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  1. Agreed about the garbage, the need for more cans and taking greater care/pride in where we fish. I’m no saint but I picked up a cigar butt (looked like a nice 50 gauge) and a crushed water bottle in the construction dock parking and there’s a can right there! Walking towards the jetty there were some beer cans/soda bottles and other crap but no place to toss it. Like to think if there were some receptacles, that wouldn’t be the case. but then I’d like to think people would clean up after themselves in the first place
  2. Thanks.. This is life altering advice... never going to leave home without it again!
  3. 14, 28, 38 If still avail.
  4. I’ll take it.
  5. Mayor just said Curfew lifted!
  6. Sage advice.. hopefully will not be extended when it expires Monday morning
  7. Any city guys fishing after 11pm Curfew last night? Now that there’s an 8pm curfew for the rest of the week wondering if they’ll be kicking folks out off the beachs/bays/piers etc. Probably best to avoid anyway.
  8. Was making mussels fra Diavlo tonight and some of the mussels had chipped edges.. not cracked open.. but enough to notice. Know to toss em if they don’t close but where do these fall in? They were shut tight but figured better safe than sorry and discarded.
  9. I replaced just the rear trebles on both sp and hydro minnows. 4/0 on the smaller ones and 5/0 on the longer ones.. haven’t noticed any difference.
  10. I’ve been using the 6 inch unweighted in bays but that’s definitely far from the only option. There’s a couple of threads on slug-gos if you do a search on this site. I found them very helpful. I think there’s also a link to vanstaal Steve’s two part video of rigging and weighing Slug-gos in one of them. If not, it’s easily found googling.
  11. That does sound delicious. Will definitely try that preparation. Many thanks
  12. Any thoughts on these two eco-friendly options for plugs? I just watched the video Dave Anderson and Jerry Audet put out last year and there doesn’t seem to be any sacrifice in action with the worm weights. I suppose if also hunting blues you need a rear hook, but other than that?
  13. Will try that. Thanks!
  14. Any good recipes? Tis the season and can’t get down to my usual Chinatown haunt for them fried with sliced chilies and salt.