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  1. Oh awesome, how much would you want for the watch?
  2. Hey, thanks for the offer! I was hoping to find one in working condition. Appreciate the thought though!
  3. very nice looking watches, just not quite what I am looking for at the moment. Thanks for the idea though!
  4. One more bump with the hopes of finding one of these. Thanks.
  5. Bump! Still looking for one of these if anyone has one that they are willing to let go of. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the option, but this is simply more than I am willing to spend at the moment. Gorgeous watch regardless - hope that you find the right buyer.
  7. Hey everyone, I am currently looking for a Seiko SKX007. Not too worried about the exterior condition of the watch (some scratches, dings, etc.) but would prefer a watch in strong mechanical condition. Would be open to a Seiko SKX013 or SKX015 as well. Not too much interested in an SKX009. Would love to see what everyone has to offer, Thanks! Salty
  8. I believe that it is a gray parrotfish.
  9. Found this girl washed up dead on the beach last night. One of the most amazing things that I have seen in a long time. Next to my 8' rod she was a tad bit shorter. All of 7.5'. Anyone know anything about Sturgeon in our waters?
  10. Where are you located in North Jersey?
  11. I’ve got a thing for big regulators, seevees, invincibles, and freeman. Spent some time down in Florida this year and saw a couple a day. They are certainly pretty to look at... I’ve heard that freeman are fishing machines but ride a bit rough. Seevee would probably be my go to.
  12. Closing up, Thanks everyone.
  13. Ive got a big spool of 30lb super slick that I will spool it up with before I send it to over to you. Sending you a PM now with the paypal info.
  14. I do not have an extra spool and I am not sure about the box. I will look around but would venture to say no. If that works for you, $50 works for me. Would PayPal be okay?
  15. Hey Everyone, I was just doing some cleaning and found one of my reels that I bought a while back and used maybe once or twice. It is a Quantum Catalyst PTs 40 Inshore. Don't really know much about the reel, just bought it for a rod that needed a reel then ended up switching it out for something different. Looking around online, they seem to be about a $160 reel new. Maybe hoping to get $65 shipped. Please ask if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. Thanks, Salty