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  2. 4x4FishNY PM Sent
  3. Brand New Never Used Cadis Stocking Foot Waders Size Large Stout $50.00 Shipped
  4. Sold ! PM to figure out the details
  5. Hey whats up guys ! So I was running a ODM Belt last season and found it to be not stiff enough for my application. I am torn between the Rock Hopper & Gear Up belts as they seem to be the most stiff. I tend to have two bags, plus boga, pliers, etc. on the belt. All advise appreciated. Thanks
  6. BUMP i will have this with me at the salt water expo tomorrow!! First $110 takes em all!!
  7. If you have the receipts I’ll do $240 shipped to 07009
  8. respectfully offer $275 and I can pick em both up on Sunday. Thanks
  9. I can meet you at asbury but the price of $110 isn't changing. Thanks
  10. I’m in NJ, unless we meet up. I won’t be able to make this deal work sorry
  11. then what do you do?
  12. Split the difference with me @ $110?
  13. Thanks but I can’t do that, between pp fees and shipping id be eating money. If you can come up to $120 they’re yours
  14. Sry. Doesn’t make sense for me. Like I said, you won’t find a better deal on these boots new. I’ll stand my ground. Thanks for looking
  15. Box is huge man, i'd be taking a beating on that. $180 (paypal) shipped is the best i can do and the cheapest you'll find a new pair shipped, period. Thanks