  6. I haven’t been on an east coast party boat in three decades. But I was at Jersey recently and happened to see a boat come in loaded with Black Sea bass. It looked like everyone was limited to two rods? I usually like fishing for bigger fish but seeing all of those people with those delicious looking Black Sea bass fillets had me thinking about jumping on a trip. And it should be fun since it seems like those fish hit jigs pretty good. Dunking bait can become a little tedious after a while.
  7. Maybe check this Teramar out. I have two of these 7’ MH rods. One in fast and the other in extra fast for bigger plugs. Both rods are totally great.
  8. Good thing the police are involved now. Hopefully the signs stay up this time. Maybe also make sure the local community knows about this too since I’m sure a lot of other people and not just fishermen would want to use the beach and maybe this will help make sure the beach stays open and accessible.
  9. The J braid x4 I had was terrible for abrasion resistance. Became frayed immediately in the surf. The x8 is a much better line. I like the x8. Used to have Sufix 832 on almost all of my reels but ever since I tried PP V2 it’s become my go to braid.
  10. Getting a little warmer. Hmm. I’ll meet you at $450.
  11. Thanks, I am going to stick with $475 for now.
  12. Reel is approx three months old and used only four or five times. Full spool of #30 Power Pro V2. $475 shipped.
  13. All of my spinning reels have Power Pro V2.
  14. V hull for sure. Much more safe than a flat or mod-v boat. Make sure you get one with a 20" transom. Most V hull boats should have a 20" transom but not all.