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  1. hello.. 

    Started a mini darter thread in the long island page and some your work popped up. There's also a question about whether you are still turning them.. Should you like to chime in..



  2. Thanks..I was able to find groves on Instagram.
  3. Any thoughts? I know CCW made them before he passed away, but not finding much else. Very intrigued about using them in bays this Spring.
  4. thanks! plan on trying the hellhound too.. just curious, what size clip do you use with either or do you tie direct?
  5. There's another thread in the freshwater forum about the crazy sale going on but the plug was came up in a recent Jerry Audet talk. He's obviously a big glide bait guy... has anyone ever used one of these behemoths in the suds?
  6. I will keep an eye out! hopefully a little more than a month away for some spring schoolies!
  7. No complaints at all with them.. . i had “upgraded” ie paid more for an Orvis pair, but actually prefer the frogg toggs. I just bought another pair of Hellbenders as a backup for when the orvis start leaking. Really can’t beat the price
  8. Hey Sy, think it was less than two weeks
  9. This should be it... you can also call the number on the top to double check.. if i remember correctly the Sandy Hook number might have been easier to get through, but it's all the same
  10. You can do it online.. I just got my sticker In the mail.
  11. Yeah thanks all.. gonna add a bag or three... there’s always something in the “other” bag when I switch plugs between them. Always an honor for someone like Steve to weigh in on a topic, it’s why this forum is such a great resource.
  12. Thanks to all who do... Many hands make light work
  13. Taking inventory of gear and wondering how many plug bags do you use? Day/night Bay/beach, etc..
  14. They finally opened up for parking permits.. you can do it online or pick up in person at sandy hook. the link to get the permit is here
  15. Pair of Coast Guardsman were out Monday morning looking for a pet dog who went missing from the base. They were searching from construction dock parking to jetty along dunes and inlet. Said dog was last seen Sunday night. They ask anyone who may have seen or even found the dog to contact the base.