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  1. Stu were you just carolina rigging the CrusteaZ? Or are you rigging differently? I have had a hankering for trying to find a lure to go after the Perch with on my spinning setup since the stripers have passed by me. I guess im not a huge fan of bait and wait.
  2. worked for me as well.
  3. I have been fishing close to my house in the bay on some marsh flats. Its so much closer to my house, and after getting duck hunting boots there are a lot of really interesting spots 10 to 15 minutes from my front door! Once again there have been quite a few skunks, but I have been learning a ton, and found an area where there are definitely stripers out there. On Friday there were little under a year stripers popping stuff on the surface like 15 feet away from my feet. But unfortunately I didnt have anything the little ones were going after. Once again still learning, but some fishermen I met out there were super nice and helpful. Fortunately on the 16th I caught 2 things. One of them was a striper on a 1/2 oz bucktail with a 5 inch kalins yellow grub. Striper was maybe 12-14 inches or so. It was great to build some confidence with bucktails as I had been trying with them but hadnt had any success. Once again for me I got it off of structure. Unfortunately the other thing I caught was a seagull on a little pencil popper... It wasnt pretty and it also didnt want to let my plug go, but fortunately after I finally got it unhooked it flew off perfectly fine. I guess they are super hardy. Im gonna be trying a little smaller lures at dawn. We will see how it goes. I have also seen some big fish hammer stuff on the topwater out a ways beyond my 8'6'' rods range, so eventually I am working towards getting a bigger surf rod. Im thinking maybe 10 foot 1-3 oz something like the lami insane surf or similar. Regardless I am having tons of fun, making lots of mistakes, but also learning a ton. Somewhat hilariously though I still have not caught surf perch.
  4. All my friday fish were on 1/2 oz 4 and a half inch yo zuri crystal minnows one was a crystal 3d minnow. Both floating. they dont cast well, but they are small in profile and are similar in size to the lucky craft. The Monday fish was on a similar size yo zuri mag minnow, which casts about twice as far, but it has a beefier profile (and costs more).
  5. From today. I tried fishing in the bay as I didnt have that much time to fish today, and I want to try exploring areas that are near where I am staying as a short fishing trip option. I really regretted not having anything truly top water, but regardless fishing for structure helped. I caught a little bass off of a point around some rocks that were channeling water. I don't think I will go back to the same spot, as it wasn't exactly how it appeared from satellite images, and there are many other little spots that I could check out a similar distance from me. Once again the surf perch eludes me though! But Im not complaining striped bass are awesome.
  6. This was from Friday. Finally after 3 skunks in a row I caught my first fish in the surf. Having a 24 inch bass as my first surf fish was pretty awesome, especially as I was more focused on Surf Perch. (I measured out the how far down it was on my rod afterwards). Spending extra time analyzing structure helped a ton. The rockfish fought pretty hard, I didn't know they were in this close to the shore, I would love any input on if they are common or if it was an oddity. (there was a bit of rock structure off the beach that I caught it next to but it was shallow. I caught a second Jack smelt that was a similar size, I could see like 8 of em schooling and following after my 4 inch 3d minnow. All fish were caught on the minnow on an incoming tide, either around kelp beds or rock structure. It was a good day. I was on the peninsula coast.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I am thinking I might go have fun with smaller minnows for the time being as I have them at the moment, while focusing on finding structure. I may experiment some with a trailer hook, but at the moment I dont want to focus on too many things. I got the 8'6 .5-1.5oz x11 Sapien.
  8. Well, I ended up going with the lamiglas x11, and a 3000 bg, and then my Dad got excited and wanted to go fishing with me and got a similar setup, so everything has ended up quite a bit better than anticipated. We have gone out 2 times since then, and while it has been very fun (and educational) the skunk has reared its decidedly unfishy head on us both times. For frame of reference, I have been using bucktails (mostly 1 oz ) and some carolina rigs with sandcrabs and going out to the coast on the SF peninsula. I also had fun with a sp minnow for a bit, but didnt really spend a lot of time with it. So far I have been focusing much more on the bucktails as it gives me more opportunities to improve my casting, and I feel like I am learning a lot about how the waves affect the jig and its position. Now I wanted to ask you guys if bucktails are effective for surfperch, as I feel that the hooks might be a bit large (Im coming from a trout fishing background so give me a little break) and that the jig itself especially when paired with an otter tail seems... kinda large for most surf perch. My next outing I am planning on focusing on looking for beach structure and trying to find better places of where to cast. Let me know if you guys think I should be focusing on something else.
  9. Thanks for all of the fantastic info! Its good to know that as long as I try and keep the reel safe it should be ok. Fortunately I do have some mechanical background (working on motorcycles mostly) and wouldnt be opposed to opening up the reel in case it gets dunked. Thanks so much for the info on reel size, the more I thought about it the more sense it made.
  10. Hey all new user here and all of the information that you guys have been posting has been super useful! I am looking to get a setup for Surfperch and small stripers. So far this is what I am leaning towards: Lamiglas LX 86 HC rod with a Daiwa BG 4000 running 20 lbs braid and mono. Honestly I am loooking not to spend a ton of money, and have something that I can learn on and work on fundamentals while having a good time. Ive always been more interested in catching more smaller fish than catching a few huge ones. I think I want to mostly cast carolina rigs with sand crabs or gulp worms, along with Bucktail jigs as that will force me to cast often and improve technique. Also I think that jigs will be a lot more fun to fish than bait. Im based in the SF penninsula if that matters. My main concern is if the BG reel is just gonna get eaten alive in the surf, and if I should just go with something like a tsunami shield for the corrosion resistance. Also wondering if maybe I should go with a slightly smaller reel? Anyways let me know your thoughts, they are greatly appreciated. Mods: let me know if this should be posted in "What is your Rod/Reel setup for the surf- proven setups and why"