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  1. You don't need 445 yards of line, but you do need a reel that matches up and balances well with the rod you want to use. You'll usually also make longer and more effortless casts with that larger reel than you will with a smaller reel. You can fill that reel up with 200-250 yards of old mono someone has sitting around so you don't have to waste a lot of money on expensive spectra if you're absolutely sure you won't hook anything that might take you on a screaming run one of those days.
  2. Bought this rod, a Phenix Megalodon 800H a couple of months ago to try popping with spinning gear. Went on maybe 2 or 3 boat rides and used it for 20 minutes each. It’s an awesome rod but I really prefer using conventional gear on the big sportfishing boats I fish from in SoCal most of the time. Rod still looks brand new or close to that. Would like to trade it for a nice mid end to high end light to medium surf rod in the 10’ range. I really want something that isn’t a noodle but still can throw 5/8 oz lures reasonably well enough up to maybe 1 1/2 oz or 2 oz. Examples would be the Black Hole 10’ Suzuki or maybe one of the St. Croix Avid or Legend Rods rated for 1/2 to 2 oz or 3/4 to 2 1/2 or 3 oz. 9’6 or 10’ only. Nothing longer than 10’ Will throw in cash to make the deal happen if needed. Would also consider taking in a Saltist 4000 or a BG 4000 if you wanted to include that in the deal with a mid priced surf rod instead of adding cash. Will let this ad run about a week. Would also sell the Megalodon 800H for $300 shipped. Only in the conus.
  3. Baja Designs makes really great LED fog lights. The white ones with the lowest output are still a little too bright to use on the road, but if you get the yellow lens model, they might be ok. I went with the white on my truck and I can only use them when there aren't any other cars coming or going.
  4. Found a totally sweet 2002 Toyota Tundra with 4x4 for a great price that ended up being my daily driver and tow vehicle for 9 years. Wish I could have kept that truck for a little longer!
  5. You’re liking that rod, huh? Is that a Yozuri 150F? How does the rod load up and throw that bait? Edited: looks like a SP minnow.
  6. Sufix 832 has been working very well for me over the last 5 years. I’ve been using mostly #15, 30, 40 and 50 on a variety of reels. Very happy with it. I actually had Izor spectra in #30 on my Saltist 5000 for 3 or 4 days on a recent trip and I wasn’t really happy with it. Izor is a line a lot of people use here in SoCal and it’s really a very good line in a lot of respects but it doesn’t seem to be the best line for spinning reels. I took it off and put on Sufix 832 in #30 and my issues went away. I was making much longer casts that felt much smoother, the line was coming back on the reel much better too. Power Pro Super Slick V2 line is a line that consistently gets great reviews from guys using spinning gear on a bunch of different forums and I want to eventually give it a shot. But I think sufix 832 is a fantastic line that holds up very well in the surf and I’ll be happy to continue using it.
  7. Interesting.
  8. That would be pretty cool, thanks. I'm thinking that's the way I might want to go, too. Maybe a 4000 sized BG or Saltist, something like that. I'm just not getting the distance I need with a 2500 BG and #15 Sufix 832 on my Daiwa 8'6 North Coast MH which is my longest light surf rod at this time.
  9. I wish I could have seen the pair of Suzukis when I was in Pacifica a couple of weeks ago, but North Coast Tackle didn't have any in stock at the time. They actually had a shipment coming in, but I had to leave town before then. Some people have commented that the 10' Suzuki is a little "whippy" and that's sort of a concern for me. I am also looking for a 9'6 to 10' rod that can handle the Lucky Craft 110 5/8 oz. jerkbait but can also throw 3/4 to 1 oz swimbaits from time to time and I am not crazy about fishing with "whippy" rods. For comparison, I have a 8'6 Daiwa North Coast rod that's kind of whippy, and as a result, I used it a few times and it's just been sitting around most of the time. It's a little easier to make a mistake with a $60 rod than it is with a $200 rod especially when you factor in the cost of return shipping! Curious about your and others' experiences with the 10' suzuki before I decide to take the plunge with that rod!
  10. Beautiful fish. Epic experience for sure. I actually was in town over the last few days, kind of. I was visiting my parents in Pennsylvania and I thought about driving up to the canal to fish a couple of days. Would have been about a 7 hour drive. But I decided to just take it easy and spend time with the family. Of course, now that I’ve seen your pictures, dang, I am kind of kicking myself a little for not making that drive up there!!!
  11. St. Croix Triumph 10’ in 3/4 - 4 oz. No fish on mine yet but it’s a really nice rod, balances totally great with my Saltist 5000 and casts a good range of lures really well. I think its about $140 new or something like that. Lots of good reviews on that rod in this site. I didn’t really want another rod at the time I got it a couple of weeks ago but when I picked it up for the first time I liked it so much I decided to just get it, especially since I got it at a good price used.
  12. I think you guys are a little too worried about what I think. Everyone fishes differently and expects different things from their gear. Like i said, it’s probably me that’s missing something. The store is really small and cramped with what feels like a 7’ ceiling. It’s really hard for me to whip a long rod around and get a really good feel for it. I’m gonna go back and take another look at the rods they have in stock and maybe i’ll find that I like them a little better this time around. I can’t even really remember the exact models I looked at. At the time I had NorCal stripers on my mind and was not really thinking about getting a lighter rod more suited for SoCal surf fishing. Enjoy your rods!!!
  13. Awesome, it's an absolutely fantastic board. Totally blows away all of the other SUPs. I'm not sure I've tried to paddle mine without the fins yet. Enjoy your board!!! I just carry mine around using the center strap. That definitely can get tiring especially when you have to carry it 100+ yards sometimes. Some people use those hobie wheeleez beach carts I believe. I think Live Watersports just started a facebook members' group so that might be a good place to ask more questions about anything.
  14. San Diego tackle stores are fantastic in many respects, but they only have a tiny amount of surf rods stocked. One store happens to have a “fair” amount of surf gear store, which includes a few of those rockaway rods. I looked at a few of them but really didn’t think too much of those rods to be honest. But all of these comments are starting to make me feel as if I might be missing something, and I think I’ll go back and look at some of those rods again.