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  1. That looks fine to me, still got that little valley right at the top of the spool that my silver ones have, but it's never caused a problem.
  2. I'm still wishing for a service kit.
  3. would be nice if they could produce a service kit, let alone a bailess kit
  4. No one? What's people doing for service, sending them in?
  5. Anyone know if/when/where a VR50 service kit might be available?
  6. After some initial teething problems with my 1st VR50 I'm now a convert and have 2. Great for the shore and especially the kayak.
  7. When I die, my biggest worry is that my wife will sell my gear for what I told her I paid for it!
  8. For anyone that's interested, the bearing is a 5x8x2.5mm and is really easy to replace. I replaced mine with a ceramic, rubber shielded bearing which should give it a little longer life.
  9. Anyone had the line roller open yet? One of mine's making a bit of a noise so might have a grain of sand or even some corrosion in there and before I take it apart, thought I'd check if anyone else has yet. Looks like a torx t10 will get it apart but not sure what I'll find in there. Doesn't seem to be a service kit available yet either so I don't know if there's a bearing or a bush in there.
  10. i see that suffix 131 is 13 strands
  11. I must admit i'm thinking more about what often happens to me is when a commercial netter or potter comes along and drops a net or a string of pots along the shore 30 yards out. Usually ends up in a shouting match and "i'm only trying to make a living" type remarks (yeh, the pimp and the pusher on my street corner say the same - and gets the same reply - f off somewhere else!). Even more infuriating is turning up after dark or in the early hours and casting and losing a couple of lures and even a fish before realising that a bl**dy net's been set 30 yards out!
  12. Daiwa's Morethan 12 strand braid gets rave reviews over here, but it's more than i'm prepared to pay.
  13. seems to me you've got 2 choices, either walk away, head down, tail between your legs and let the other guy walk all over you, or make a fuss, shout, scream, fire warning shots. Neither is a great result, the boat guy wins every time. Life sucks sometimes.
  14. Generally, I don't fish on Wednesdays in the summer. In the winter, I just fish Saturdays and one evening in the week. Spring and autumn are somewhere in between.
  15. Have you got a VR50? As far as I know there isn't a bailess conversion like there is for the larger VRs. I have 2 VR50s now and neither wobble.