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  1. Just opened the box. They look amazing! I will be fishing with them in the morning. Thanks Dan!
  2. I am sure just getting to the water is hard as most good spots are private property. I often forget that as I always fish from a boat. Now with parks closed that much harder. I need to go try some plugs around OC. God speed in your search and fishing.
  3. Dan I would like a set of heads and tails in 1/2 , 3/4 and 1 oz in white, nuclear chicken, chartreuse color. Thank you sir Derek
  4. You da man Clairvoyant tackle you mail out what they need before they know they need it!
  5. Sorry I guess I thought you must read minds too. All 3/8’s please
  6. Done Thank you very much sir!
  7. Good looking lures I would like a set of white and parrot with tails please.
  8. you sir are correct.
  9. I had a brand new pair of side cutters but the fish and me were hooked together.on my dominate arm so with my weak hand.I couldn’t cut the hooks.I got the fish off cut the braid and had to hold the lure dangling from my arm like perverse jewelry.I started the boat and was heading back to the dock.I saw some friends that thinkfully had some better cutters on board and someone to cut the hooks. Then the peroxide,bleach and alcohol routine as we have the Vibro organism here the only thing worse than being “hooked up” is to get a flesh eating bacteria that has to be cut out. Other than that what a day for top water ! That is the fish that I “hooked up” with...
  10. Tons of priceless info here ! Thank you for sharing
  11. I have both super slick and JBraid in 30 lb out in the garage with micrometers close if you need a size comparison.
  12. Oh sorry I don’t have any first hand experience with it except top water Rockfish for that its amazing. I like how smooth it is I don’t know if It cast any farther than any other. I just like it . Not very scientific and very subjective. My opinion is just that mine and it’s worth exactly what was paid for it. Seriously wish there were Fluke closer to me so I could tell you something. Tight lines
  13. I will take it. I am new here but I am a man of my word.
  14. Had it happen just like that this summer. Fishing by myself.
  15. I tend do the exact same thing. I like not catching as many shorts bigger fish have no problem.