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  1. I use a 4 or 5 turn San Diego jam for up to #60 and then go to a 3 turn uni knot for #80 or up. Make sure you have a really solid anchor for when you make that type of knot. Seems to help a lot.
  2. Finally got to look at the black hole suzuki rods. I really, really liked the 9’6 rod and I thought about how much fun it would be to fish that rod with a 4000 size reel. Did not buy it but that is a fantastic feeling rod especially at that price point and I might pick it up later on.
  3. Calcutta aluminum pliers are really light and could be what you're looking for. They hold up very well.
  4. Looking for a 9’ or 9’6 light surf rod. Something rated for 1/2 to 2 oz like a St. Croix Triumph or Avid would be ideal. Prefer medium to high end rods in very good to excellent condition. Located in San Diego. If you have something, let me know. Would ideally like to keep it in the $150-250 range. Thanks.
  5. Really hard to order a rod without seeing it. It rarely works out for me. Return shipping is not included in most of those deals. The last time I had to return a surf rod with a 70/30 split it ended up costing me $60.
  6. Hmm, I’m not really sure they bounce or twist around at all. I think it sort of helps that the butts rest on the Sea Dek which is soft and grippy. Of course rod leashes are always a good idea....! The Engel box has been working fine. I thought about getting a Yeti 35 with stainless steel rod inserts/holders that you can order from this retailer because that would be a much more comfortable and stable seat but that would have been about a $600 set up as opposed to $60-70 for the Engel and it would add more weight. Even though the L2 Fish has a #500 capacity it handles the best when you go as minimal as possible. I am about 200 lbs and I’ve never weighed my gear but I feel like it’s the most stable and well balanced when I only have about 50 pounds of gear onboard. Anything more than that and then you start to kind of notice how it moves or shifts differently. Regarding the Engel. It’s just a plastic box though and I actually am a little concerned that one day the thin plastic that the straps pass through could break and if that happens when I’m out in the ocean it could make coming back in with that dry box, all of my gear and those rods intact through the surf a real problem. So that’s something to keep in mind. Fun king. Noticed your DIY paddle holder. That looks cool. I use the yak attack roto grip paddle holder. It’s pretty cool and holds my paddle really securely. One other way to carry your L2 fish around easily is to form two circles with two small straps and then attach a large shoulder strap to them. Slip those small circles over the ends of your L2 Fish and just pick it up and carry it like a shoulder bag. There’s a YouTube video on this. Really cool and probably a lot easier than just carrying it with it clenched your hands.
  7. Hey guys, I’m ending this a bit early. Plans changed. I need a new rod by this weekend and I think I am going to try to trade it locally. Thanks. BTW, for those of you even halfway interested in this rod as a popping rod for Bluefin. It feels like a beast of a rod. I wish I had had the chance to feel a Bluefin on it. The tip is a bit stiff though. Not too bad if you throw big poppers on it but it was a little fast for me with the lighter lures. Overall it’s a great rod in a market dominated by much more specialized and expensive rods. My two cents!
  8. I have it listed on a couple of other boards and didn’t realize that was in violation of board rules. I am actually leaning towards keeping the reel at this time though. I need a light shark surf set up and that reel might do a decent job.
  9. Open to reasonable offers. Would like a Daiwa 4000 reel in the Saltist, Saltiga or BG line up. Will probably let this ad ride until Saturday or Sunday and then take it down.
  10. Interested in trading for a Phenix Megalodon 800H that you could use for east coast Bluefin?
  11. You don't need 445 yards of line, but you do need a reel that matches up and balances well with the rod you want to use. You'll usually also make longer and more effortless casts with that larger reel than you will with a smaller reel. You can fill that reel up with 200-250 yards of old mono someone has sitting around so you don't have to waste a lot of money on expensive spectra if you're absolutely sure you won't hook anything that might take you on a screaming run one of those days.
  12. Bought this rod, a Phenix Megalodon 800H a couple of months ago to try popping with spinning gear. Went on maybe 2 or 3 boat rides and used it for 20 minutes each. It’s an awesome rod but I really prefer using conventional gear on the big sportfishing boats I fish from in SoCal most of the time. Rod still looks brand new or close to that. Would like to trade it for a nice mid end to high end light to medium surf rod in the 10’ range. I really want something that isn’t a noodle but still can throw 5/8 oz lures reasonably well enough up to maybe 1 1/2 oz or 2 oz. Examples would be the Black Hole 10’ Suzuki or maybe one of the St. Croix Avid or Legend Rods rated for 1/2 to 2 oz or 3/4 to 2 1/2 or 3 oz. 9’6 or 10’ only. Nothing longer than 10’ Will throw in cash to make the deal happen if needed. Would also consider taking in a Saltist 4000 or a BG 4000 if you wanted to include that in the deal with a mid priced surf rod instead of adding cash. Will let this ad run about a week. Would also sell the Megalodon 800H for $300 shipped. Only in the conus.
  13. Baja Designs makes really great LED fog lights. The white ones with the lowest output are still a little too bright to use on the road, but if you get the yellow lens model, they might be ok. I went with the white on my truck and I can only use them when there aren't any other cars coming or going.
  14. Found a totally sweet 2002 Toyota Tundra with 4x4 for a great price that ended up being my daily driver and tow vehicle for 9 years. Wish I could have kept that truck for a little longer!