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  1. I'm guessing they could identify that shark based on the bite out of it's right pec fin. Also noticed teeth marks on it's flank too. I'd bet it's a female who's had some run-in's with some amorous males. Really cool video!
  2. One can only hope. This has been my most challenging albie ever and I'm no newbie. With 6 or 7 trips under my belt and only 1 albie to show, it seems Exxon/Mobil has been the big winner so far this season. What do all the "real old timers" think the effect of all this wind coming will have? Will it potentially churn up the water enough and push em out for good? Not ready to throw in the towel, but certainly questioning my sanity at this point.
  3. YES!!!
  4. It's that time of year once again. I expect Route 3, 24, and 495 south to look like this in the upcoming weeks! See you out there. I may remove a trailer tire just for the theatrics on the ride down.
  5. I always say "Fishing is not about saving money" I also agree that 20% should be the minimum tip. Enjoy!!
  6. Now, THAT is a great fish story!
  7. How difficult is it to fish a live ponie?
  8. The safety gear is required if you have a commercial tuna permit not recreational. While not required, an EPIRB would be a great investment if you're gonna run around out there on the tuna grounds.
  9. Great info, thanks! I figured after a few days with a guide I'd be able to get some info on other options. That Jack you caught on a fly rod must have been a hell of a fight. I think jacks are the most underrated game-fish out there. Their fight is right up there with roosterfish...they just don't have the cool haircut!
  10. Great stuff, thanks for posting! We're heading to San Juan beginning of March. I booked the trip specifically to fish for tarpon and planned on going solo, but then the Mrs. decided she wanted to join as well. While I'm planning on doing a few charters, I was hoping to mess around from shore as well. From what it sounds like there are possibilities for tarpon pretty much everywhere? With all of your experiences to PR I'd be curious to get our perspective on any pitfalls to avoid. I typically head to Costa Rica each winter to fish, but figured I'd mix it up this year. I guess I take for granted how familiar I am with CR and what to expect/avoid. Of course, the fishing so far in Costa Rica this year seems to be the best it's been in 15+ years, which had me second guessing my decision, but your post certainly helped in getting the excitement level back up!
  11. Giving this tread a bump since I'll be heading to Puerto Rico this winter...actually late winter/spring. Staying in San Juan and have a few days of charters already lined up with the goal of focusing on Tarpon. I'm sure I'll try to fish from shore as well, both on the beach front and lagoons that look to be somewhat close to the Marriott hotel where we'll stay. I'd LOVE some info on what size flouro to use. Can I go as light as 30# or should I be loaded for bear with 80#? I'm happy catching small fish from shore....just want to scratch this tarpon itch. Planning on bringing several travel rods with 20-50# braid and I'm sure more lures than I'll need. Figured small DOA's and Wildeyes will be a good bet....along with Mirolures and swimbaits like crystal minnows. Any insight on what size and color lures to use would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Thank you, Sir. You too!!
  13. Hey Everyone, I know this is a FL forum, but figured it was worth a shot in asking about tarpon fishing in Puerto Rico. Just looking for advice on what to bring since we've booked out winter vacation here. I plan on doing a charter or two, but being a total fishing fool, I'll bring rods, reels, and way too many lures down with me too so I can fish the beaches/other opportunities that present themselves. Wondering what pound leader I should rig with for throwing small plastics and hardbaits/topwaters. Do I need to put a piece of 80# at the end to prevent chafe for tarpon? Would straight 30 or 40# be enough for tarpon, but too much for snook? I plan on bringing 3 piece travel rods with 4000 - 5000 sized reels, spooled with 20-50# braid. Along with small DOA's, crystal minnow / hard swim baits, mirrolures, small spooks, etc. Any and all advice appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the reply...believe me, I'm very familiar with the jumped to landed ratio. At this point I'm probably 3 for 30....and two of those 3 were under 5 pounds. I have a few Hogy Pro-Tails in the pile of lures already.
  15. Between the cold, and I guess more importantly, the wind, I guess I'm comfortable with saying my albie season is over. Overall it was great, despite never having a "we lost count" day. But the weather cooperated nearly every weekend which opened the opportunity to pull the boat to the cape for multiple days of fishing. Overall it seemed like a very nice size class of fish this season, so quality over quantity prevailed. Shout out to all the other addicts here who were nice enough to share some intel along the way! Soon enough it will be time to start obsessing over when the bass will be on the herring. May the winter be warm and spring come early!
  16. Nice to hear there's still a good volume of fisn on the Cape. Too bad the weather is what it is for the next few days and beyond. I hit Montauk with a buddy yesterday. There were a lot of albies there, but they were challenging. The fly guys were doing very well at first. After experimenting with retrieves I found a very slow one got the job done. No crazy numbers but it was nice to "crack the code" a bit and have success there after. I did notice the boats there were WAY better behave than what I've seen in the Cape this season, which was a nice change of pace. It feels like that may have been the last albie adventure of the season...I hope I'm wrong, but the short days and dramatic turn in weather will have things changing on a daily basis....which I doubt will have more ablies showing up
  17. Good for you guys! Can't say I've ever come close to day like, but it sure sounds like fun. Do you have a rough idea of how many you got?
  18. Way to stay on em! Nice to hear they haven't all headed to Montauk / Monomoy. I envy you guys that have them in your backyard! Hoping the weekend sets up that making the long haul is worth it. Time will tell..... Congrats!
  19. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. I had someone tell me something similar about Watch Hill. That a diver said the bottom was littered with them. Kinda of makes sense. They're closely related to mackerel. While mackerel are hard fighters/swimmers for their size they're actually quite fragile. Even when a schoolie bass takes one pop on a livelined mack they typically die. So I could see albies being having a high mortality rate.
  20. I have a buddy who got one at night while bass fishing....but that's the only one I've heard of being caught in the dark.
  21. Here, here!!
  22. Interesting....I do love bluefish so maybe I shouldn't be so hasty. Perhaps the next one that doesn't look like it's going to make from being hooked deep will end up in the cooler. Based on the overcooked comment, do you serve them medium rare/rare like tuna?
  23. Personally I don't. I keep hearing if you bleed, ice, soak in orange juice, etc, etc, that they're not bad. But in my opinion if you have to do that much stuff to it, is it really that good?
  24. Congrats!! I know the feeling and it's a hard one to top after having a day with such good action. Last weekend I fished 2 days and only hooked one, which I lost.
  25. Finally had the weekend I was looking for. Luckily a friend with a house in the cape decided we should do a little Boys Weekend, so had 2 boats and 4 anglers out on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday's weather was rough, but I knew it would get the fish in the right mood so I welcomed the rain and wind. We managed to land 10 albies and a kingfish in my boat...a new best! My buddy's boat landed 13 or 15...can't exactly remember. Spirits were high after this adventure...though I figured with Saturday being better weather...and it being Saturday it was going to be a tougher day with wayyy more boats. I love it when I'm wrong! We fished all over the place and had fish to ourselves for hours. Managed to, yet again, set a new boat record with 12 fish landed and I'd guess just as many lost. 5 were landed on the fly. Also landed my biggest ever on a 12# leader. This fish pulled out ever move in the book and had me running all over the boat. It even managed to pin the rod into the engine and all I could envision was my favorite rod snapping and losing the fish....but managed to get it all free and eventually got my paws on a 27"er. Super stoked to say the least! My buddy managed to land 19 on his boat before the day was done. Outstanding!! Sunday we figured we'd go for a repeat on the fishing agenda, but such as is albie fishing, the fish were not nearly as cooperative on Sunday. I was solo and managed to go 2 for 6 while my buddy went 0 for 3. The last albie I landed was right near the jetty where I landed my first albie ever 6 years ago. IF that turns out to be my last albie of the season it seems like a fitting way to end up. Though I have a feeling there's more than one trip left before they're gone. Thanks to everyone here for their contributions and support in this maddening game. Per usual, the Albie Gods have rekindled the fire that was slowly getting snuffed out by challenging fishing over the past few weekends.