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  1. He arranged from the inside a payoff to the right people on the outside for someone to"kill" him. Now that he is "dead" no one will be looking for him any longer...
  2. Sam Adams, a great writer and patriot. Our founders writings are inspiring for those who long to cease the erosion of liberty in this great nation. The sentiment they capture and convey being unmatched in contemporary literature. Comparative to liberty among many Americans present spirit.
  3. Plead guilty to crime of conspiracy against the USA and another charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice. He is most likely attempting to negotiate a way to stay out of jail for the rest of his life without banking on receiving a presidential pardon. We'll see if it works.
  4. Familiar name or two in here... S.F. Handgun Ban Takes Effect By Jay Mathews July 29, 1982 The only law in the United States banning handguns in a major city took effect in San Francisco today, but police and gun shops reported no rush to turn in firearms. San Francisco police said only 15 handguns had been turned in before the 90-day grace period for city residents to rid themselves of the now-illegal weapons began today. Nathan Yee, a salesman at the San Francisco Gun Exchange, said the new law had led to some canceled orders for handguns but the numbers of people selling guns to his store--one legal way of observing the new law--had not increased. The law, inspired by a similar ban in the small Chicago suburb of Morton Grove, Ill., is already being challenged in court. The Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association have filed suit, and even San Francisco District Attorney Arlo Smith said he believes the ban is unconstitional because a state law preempts action by California cities on gun control. The city of Berkeley has delayed implementation of its own handgun ban until the courts rule on San Francisco's. Smith said he will not prosecute anyone under the new law until the courts settle the issue and police have said they plan no door-to-door search for guns when the grace period ends. The Citizens Commttee to Keep and Bear Arms, a national organization based in Bellevue, Wash., is raising funds to defeat San Francisco supervisors who supported the ban. It has also prepared a "I hate San Francisco" bumper sticker, with hate symbolized by a red heart with a black slash through it. William Strawn, a spokesman for San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein, said the mayor planned to turn in her own Smith & Wesson .38 caliber Chief's Special to police in a ceremony Friday. He said she acquired the gun while serving as a city-county supervisor in the 1970s after a local terrorist group shot out some windows of her home. Police said the gun turn-in program would be kept confidential to encourage owners to surrender their weapons, and that figures for numbers of guns turned in would not be released. "The whole idea is to reduce the availability of handguns and try to reduce the pool of handguns that is created through burglaries," Strawn said. The new law, passed June 30 by a 6-to-5 vote of the board of supervisors, exempts gun stores, security guards, gun clubs, gun collectors and other citizens who can demonstrate a need to own a gun. Rifles and shotguns remain legal and do not require permits. For several years, polls have shown strong support in San Francisco for gun control, but the city was spurred to action after the Morton Grove ban stirred its own memories of the 1978 murders of Mayor George Moscone and supervisor Harvey Milk. A National Rifle Associaiton spokesman pointed out, however, that former supervisor Dan White, who killed Moscone and Milk with a handgun, probably would have been exempted from the law because he was a former police officer. Michael Kenyon, of the Citizens Committee to Keep and Bear Arms, said the San Francisco law "interferes with our civil rights."
  5. US gun trafficking and mental illness are the words being substituted for loyal islamic jihadist. Why is the other half trying so hard to distort the fact and truth of the matter?
  6. US Democrat leader Chris Cohen questioning/ suggesting for military intervention to remove our president? That is Treason. How did it get to the point of American executive leadership being so disrespected by EU leadership? Hussein administration set America up to be brought down to the level of the rest of the world. It was one of his stated administrative goals. The weakness and corruption that Hussein's administration instilled into our system of law; Treasonous.
  7. Yep. This commie may well become the first female president in 2024. Many love those free stuff promises... Worked in 08' Hope I'm wrong..
  8. Looks like Davey Hogg is behind ronald mcdonald
  9. Very good question...
  10. Very good question...
  11. I remember clearly the time Trump said the following words. Approximately 18 months ago.... “I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS,” Trump said when asked about his plans for Syria. He was referring to the country’s president, Bashar Assad, and using an acronym for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Although Trump has argued before against intervening in Syria, and often calls for cooperation with Russia against ISIS, his statement was particularly blunt—and underscored the huge gap between Trump’s views and mainstream Republican thinking. He was for them before he was against them... Why the 180? What has changed? Real intelligence proving Assad is gassing his own people?
  12. These facts, as they have been written, are a great visual of what constitute the modern leftist's definition of hate speech. You forgot Korea. Indisputably, these wars have amounted to the greatest loss of American life in our history. It is indeed a fact that the only thing responsible for more death in this world than leftists/ communists/ socialists are bacteria...
  13. What could possibly possess a regular ol' city council professional democrat and enable them to feel it is appropriate behavior to verbally assault young girls with obscene profanity in a public cookie store? She's with her -> and they both lost it....
  14. Using this legal definition a child brought into this world by caesarean surgery would not be a citizen either?