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  2. A future reference for those who are searching for spots in the bay. (Thanks @Jim H) 1. Find public water access spots. Also, check on county parks on their website - Dorchester has a good one. https://maryland.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=434ab9c6980c4ea2a45f55ca6dcefc8a 2. Compare the chart to find the depth you want https://www.charts.noaa.gov/PDFs/12284.pdf https://charts.noaa.gov/PDFs/12264.pdf https://www.charts.noaa.gov/PDFs/12233.pdf 3. Using Google Maps - Satellite to find nearby shores around the spot. A future reference for those who search for spots in the bay.
  3. I think this pretty much answers all my questions. Also I agree with you on everything. Thanks!
  4. Trust me. Google Maps was my best friend during quarantine time. I am starting to realize that MD isn't really a good state for surfcasting.
  5. IMO Unless you have kids with you, I would fish out of inlet or 4th & Chicago ave boardwalk.
  6. They might have max rod length limit, make sure you call them before you head down there
  7. I thought they close at dusk due to COVID19. No?
  8. Welcome. I moved to MD from Philly 2 years ago If you go to SPSP, go early. It’s usually packed.
  9. I am ISO spots in Annapolis area too. I am having trouble finding spots using Google earth since most stretch of AA county shores are either privately owned or community owned. Maybe you can try Sandy point and Thomas point park, but never seen any people plugging there.
  10. 2 hours from Howard county. OC is about 3 hours drive for me.
  11. Not asking for your 'sacred' spots, want to know some public access spots that I can throw plugs. I scouted on google map and went to check them out.. Guess what? they were ALL private properties I have been socking baits off the piers; metapeake, point lookout and Solomons and want to try something new I bought a bunch of stuff for surfcasting over the month.. they are sitting lol
  12. I only had good luck at night times till 8 am at the PLO.. I don't even bother going there during the daytime anymore. I was planning to go down there tomorrow but the weather doesn't look good
  13. Isnt it still cold for blackwater? I am waiting for more sunny days to pull some snakeheads out
  14. I think my friend was referring to local as OC.
  15. I heard that the OCMD officers ask to check your ID. If you are not local, they ask you why you are here and possibly fine you.