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  1. The total lack of etiquette down there is is painful. Last week I was working a pod all alone . While approaching then with my trolling motor a boat flew in and cut me off Thats just one situation over the past few weeks that had had me shaking my head wondering WTF. It seems there are way more people chasing these things compared to 5 years ago
  2. I think they're getting educated. I used to fish Beverly/Salem almost exclusively back in the early 2000's and we would catch plenty of nice bass along the rock live-lining macks. I did a few trips down that way earlier this year and couldn't believe how many boats were live-lining. Every spot I went had boats in it...compared to it only being us and a handful of other boats back in the day. In those trips this year I marked plenty of fish that wouldn't touch the baits after repeatedly pulling them over the marks on the screen. Maybe I'm giving stripers too much credit, but I think they're wising up. "Big fish are big for a reason" I guess.
  3. Good for you on finding some to play with. I was singing "I've been every where man...." all day to myself as I was looking around.
  4. WOW!! Two nice fish there...that beast and that albie dressed up as a leopard! I had a humbling weekend to say the least. Thursday and Friday my phone was blowing up with fantastic reports. From friends in CT who boated high double digits to The Vineyard - Elizabeths and South Shore all reporting a new push of fish that were very happy to eat artificials. Was a little nervous that the big winds and forecasted flat calm conditions would have a negative impact on the bite - and perhaps it did. Between Saturday afternoon and ALL day sunday I saw very few fish....only managed to hook one on Sunday at 2pm to have the split ring break! Guess it just wasn't meant to be....what a chafe! Back at again this weekend for sure....may hit some new waters to mix it up a bit.
  5. Albie Snax are great, especially with their casting distance due to extra weight. I've successfully used zoom fluke's as well. I always use a loop knot so the bait has a little extra wiggle....actually use a loop knot on all lures and baits due to the extra action. I've used both weighted and unweighted work hooks. I prefer those that have a "hitch hiker" on the eye that allows you to screw the bait onto the hook. Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys....yeah, I just joined and started chiming in on all the albie stuff without really reading anything about the parameters on being new to the site. I'll look forward to being fully operational soon. In the meantime, thanks in advance Steel Pulse for sending some info. I'll be sure to do the same as soon as I'm able. Despite some reports I'm getting from friends, I think I may fish the cape again since I have a house to stay in. So nice to know a great group of addicts
  7. BEAUTY!! In all my years of going to Costa Rica I've only managed to land a few small ones. Every good one throws the hook, cuts me off, or is caught by my buddy standing next to me.
  8. You're inches away from making it happen. To be in a spot with that many fish so willing to eat is 99.9999% of the battle. Chock the rest up to bad luck and a great learning experience in keeping on your toes and reacting to the sudden direction changes albies are known for. Good luck! Looking forward to your next report!!
  9. Ahhhhh, thanks for the info Albacized. Chomping at the bit as usual, I guess!
  10. Anyone been out over the past few days in the greater south shore or Buzzards Bay area? With the weekend finally getting close, just trying to put a plan together. Looks like mid-day Saturday and Sunday are doable and worth making the long haul down to the cape. I'm still new to this site, so forgive my ignorance here....but is there a way to send private messages? I realize that it's doubtful anyone would post details here. I'm happy to share whatever info I can without spot burning. Living on the North Shore, I don't have the luxury to keep on tabs on the fish during the week...and just like tuna fishing it seems having a reliable network to share info with goes a long way in being successful on 'Ol Albert.
  11. How true...that's why I have like 8 rods on the boat at any given time. Or at least that sounds like a good justification for all that gear being out there.
  12. Friday’s fish. Those colors never get old!
  13. Had a great weekend overall. Got OTW Friday afternoon to do some scouting for the weekend. Found a nice pod of fish - all alone - and managed 2 bites and landed one, which was on the lightest rod in the quiver....always a treat. From there ran all over the place till sundown without seeing anything else - so at least had a plan for Saturday AM. Ended up playing in a fleet for a while, but everyone was pretty well behaved. We managed to get 3 to the boat and lost about that many before it seemed to quiet down. So back to the hunt. Explored some new water over on the Vineyard for the afternoon. Found fish pretty much everywhere we went....and PLENTY of boats. It really got to me by the end of the day. After patiently working some fish by ourselves and getting them dialed in, we got mobbed. Left them pushing bait all over the surface to so everyone could cast over each other. Too bad since there were some bruisers in the mix. My buddy got one that may have been the biggest albie I've ever seen. Yesterday was a bust....only saw a few swirls and had just one bump a jig. Decided to call it after the morning tide and made the long ride home. Overall a great weekend to get the juices flowing. These fish have proven, once again, to be a pain in the A$$, drive me nuts, and leave me wanting MORE! Hopefully we're just getting warmed up!
  14. To have a day like that....good for you!! But bored, really?!? If you're over it, I'd be happy to go pick up where you left off. Just shoot me a message with details on where you were fishing Congrats on a great outing!
  15. Yeah, they're addictive to say the least. And really bittersweet, in that, I wait all year for them to get here and just LOVE chasing them....despite mixed results. But it also signifies the end of the season is near.... So nice to seem some fresh pics. Thanks for sharing!!
  16. Great to hear, thanks for posting! I'm planning on setting up shop down there this weekend and figured I'd give a look in there tomorrow afternoon for starters. Not sure how I'm gonna get any work done in the next 24 hours. I don't know what it about these things, but I just f$%*!n love em!!
  17. Real nice to see that pic of that albie there, Steel Pulse. I'm assuming that was from today? Well done! Very encouraging for the upcoming weekend....but I have a feeling it's gonna be a zoo out there, but what are ya gonna do? Not fish? Can't wait!!
  18. Well done boys. Thanks for the encouragement that these little buggers are on their way. I forecast work productivity dwindling over the next 3-4 weeks. Looking forward to the next trip AND your next report. Keep up the good work!!
  19. I don't see how that could hurt
  20. Great thread! I'm new to the site, but have long suffered from albie fever. It seems to be spiking over 101 at this point. Leaving for vacation tomorrow, and in the interest of trying to get a fix I did a quick trip to Buzzards Bay yesterday morning. Lots of schoolies at sunrise, but didn't see any Albies. Went and did a little scouting since that area is pretty new to me. The north wind started kickin pretty hard so called at about 10am. There's oodles of bait, so at least the dinner table is set. Hoping it's full throttle once we're back! Until then, good luck fellow junkies!!