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  1. I’ll send you a pm. Thanks NMurray.
  2. Price drop to $240.
  3. I don't know what the budget is, but an 8 wt NRX+ is easily the best stick I've ever thrown.
  4. It is a water droplet.
  5. I purchased a new NRX+ so I’m not actively looking for fly rods any longer, however I’m always open to offers. I’ll add comparably priced spinning reels to the list as well. Thanks!
  6. 10 weight st croix has been my backup for last couple years. Great bass and albie rod. Structurally in very good shape, but some light corrosion on the outside of the stripping guides(not the guide itself). 3tand tx80 is in near perfect shape other than the little bit of boat rash. No line included, but aprox 250 yds of backing is included. Buyer responsible for shipping and any additional fees via paypal/venmo. $400 For both plus shipping.
  7. Giving this a “start to the season” bump. Great reel in new condition.
  8. Also open to trades for 4 pc 7 wt flyrods. If needed plus cash coming your way for right rod.
  9. Thanks for the offer redfish. I’m looking to stick to smaller reels or fly reels.
  10. 100% It cranks from the left side of the reel. Opposite of the “conventional”conventional.
  11. I have a Seigler SGN Lefty in new condition with box, receipt, rod clamp. No scratches and barely used. I purchased it several months ago for togging and loaded it with 30# super slick. I would be open to trades for a lefty Avet SXJ g2 plus a little cash coming my way, or a nautilus NVG 6/7 with cash coming your way. Otherwise thinking $270 for the reel without trade. It saves the purchaser $100 if you were to buy a new sgn and load it with line. Preference of person to person transaction, if not buyer responsible for shipping/fees. Thanks!
  12. Possibly looking for anything comparable to the nvg 6/7 as well
  13. I lost my setup (rod,reel,line) overboard earlier this year and I am looking to start replacing the lost items. Hoping to find another Nautilus NVG 6/7 on SOL. Thank you!
  14. I’m not trying to hijack the OP’s thread, but I would be very interested in the pro1 if you are able to meet on LI. Not sure of your location.
  15. I ll take the vortex 7/8 with spool