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  1. Thanks, I’ll check them out.
  2. What swimbait is that on the bottom with the blue eyes? That thing is super cool.
  3. This may be a stretch, but is this rod still available?
  4. If you are looking into a Staal, I would look into the VS200 as opposed to the VR200. I have a VS150 and love it. Just my opinion.
  5. Awesome, thanks so much!
  6. I was fishing with this small Hopkins today and was doing really well. On the lure it says “Hopkins NO-EQL 1”. I was wondering if anyone knows what size Hopkins this is. I am guessing that it is the 1/8, 1/3oz or 1/2oz, but can’t tell which one. I also am having some trouble finding the smaller size Hopkins in the single hook variant; which this one was. Do they no longer make the single hook version? Any help is appreciated. Salty
  7. The elusive "Ghost Foot"... Hahh, just kidding. but seriously, you've really got to get some tan going! Nice fish by the way!
  8. In my eyes, Stellas are the top of the line reels for boat fishing, while Staal and ZeeBaas are the high end reels for the surfcaster. The reason that the later two are utilized in the surf is because they are fully sealed and because of this they are able to take splashes, waves, or even submersion. On the other hand, Stellas are more designed for boat use because of their smoothness and utmost quality. While they have a certain degree of protection against the intrusion of water, they are certainly not meant to be submerged. As for why Stellas are so expensive, it really comes down to the name -Shimano- And the overall quality of the product that you are buying. Along with most high end reels the Stella also comes with good customer service. Plus, the Stella has a phenomenal drag system and other specs that will blow most other reels out of the water.
  9. I am heading out tomorrow morning on my first tarpon trip. I talked to the guide and he said that I will most likely be throwing a 12wt fly rod. I have never cast anything that big before. Any tips on casting this as opposed to the 8wt that I usually use for stripers? Thanks for any help. Salty
  10. I use Ande mono leader material when I don’t want to blow hundreds on fluro. I have not had any issues with it. Plus, it’s cheap and you get a ton on one spool of leader.
  11. Love the programable aspect, seems like it could really come in hands.
  12. Thanks, I had heard mention of it before but had never known the benefits of it.
  13. What's the advantage of having the red beam on the headlamp? In what scenario would it be more useful than a normal light beam?
  14. I was walking around some stores today looking for a higher quality headlamp for this year. I had previously been using an extremely cheap lamp that barely threw any light in front of me. When I reached the headlamp section I was very surprised by the endless choices. There were headlamps ranging anywhere from $15.00 and less than 100 lumens to more than $100.00 and more than 500 lumens. There were also lights that were rechargeable and even some that were waterproof. I would love to hear which headlamp you have been using along with what features you think are necessary and which ones are simply for the flash. I don't think that I would have any problem shelling out a large sum of money for a headlamp, as long as I know that it will be one of high quality. Thanks for any advice. Salty
  15. I would suggest trying something different. I find that there are many people out there who focus so intently on catching one species of fish one particular way. That in itself will eventually get old. Mix it up a little bit by targeting some new species, fishing different areas, or even trying fly fishing. When I began to fly fishing it opened up many doors and all around increased my love for the sport. Plus, its more of a challenge, and everyone loves a good challenge. If you are trying to get into fly fishing I would suggest getting a cheap freshwater fly rod and going to a local lake/pond and catching some bluegill. It will boost your confidence and feel good in general to catch something on the fly. Who knows where it will go from there...