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  1. Columbia mega vent 45-65 online
  2. Daiwa certate lt 5000 DXH loaded with 20 pound tasline. Only issue is making some noise I think is a bearing that’s the only issue. I have the box and papers $325 shipped I’m from Puerto Rico IMG_8292.MOV IMG_8279.MOV
  3. Let me check those
  4. Got the jdm because the gears but for service is a pita to find service centers that’s works on jdm models, Australia was good with working on it but shipping alone from Puerto Rico is like 70-120 dollars. I got an 6k SW too this month and is amazing! 500 yards or plus of 15 braid and only 13 oz. Can I ask wich Rods do you pair them?
  5. Got this mighty mini snap swivel 120lb open while tarpon fishing in the first jump any recommendations on better ones?
  6. I have a jdm market daiwa certate lt 5000dxh and is making some noise like a bearing and I want to get it serviced any one on here knows who can service this reel? IMG_8292.MOV IMG_8279.MOV
  7. I have this shimano teramar that have a slight curved tip have any one seen more like this? Yes I know it’s have custom guides The right one on the photo model tms -80mh
  8. I had the same problem with a tarpon that opened a 175 clip
  9. There in Puerto Rico is no tackle shop that carry that rod
  10. Any one here have this rod in 11 foot I want to know if the slammer 8500 fits the reel seat and if the guides work with that reel
  11. Was wondering if was right the line chart since I have a regular one non HS and never heard anything about the spool change
  12. I was looking at penn rods and they are not in stock in any place and my shimano speed master 10’6 don’t hold the reel on the reel seat. Any one on here have the reel and know another brand that can fit it. Going shark and tarpon fishing with cut bait
  13. I saw a buying guide for surf rods this week and I have searched for it with no success. It was a shootout of 100-150-200 dollars rods