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  1. If you decide to ship I am interested
  2. Are we talking from a boat or shore? I really like the 7' Jigging World Nexus paired with an Avet SXJ from the boat, I just bought two for this season.
  3. Any interested in a partial trade for a Mojo Bass 8 weight (new) and cash? Or any spinning gear?
  4. BG300 and a 7'10" or 7'6" Teremar SE would make a great combo as well. The Mojo MH is a little heavy for Albies/Bones IMO. I prefer a slower rod for when those fish surge in a different direction, it has resulted in a lot less pulled hooks.
  5. Price has been dropped to $75K in hopes of a quick sale
  6. Location is Central CT
  7. Selling a St. Croix Mojo Bass 7'11" 8 weight fly rod. Never fished with but has been casted with so the cork may not be pristine. Comes with the original rod sock. Would like to get $120 picked up.
  8. Flourocarbon made specifically for leader material tends to be much stiffer which helps with abrasion resistance and keeping the leader from tangling. Flouro line is usually much softer to make it more friendly for casting.
  9. There were fish crushing bait on top but they were moving fast it was easier to just drift in the general area with diamond jigs. We were with the fleet in The Race.
  10. Got confirmation today that bones have arrived and at least one has been landed............
  11. Have you decided to sell outright yet?
  12. Got out Sunday and caught some Gators for the first time in over two years, I forgot how much fun it is to catch these things hand over fist. Also on the way back in saw some schools of either really small Bonito or Frigate Macks my money is on Mackerel but who knows.
  13. I've heard some murmurs of bones getting caught around the island so I wouldn't be surprised.
  14. I hear ya, unfortunately the night bite wasn't a possibility for me. I've done well on full moon mornings before but apparently this wasn't one of those times. Oh well live and learn I've also had full moon nights that have been terrible (I think the bright moon sometimes shuts the bite down).
  15. If it makes anyone feel better I made the 20+ mile trip to Block yesterday from Groton to get skunked. Fished from 0530-1030 without a bite on eels. Brought 4 dozen eels and used about 6. Saw two fish get landed the entire time I was there.