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  1. Very good .i stand to be corrected.sooner is better.thanks for finding that spinr0k.
  2. Then again we will be sittin at home wishing.wishing we were fishing.dreaming about red drum an rockfish
  3. Not till Second or third week in August .an that if people start doing the part on social well being or we won't get pass the bridge.
  4. Second or third week in August
  5. Wont be down till Monday.or i sure would have helped you out.i know it don't help you now just saying.try bucks if you dont want go all the way back out
  6. Thanks. Marc74.
  7. Did buck change hands?
  8. Thank you hot tuna.heading down Saturday night for a few days.last i checked winds look better
  9. Second week in june for fishing it for me most of the time.hope to head south for cobia and of july
  10. As long as i am not getting eat up i am good.just love it. love it .love it.
  11. Never know till you go.
  12. I agree with you.would be it should be done.i am all for protecting nature's it follow rules.the beach is for fishing ,bird watching, surfing,family outings , etc.not testing you hot 4x4 out.put a 5000.00 dollar fine in place.i was there this past week for 4 days Thursday at low tide vehicle past between my truck an rods had to be go 45 50 mph.i kid you not.really?
  13. I hear ya allen.when i fished va .it get bad tight.then they would close half way to the hook.welll just for get it.haha
  14. Looking forward a good fall run of reds an stripers.
  15. 34 inch on AI wed at half hour or so before low tide.grass moved in bad Thursday an fril