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  1. As ZAFisher says, braids destined for different markets have different ratings. Over here in Europe braids are generally thinner for a given poundage as our braids are rated at absolute strenth I. E. Straight pull, no knot. But braid destined for the USA are usually marked with wet knot strength, typically 35-50% less for the same diameter. When I first started using braid I used stuff bought in the USA. When I started buying UK braid I was amazed how thin it was for the "same" strength. After time, I realised it wasn't the same strength at all. Check PowerPro on UK websites compared to USA websites, very different ratings for the same diameter.
  2. After a bit of googling I got it down to about $30 ish. And VS paid the return shipping.
  3. if they didnt i wouldnt catch half as many
  4. or go for a ruggedized phone the next time you need to update - some of them are particularly good value compared to equivalent big brand phones from Samsung, Apple. etc You do need to rinse the salt off at the end of the day though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58FvqdYUakA Apologies if link not allowed.
  5. I quite like the VR50 knob. In fact, i'd like a similar one for my VS150 whose standard knob is a bit on the small side.
  6. I only do about 100 saltwater sessions a year but mine have lasted about 3 years so far and I've no need to replace them yet
  7. A lot of lights come a choice of settings. One advantage of the fenix amongst others is that you don't have to scroll through them to get to the one you want, it remembers the last setting
  8. Fenix Hp11 - 4 settings (4 lumens for when on the water, up to to 300 lumens for when you need to find your way back up the cliffs on the way home). Waterproof too.
  9. Orvis, all day long. Expensive but will outlast at least 3 sets of boots
  10. Another vote for the icom from me. Always take it on my kayak and from the shore too when I remember it. Good for getting weather updates and for hearing what's going on in the local area.
  11. I hope so
  12. There's a difference between a fish holding and a fish taking line. Not always apparent on a reel with a smooth and even drag unless you're watching the spool or can hear it turning. Quite possible to be winding and not gaining line if you don't know if the drag is giving line. I once had a battle with a guy on a bridge. I was on the shore under the bridge. He cast over me and we tangled. He was reeling like fury not realizing that his drag was loose and that I was taking line from him. Comical really. And there must be a reason why reel manufacturers put a clicker on their reels. They don't usually add cost if they don't need to or if there's no demand.
  13. To finish off this thread, both problems I had with the reel have been resolved. The line lay has been fixed by Craig at Van Staal. I sent it back to him and it's come back perfect. Not sure what he's done, in an earlier email from him he said that he could "adjust the position of the spool". He also sent me a free spare spool in compensation for the hassle and shipping cost. I can't fault VS's service. I fixed the very quiet clicker by following Beachglass guru's advice in this thread. I can set it to the volume I want. I don't want the whole beach to be able to hear it, but I want to hear it, and now I can.
  14. jig skinz are a brilliant invention, great for bring old lures back to life or for changing the colour of lures that you don't like. Very easy to apply.
  15. I'm not sure what it's like over there but, over here, apart from the sudden in rush of stranger anglers turning up the day after a guy posts the location of a mark that he's just caught a few good fish at, the local netters swamp the spot for the next few tides.