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  1. I dont think we usually plug brands on here, but the hair looks decent. Can't tell what hooks they use though, and thats whats really important.
  2. I havent been able to pick one up but I've handled a few at a tackle shop. Did the 50's feel way more grindy than the larger sizes? After feeling up a vs275 the vr50 felt pretty awful. Maybe it just needs to be broken in.
  3. I have 2 windows about 6 feet from each other so I took 2 pieces of 2x4 about 3' long each and put an eyelet in the end. Hung one from each curtainrod and drilled some cheapo hardware store hooks into them to hang the rods horizontally. I'm explaining it poorly but I can post pics when I get home.
  4. If Hogy doesn't take that I will, but I don't wanna pull it out from under him.
  5. Im on the fence over the 1083 or a 3/8 to 1 oz Slingshot. The extra foot of length seems great but does the 1083 cast its lower end rating as well as a rod with a narrower rating?
  6. I have a great time catching little bass on light tackle. 4 lb test and one of those 03 Rapala UL Lipless is killing them.
  7. I'll take it. Nice to see some Rag Mops bouncing around.
  8. 5 Kastmasters of various sizes from 3/4-4 oz
  9. I was actually looking to get a rod around the same rating, was about to order a Century SS965 but the 1083 also looks nice, it has a larger range but does it handle the lower end as well as a rod with a tighter range would? Gonna take the dive and order a vr50 (my first vs!) For some bayside and beach fishing would a 9' rod be too much to balance well with it?
  10. How do you guys like to store paddle tails and big shads? I usually superglue them onto the heads so once I rig them I need a good way to store them without the tails getting bent.
  11. I always superglue my plastics to the jigheads, stops them from slipping off and having to re-seat them on the jigheads contributes to them tearing.
  12. Are you supergluing them?
  13. Haven't had a lot of time to experiment but Al Gags and EliasV swim shads have been good to me.
  14. Definitely some sort of tin. Small kastmaster, a point jude or graves.
  15. Actually, century makes a Slingshot in 3/8-1, anyone have any experience with it?