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  1. 29 pages of comments. How is it possible you guys still don't understand that the price is $50? It was $50 at the start. 29 pages later and it's still $50 and you guys still don't understand that? Oh boy. This site is so good at trolling and baiting people and getting people worked up for clicks and views. Too bad that this particular thread had to come at the expense of a very respected bait maker and long time contributor to this site and community. I wonder if some of you guys will be able to look NKC in the eyes when you see him at the next Surf Day event or any other kind of similar event.
  2. These products or product lines you named aren't swimbaits. Hmm well, Well, I don't know if that's entirely correct. Might be surprised to find a few SOL members intrigued by the SillyKat and catching big fish on them in the coming days. Hmm, oh well. I guess my Huddleston story wasn't that interesting after all!
  3. It’s the Huddleston. Ken Huddleston wanted to invent a new swimbait. And he found this person who apparently was a brilliant engineer or designer who had a really good understanding of water dynamics to design the tail specifically. I can’t recall his name at the moment. At the time there was only a tiny bit of innovation in the very small and largely west coast oriented freshwater bass swimbait market. Must have been the early 90’s I think when this happened. But anyway the guy made several tail prototypes and one of them was so amazing it got a ton of bites, way above all of the other tails. The designer didn’t really understand the business aspect of it or how valuable his invention really was and felt he signed a somewhat unclear or unjust contract. And as the story goes, he had to sue Huddleston somewhat unsuccessfully. Ken Huddleston has made a successful living off selling the Huddleston swimbait for the last 25 years based on that specific tail design while the designer continues to feel he was very wronged on the business side of things. . NKC’s bait has a really unique tail. Maybe it’s going to be the saltwater Huddleston for a ton of people up and down both coasts. Nobody really knows yet I guess. Just seems like there’s a whole bunch of really interesting things that could be discussed about this bait that go beyond disparaging the price of the bait which in turn could be interpreting as disparaging the bait itself unnecessarily before we’ve even had the chance to really understand it.
  4. Curious, are you familiar with the story involving the designers of what is probably the most famous and worldwide renowned American soft plastic or rubber swimbait? Asking because it’s really a fascinating story. For the SOL trolls that like to jump in and quote people to try to disrupt the fun and educational exchanges that can happen between two people on this forum, could you please give TimS a chance to respond first. It’s actually not only a pretty interesting story but maybe even at the very heart of what so many people have been commenting on in this thread.
  5. A member of the SOL community comes up with a totally new, creative and innovative bait and you guys are completely trashing his work without even really trying to understand what went into the design and production of the bait. Like others have said, nobody's forcing you to buy the bait. It's American free enterprise at its best. There's baits for all kinds of fishermen at all kinds of price levels.
  6. Help is coming. The windmills are coming down on Sept 12!!!
  7. I wonder if these resignations will mean anything. Or if it’s just one less organization/voice at the table to the people behind these wind farms. I hope this move gains nationwide attention, not only for RI but all kinds of ocean based developments that are being pushed through rapidly without any real scientific investigation about the impact on the oceans. One can hope.
  8. Online data says America has usually accepted about a million immigrants each year since the 1990's. We might have anywhere from 12 to 30 million illegal immigrants that nobody knows anything about in this country by next year.
  9. You know why. I’m not going there. Trump has more information on that!
  10. One thing I'll say that I really don't like about Ramaswamy is that he made his money from pharmaceutical companies.
  11. Yeah, but Pence got back at him pretty good and shut him up for a moment with his rebuttal to Ramaswamy's comment about Americans being lost and not knowing who they are and "needing a new identity". Pence was absolutely right that the vast majority of Americans know who we are and what our identity is. That comment from Ramaswamy probably had me worried more than anything else. It seems to me that on one hand he's trying to push that he's a patriot standing up for traditional values and then on the other hand, he's also saying that Americans need a new identity and consciousness. What is he really saying or suggesting could be anyone's guess.
  12. The more Ramaswamy spoke and interrupted others and laughed about it, the more I wondered if he was mostly style rather than substance. DeSantis continues to strike me as the most trustworthy. Not sure he has the support to win the nomination. He would be a very strong and effective leader. The interview with trump was interesting.
  13. You guys have a good evening. America’s future is speaking tonight. Those guys are so much more knowledgeable, powerful and interesting than me. Don’t waste too much of your breath on me.
  14. I was just asking for some basic courtesy. it doesn't matter if you're online or in a group of people at a bar or a gathering or anything like that. When you ask someone a question, even though there's a lot of people around, you still give the person a chance to respond. And why wouldn't you guys be interested in seeing Keltan's answer. It's a question that only Keltan or someone familiar with Russia would be able to answer. Why ask that question through email. None of you would see it. It's not a private question. It's just a question directed towards one person. Again, was just asking for some basic courtesy and then everyone would be able to view Keltan's answer and then maybe engage in further discussion after that point.
  15. I asked Keltan something directly. I only was curious about his answer. Why is that so hard to understand?
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