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  1. Let's see... Time period: During the Renaissance in Europe, the early colonization of the US when there was a frontier, and during the Civil War. People: Genghis Khan-not for the reasons you may think, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson.
  2. I always thought she was a cute little thing too back in the day.
  3. I remember when the scandal first broke, but I do believe the decaying housing issues have been fixed. Haven't heard anything about it by the wounded living here, but I shall ask. Thanks, Dan. I looked up the boathouse on the net. There's another soldier I work with who wants to go fishing soon also. I had no idea you're so close. Just a short drive within the beltway.
  4. Thanks, All. If I weren't married, San Antonio would be THE place for a single guy over DC, RJ! It's true, there are so many more women there than guys. The military's hasn't disappointed me yet. Most of the cadre at Ft. Sam were just incredible. I'll say that for the NCO's specifically. Men-and women-who are so professional in their work, and live by a code, and are worthy of respect. I was very pleased to be surrounded by people of their caliber. I always enjoyed dealing with the NCO's more than the officers. You know the senior NCO's have been there and done that. At Reed, it's a different environment, so I don't see that as much. I try to talk to the wounded here I shoot x-rays on. Spoke with one young Marine here who'd lost both legs and most fingers on one hand after being hit by an IED less than a month and a half ago. Now he's zipping around the hospital in his wheelchair with a little help from family and his pain meds. His attitude is great. No way could I ever be recovering from that so quickly. But his seeing his wounds made me angry. Not at the fact we're over there, or at the people we're helping. But at the SOB's planting the bombs. I sincerely wish we smoke every one of them. DC isn't bad, with all the free museums to check out. It's been a while since I've seen those. I missed the fish last fall and this spring, but I'll be in the water this fall waiting for them. That's for sure!
  5. Left Ft. Sam Houston a couple months back, and been stationed here at Walter Reed. Seen a lot of the injured soldiers coming back from downrange. And try to get their stories of what happened to them. Guys getting their legs and arms mangled by IED's or RPG's. Soldiers getting sniped. Some of the stories are just incredible... Almost all of them seem in really good spirits, but I wonder how long that will last when they go back to "real-life" at home. Met a CSM who suffered a concussion and other injuries from a mortar blast over there. The man took himself out of the hospital there so he could rejoin "his" men. At least he did until he was firmly ordered to take a night-flight here to Reed. Not everyone can order a CSM to do anything. Ya gotta admire a man like that.
  6. By all means, check out the Natural History Smithsonian-most excellent. Air & Space is good also, as pointed out by others. The family and I also enjoy the National Zoo as well when we visit DC. Accessible by metro, and free. Better zoo than many I've seen. There is also the Holocaust Musuem; never yet seen it, but it's on the list. I understand it's very powerful to experience.
  7. I'd like to attend the Alamo Tea Party here in San Antonio, but it's a no-go. Instructors won't cancel class for this. And Glenn Beck will be broadcasting from here too.
  8. So many of my favs already listed, but: Clue Collateral Excalibur All of the Lord of the Rings. All of the Harry Potter's.
  9. Operating room technician learning how to become a radiology tech for Uncle Sam.
  10. Some NBA guys that graduated from my high school during some sort of PR program there. Barry Windham and Lex Lugar in the 1990's at a Baltimore nightclub. All my key MD state Congressmen and Sens. The G-man, G. Gordon Liddy. The 2 girls and lead singer of the B-52's.
  11. that I've learned Salma Hayek has tied the knot with her man. One more prime female is off the market for me. Sad, sad day.
  12. Definitely the Sean Connery movies. Specifically, Dr. No and From Russia with Love. However, I love the country Sheriff in Live and Let Die with Roger Moore. His dialogue is just the best out of any the Bond flicks: "you haulin' azz through my parish, BOOOOOOYYY!"
  13. These are 2 of my favs. Plus PETA guy; he's just hilarious. Yeah, the hitchhiker episode where the dude has the severed head in his bag-and flies come out of it when it's opened-is another classic of theirs. I had thought about sending in an idea to set up one of my friends with them at a trout fishing pond.
  14. I've seen a book about Bell, but never picked it up for a read yet. Another of the books on the to-do list.
  15. Way too much gun! Peter Capstick claimed in one of his books he heard one of the local tribesmen killed an elephant with a .22 LR in whatever country he worked at the time. I believe he then found the locals and had them replicate the shot on another elephant. Of course, the bullet happened to strike a large vessel near the skin and the elephant bled out. Good story. Hilarious video above.