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  1. Great picture allen.thats what fishing is all about.great memories.i am sure great picture allen.i am sure you miss him
  2. I love thresher tail meat the best.
  3. I am going to AI this weekend.hope to get something.thank goodness for cool ice
  4. Thanks i was thinking that.
  5. There will be pullage.......if you keep will pay off
  6. Any hope everyone catchs up.i wont stop till. The water is to cold
  7. I dont think they are this far down south yet.if it was January i would say yes
  8. Must of had 30 dog fish last weekend.most of them did not know were hooked up till i changed bait.
  9. The fish are not here yet..i am not stoping till i have something in the fridge.
  10. Push them down to Ai maryland.
  11. Push them slubs south lady's an gentleman
  12. Glad to hear .if we can just get some good wind.we all will be on Ai last two weekends of nov.glad you had a good time hunter123
  13. Only thing i can tell you.when i get a chance to hit the beach i am airing is always good even when the catching is not worth a damn.