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  1. You can’t go wrong with both Tranx and Lexa.
  2. NO. They are apple and orange.. Well, at least to me.
  3. Got a new pair of ugg boots for wife.
  4. Thanks for super quick reply! Would you recommend cabo ptse 50 over slammer iii 5500? Found a good deal on both
  5. I went out yesterday and tried out gosa 8k and ssv 4500 on 9’ mojo surf rod. you were right, gosa 8000 is way too big for the rod and I feel like ssv 4500 was little light. forgot to bring shimano socorro 5000.. So I am thinking to get under $300/size 5000-6000 range reel. I am looking at slammer 5500, gosa 5000 and 6000. (I am also open to other options) Which reel did you find works the best? I fish mostly at pier and jetty. Thanks, J
  6. Lots of great information here and I learned a lot! I got 9' mojo surf mmf rod and it looks like gosa isn't gonna work anyway. I will just put shimano socorro 5000 to see if it works
  7. Uh no! I thought gosa 6000 and 8000 are the same. Difference is just line capacity so it is a tad bit heavier. Do you think 10 ft Triumph would work better with the reel?
  8. Would 10' Triumph give better balance? or Can you recommend any other rods that would go well with the reel? Tsunami airwaves elite was my other option but I was leaning towards St. Croix just because of their warranty program. Thanks, J
  9. I have BG3000 and Spinfisher 4500. I might consider that. Thanks for your input!
  10. Forgot to say thank you. I went for this one. Not compact as collapsible ones but did its job done.
  11. I know this topic has been around for a while here and there but I couldn't find any answer for my application. I will be fishing mostly off IRI jetty and OCMD inlet/jetty targeting tog and other species from piers. 95% Inlet Jetty/Pier fishing / 5% other places. I have Saragosa 8000 to pair with the rod (Actually I wasn't considering getting this but coudn't resist for price of spheros.) I did some research and narrowed down to St. Croix rods but still having a trouble deciding which one I should buy. Mojo really worth the extra $ for my need? I need feedbacks especially on Rod length, Action, Lure weight. Open to other rod recommendation as well. Thanks in advance! Here are the specs; Triumph Surf Mojo Surf
  12. Hi , I am looking to purchase a 10ft+ rod for surf fishing. Battalion and prevail rod are my top options (recommendation around $100s is also welcomed!) I see that they are 2 pc rods but wondering if the rod can be taken into parts? (for transport) I am asking this because I have spinfisher v and description says it is 2 pc rod but can't take it into a part.. Thanks!