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  1. Where are you located in North Jersey?
  2. I’ve got a thing for big regulators, seevees, invincibles, and freeman. Spent some time down in Florida this year and saw a couple a day. They are certainly pretty to look at... I’ve heard that freeman are fishing machines but ride a bit rough. Seevee would probably be my go to.
  3. Closing up, Thanks everyone.
  4. Ive got a big spool of 30lb super slick that I will spool it up with before I send it to over to you. Sending you a PM now with the paypal info.
  5. I do not have an extra spool and I am not sure about the box. I will look around but would venture to say no. If that works for you, $50 works for me. Would PayPal be okay?
  6. Hey Everyone, I was just doing some cleaning and found one of my reels that I bought a while back and used maybe once or twice. It is a Quantum Catalyst PTs 40 Inshore. Don't really know much about the reel, just bought it for a rod that needed a reel then ended up switching it out for something different. Looking around online, they seem to be about a $160 reel new. Maybe hoping to get $65 shipped. Please ask if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. Thanks, Salty
  7. Thanks everyone and SOL. Closing this up.
  8. If it works for you, I will take the 3000 shipped to 34997. If you could PM me your PayPal, I will send over the $120 and give you my current adress. Thanks, Salty
  9. Going to pass on this one, thank you for the offer.
  10. Hey howied, Im definitely interested in the reels. Any noise being made by the roller bearings? Apart from that, would you be willing to give me any discount if I got both of them shipped? What would be your preferred payment method? Thanks so much!
  11. Bump- Still looking if anyone has anything.
  12. Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a Shimano Stradic in the size range 2500-3000. I own many Stradics in both the regular and Ci4+ series and love them all. Only really asking that the reel be in pretty good condition. Nothing against the reel being somewhat new or new, just not trying to spend a ton of money. This is going to be used for a backup rod that will be fished pretty consistently. Thanks so much in advance everyone! Salty
  13. Awesome, this is just what I was looking for. Thanks for the reassurance.
  14. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Motor Guide Xi5 Trolling Motor to mount on my 19ft Seacraft. I finally got around to pulling the boat out of the water and laying the motor on the bow of the boat today. My Bow is set up with a bow light and two cleats, one on the port side of the bow light and another on the starboard side of the light. Originally I was thinking that I would have to re-arrange the entire set up on the bow, but after I laid the motor up there I am unsure if that is still necessary. It would certainly save a ton of work. I pasted a picture of how the motor would likely be mounted on my boat. I am curious as to how the motor will perform if not mounted directly pointing foreward. I guess in my eyes, with the motor mounted off to the side, I see the motor causing the boat to track in a weird angle when put on things like spot lock. Anybody have a bow mounted trolling motor that is mounted off to the side? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Salty
  15. There is a used pair of 6" VS Pliers listed for sale right now for $200. Just making sure that you saw them.