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  1. Really awesome thread you've got going here. I heard you mention that you get the occasional lookdown, what month does that happen and how big are they? I have never heard of us getting them up this way. I have caught them in Florida, but never even thought that they would make their way up towards us. I'm guessing that they are on the smaller side, but still cool to hear! Any other exotic or rare catches over the years?
  2. I use them mainly when the warmer months begin to hit. To say that they only work around pads would be a lie. They can be fished in tight cover or open water with similar results. The reason why they are often used near pads or structure is because their hooks are resting against the body of the frog. It compresses when a fish bites and you set, but it makes it muck more difficult to get caught up in pads and other cover. If you are using frogs near pads I would suggest using braided line. Some people use up to 100lb test which is absolutely crazy in my opinion. I would say that 20-50lb would be right in the sweet spot.
  3. They’re gorgeous, how do they feel?
  4. Very good question. I have just recently started buying them ad now I can’t stop...
  5. Awesome, can't wait to see the pics
  6. I was just looking back at some older pictures from last year and the first fish that I caught on a popper in the back last year was on April 27th. That's about ten days away from now, so it's not to say that if you go around dusk this weekend you won't be able to get some fish at the surface. There's only one way to see for sure... Good luck!
  7. I do not own a pair myself, however, I was recently at my local fly shop and they were talking about them. I heard the owner say that they were amazing boots but the only drawback was the weight. They sure are pretty though...
  8. pretty happy with how this one turned out. I just took it out to see how it swam and I was pleasantly surprised. I was originally planning on putting an belly hook as well, but I was not happy with the hole that I drilled... Some 5 minute epoxy, sandpaper, and a coat of spray Paint and it looked good as new.
  9. I don't see why the open flame would not work, however, if you don't have access to a microwave your best bet at melting the soft plastics may be a double boiler type set up. You could try a small ramiken or dish/bowl resting in a pot with some water. Heat the pot with water and you will be able to evenly heat the soft plastic without running too much of an risk of burning it. I am certainly not explaining the double boiler in the best possible way, so it might be worth it to give you tube or google a browse before actually trying it... Good Luck!
  10. Haha, I love that the mates couldn't care less. I have also always wanted to catch one of those Stargazers. Did you get shocked?
  11. Wow, that guy has quite the beak... How did you even hook him?
  12. I was just watching a video and saw this reel. I was intrigued because I have been fishing Shimano reels for a long time and had never heard of or seen this reel. I am guessing it is some sort of JDM, but to be quite honest I have no idea. Has anyone ever heard of them or better yet seen or fished one? It sort of looks similar to a Saragosa...
  13. I love catching Needlefish! They are super underrated in my opinion. They fight hard, jump, and best of all they are willing to hit just about that swims...
  14. Wow, have any idea what took that huge chunk out of that flounder?
  15. Wow, that fish is crazy looking!