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  1. Willing to ship to CT?
  2. Got my first 9mm 1911, a Springfield Pro. It's a good setup to accompany my well used Les Baer.
  3. I have a 7'6" Heavy Tidemaster, pickup anywhere in CT. Let me know if interested I can get you pictures and a price.
  4. Co-Witness or 1/3 Co-Witness mount? Looks like an LRP mount?
  5. Worth it, but it will be stiffer and have a faster action.
  6. Mid to late Spring in CT. The fight is nothing to write home about. People probably think they fight harder than they actually do because they are fishing with their drags loosened so they don't tear hooks out of their mouth.
  7. ^^ What he said and I will add if you want to go the extra mile flush will Salt Away at the end of the season.
  8. If you decide to ship let me know.
  9. We've had Yetis for a few years and they have rubber feet on them so they don't move at all. Another thing we've done is run a line from the bow cleat through the handles and back to bow cleat to keep coolers in place. You could also get fancy and buy the Yeti tie down kits but I didn't want to permanently attach any hardware to the deck. You can see in this pic we just stuff the cooler up front and it will usually stay put unless it is choppy in which case we'll just put it in front of the console or tie it down with the method described above.
  10. To each is his own, our old boat (Sailfish 218) had front seating that could also double as storage and a casting platform. I was not a fan because on sloppy days you didn't feel very stable. Also when you're hooked up on a big fish it is easier move around the boat, but again that is my opinion.
  11. I like Center Consoles with flat decks and no front seating, I find it much easier to fish around a boat. When you wan front seating put a cooler or two up front with cushions.
  12. I can meet you in the middle at $375 shipped
  13. I just bought this Penn Torque 5 from another member on the forum less than a month ago and I have no used it at all. I have found out since then that our boat is gonna to need a new fuel tank so this has to go. The reel is in perfect condition and comes spooled with 40lb. PP. It has all of the Penn upgrades and the original parts will be included as well. Asking $400 shipped, this is what I paid for the reel. Not looking to make any money.