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  1. Today I stumbled upon the NJDEP division of fish and wildlife state records. Near the bottom of this page, I found an area marked "retired categories." According to this chart, in 1982, somewhere off Seabright, a man landed a 53 LB tarpon... Over the years I have heard of some of the more southern visitors making their way up into NJ like Redfish and Jack Crevalle, but until now, I had never heard of Tarpon. Is this becoming a more common occurrence or was this just a freak accident? Has anyone hooked/landed any Tarpon in NJ waters? I'd love to hear some stories if anyone has any...
  2. That’s about what I go by as well. Once the knot starts seriously cutting into my fishing time I take the loss. I find that generally if the knot can not be undone in the first minute or so that I will most likely not be able to get it out.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, If the reds made their way all the way up here at one point, why haven't the tarpon?
  4. Still looking for a couple more, please let me know if anyone else is willing to part with a couple.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some Stillwater lures Smack It Jr. or Sr. Color does not matter to me and virtually any condition. Thanks in advance, Salty Fisherman
  6. PayPal works perfectly for me, I’ll PM you the details. Thanks again
  7. What’s your preferred payment method?
  8. Awesome, thanks so much.
  9. Deal, please PM me the details
  10. I'll offer 65 shipped paypal
  11. How severe is the gear noise that you mentioned? Does it seem to be coming from the line roller or the main gears?
  12. Looking for a good all around grease to use when packing my reels. Preferably one that I can purchase at Home Depot. Also, I’m new to this. Are there any greases that I should stay away from? Thanks for any help. Salty
  13. I was just browsing around when I stumbled across some pictures of some black VR50s. I searched them up and I could only find a couple of pictures of them online. It says that Tackle Direct has them in stock. Are these super new, or have I just not heard about them? Does anyone actually own one?
  14. I have been fishing spook-style plugs in the back bay along sod banks for years. The smaller ones of course. They are very productive in the back. If you are talking about the 9'' and up plugs for the surf, I have heard that they are productive, but have never given it a try for myself.
  15. I have the same issue with all of mine, actually, most of my Stradics have this happen to them sooner than later. Not complaining, killer reel. I have three in the 3000 size. I Would definitely recommend it.
  16. Sadly, there is no doubt that the fishing is not what it used to be. There are fewer fish around (even if just slightly) and those that are around are not nearly as sizable as years prior. How have you changed the tactics that you use to fish now from what you did years ago? How about what lures, sizes, places, gear, presentation, and time of day, along with anything else that you do differently. Really interested to hear what many of the vet surfcasters have to say, those who have seen the fishing scene change right before their eyes.
  17. Wow! The mini chicken scratch tail is awesome! Love the collection by the way!
  18. I have heard more and more people selling their larger VS200 of VS250 for options similar to the VR50 or even a 5000 Saragosa. It makes sense when you think about it. Like you said, who wants to catch a rat bass on an outfit meant for fighting a 40lber? Plus, many of the larger outfits were meant for throwing huge lures, something that fewer and fewer people are doing.
  19. Very similar to how I fish currently. Very little of my fish are caught on open sandy beaches.
  20. I see that you have a healthy relationship with the Shimano Curado... Love the pictures, you have a very clean set up and some awesome reels. Good luck with the rod building.
  21. They both look great. I have the black super slick on a Stella FJ. It looks great with the black. Can't wait to hear how they fish!
  22. I was waking along a longer trail on my way to the beach during the middle of the summer. As I neared the end of the trail, I looked down and saw a bag with a towel on top of it. At the time I did not think much of it. As I got up a little bit further the trail, I make a turn around a corner and am greeted with a naked woman running the opposite direction back toward the bag. Shortly afterwards a younger man passes me while calmly strolling back towards the bag. We smile at each other and go our separate ways. Interesting excursion.
  23. For those who have already received a vr50 black, how is the finish on the reel? Similar or the same as a black vs or vsx? When they originally announced the vr50 was coming in black I was worried that the finish would not be as high in quality as the vs series because the vr series was lower in price range. Plus, the silver version of the vr50 is not the same color as the silver vs. Just curious...
  24. I began using the larger size TA clips for surf casting early last year and fell in love with them. They are super easy to use and so efficient. I was recently browsing a website and saw that tactical anglers offers a smaller (micro) clip. I was wondering if anyone has any experience using them and how they overall liked them. I am also curious how the size compares to the other clips that they make and when you would use one of the micro clips over the larger ones. Thanks for any help. Salty