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  1. I can do that, I'll send you a pm.
  2. Would you be opposed to me picking up to save on shipping? You're in the boston area, right? What would the price look like if I just came to get it and dropped the shipping?
  3. I can't count the number of times I've seen 2 and 3 oz pyramid sinkers and huge catfish hooks in the trees on little mudhole ponds of nothing but bluegills and tiny bass. The tackle some people throw perplexes me. I found a little 1/4 oz kastmaster save my fishing trip, brought far too heavy tackle for the 10-12" schoolies that were present.
  4. Would you say the rating on the 1325 runs true? Did you ever throw the full 4 oz on it?
  5. Ron Arra 1083 is widely accepted as the best light tackle rod, but i'm very happy with my 965 Slingshot
  6. What are the bombers loaded to?
  7. This is closer to where I'd be, I have a few 4 oz Hurley eels but I think I'll leave that gear at home and try my luck with some diamond jigs and bucktails.
  8. I would jump on this but I've never used a manual pickup reel and it doesn't look like there are bail kits online, best of luck, looks like a bargain.
  9. I don't think you'll ever catch me soaking bait but maybe I'll try and hit up some mackerel. I mostly fish the canal and urban structure like bridges and castle island but I picked up a used 3/4-4 oz stick for beaches, it is even worth bringing my 2-6 oz setup and 4 oz jigs to an open beach or will I just look like a jackass throwing lead bricks on a beach with a gentle slope?
  10. This is a little bit of a non-sequitor but do any companies make non-chrome plated diamond jigs? I have pounds of old jigs that got bumped around a bit too much and the plating started to chip in places
  11. I was going to be spending some time in welfleet over the next few weeks and was wondering if it's worth it to spend some time surfcasting somewhere between marconi and whitecrest or if it's getting too late in the season. I remember seeing a lot of seals there the last time I was out so I'm not sure if there are fish to go around especially considering the bluefish yield this season has been low. Hopefully asking about such a wide stretch of beach doesnt violate the spot burning rules.
  12. ah, I made a small typo, on further inspection the rod says 6'-9". The model I have is still in production, retails for $120 brand new and the model # is PFS69ULF
  13. I keep a toolbox in my trunk, among other things it has 18" bolt cutters. I think your best bet when you hook yourself is to cut your line and handle the barbs somewhere more stable than in the surf.
  14. I recently got a Slingshot SS965 and a 4k Shield and its been great for walking bayside beaches on the cape throwing 1/2 oz bucktails, kastmasters and mag darters. Was considering splurging out of my budget on a VR50 but I'd want to handle one before I dropped some $500 on it.
  15. I've got a St. Croix Panfish 7'-9" one piece rated 1/32-3/16. It has some light wear on the cork grip but it's in good shape. I'd probably let it go for 50-60 plus shipping but I'm flexible, since it doesn't get much use anymore