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  1. @slipperyrock I haven't really thought about it to be honest. Make me an offer. As far as now, i will be back out east the weekend after fathers day. Thanks
  2. hey bud, im in northern nj, but frequent the north fork a bunch. Ive got a custom older GSB 1321 M thats in gorgeous shape I picked up over the winter, no real need for it to be honest. see pics
  4. 4x4FishNY PM Sent
  5. Brand New Never Used Cadis Stocking Foot Waders Size Large Stout $50.00 Shipped
  6. Sold ! PM to figure out the details
  7. Hey whats up guys ! So I was running a ODM Belt last season and found it to be not stiff enough for my application. I am torn between the Rock Hopper & Gear Up belts as they seem to be the most stiff. I tend to have two bags, plus boga, pliers, etc. on the belt. All advise appreciated. Thanks
  8. BUMP i will have this with me at the salt water expo tomorrow!! First $110 takes em all!!
  9. If you have the receipts I’ll do $240 shipped to 07009
  10. respectfully offer $275 and I can pick em both up on Sunday. Thanks
  11. I can meet you at asbury but the price of $110 isn't changing. Thanks
  12. I’m in NJ, unless we meet up. I won’t be able to make this deal work sorry
  13. then what do you do?
  14. Split the difference with me @ $110?
  15. Thanks but I can’t do that, between pp fees and shipping id be eating money. If you can come up to $120 they’re yours