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  1. Madness, unreasonableness, fierce senselessness is the order of the day here in our times and even is daily seen in my home country. Hopefully you are not sucked into these things. Hopefully you are anchored in the Lord Jesus and His truth. Because the delusion is very strong in our times. And multitudes are being confused and perplexed by it. May God help you and us all. -Marc McMillan
  2. Government education plays a huge role...
  3. This real world stuff sure can be sadly hilarious...
  4. I thought a whole lot of you all knew better... The ol' beast fear can getcha...
  5. The look in his eyes is priceless. As is his discomfort, enhanced by the epinephrine release, created by the questions asked. Some journalists really have some balls these days...They best watchout...
  6. Horrid upbringing for too many youngsters. Most often effects of immoral parenting and govt 'education'...
  7. The money is hardest to eliminate. But future can be different in the way it gets applied. Only takes a few good men n women.
  8. Usually only happens when one is invested in those folks empires.
  9. the best plant food is described in the humanure handbook. prepare yourselves...
  10. What it looks like sometimes when nations are separating apart at the seams.
  11. the overall intention... been identified as such since the initial offer...
  12. OK, thanks for sharing. I see what you are saying as the officers were the physical restraints. Did you try to move along past them or was their armed position enough to mentally locate you in that place known as the twilight zone ?
  13. Curious, Were door locks or other physical movement restraints applied upon you ?
  14. A good Set-up can be a beast... Lots of potential exists...
  15. Many men wear sneakers while ruling the throne as well... it means lots of runs ahead, every time...