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  1. We had a day years ago where we stayed on the water in order to let rush hour traffic hour pass before hitting the road. What was ultimately a slow-ish day completely turned around in the afternoon hours. We just hung with the bait and eventually the fish moved in and fed heavily. I think I got 8 or 10 in that last hour or two on the water. While it's a small sample set of data, it certainly seemed to be the case that day that a really good afternoon/evening bite developed.
  2. I'm in the same boat....pun intended, I guess. We moved from the mountains to the coast about 10 years ago. So I now know know how nice it is to be able to launch the boat in 10 minutes and come back if conditions/fishing stinks. It's such a bummer these fish don't come up here. Every albie trip becomes a game of "high stakes poker". Guess that's part of the addiction now, since great days are so much more rewarding based on effort to make it happen.
  3. I was thinking of Mike Laptew when the topic of divers/dead albies came up. Curious if he's seen the fabled "littered sea floor" of dead albie. Maybe, I'll send him a message via FB....not sure if he's on this site. I
  4. Funny, I always think that when it's albie season up here. We revere them so highly since they're exotic to our waters, but everywhere else they're considered trash fish #1. As the old saying mans S*%tT is another mans treasure.
  5. Total albie sickness in high gear now. Thinking of zipping down tomorrow morning to fish the morning tide and hopefully get back to the North Shore without getting destroyed in holiday weekend traffic. It's worth driving 5 hours to fish 4 hours, right?!?!
  6. Made it out on Wednesday. Managed to land 3. Picked up 2 pretty early then the last one around 10. Seemed to be little pods of fish sprinkled around, but no big masses in any one place. Had a bunch of short hits too. On one retrieve 3 or 4 fish took swipes at it, then saw it get eaten boatside which was really cool. The buffet has been set. Saw bait everywhere! First one puked a small anchovy. Also saw peanuts being sprayed. Even in the choppy waters you could see the brown masses of bait. Looking forward to the next trip for them.
  7. The new number to track is how many times I open this thread over the next 2 months.
  8. Ahhhh....I had no idea on that unwritten rule. My bad. Well....coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, Rip Tide just posted a picture of one on FB.
  9. I'm a little surprised this thread hasn't been started yet, so figured I'd get it going. I see I'm not the only looking / posting some stuff in last years thread, but that's in the past kids! Here's looking to the future!!! At least the very near future of the next few months Any guesses on when the first push of fish show up? I'll wager a total guess and say Steel Pulse pops one on August 28th. Of course Rip Tide will have run at least 600 miles and gotten a few before then
  10. I hear ya 100%....maybe even more than 100%. But, like I always say, "you have to take logic out everything to get through the day." Now, let's get back to Albie-Chat!! Pulled out the skunk on Saturday despite fishing from pre-dawn till noon. Previous trip we easily boated 25. This is way I love and hate these slimy emerald gems.
  11. I think the EPO's traced those guys IP Address from that video and fined them for retaining that tuna. Back in the glory days of all those rec fish, we attended a tuna seminar where the Environmental Police did a presentation and showed that video. They also busted a restaurant owner up in Maine who was keeping short fish for his restaurant. On top of fining them, the cooks and kitchen staff involved were also heavily fined as well. It sees they're always looking to make examples of those who get caught.
  12. 160 Views and no comments. Guess it's a little in the season for selling motors, huh?
  13. Repowering to a 4 Stroke and more HP so selling 2016 ETec 115 HP. Original Owner 850 Hours 300 Hour Service performed on schedule Always serviced/maintained by Dealer - all service records available Engine is flawless. Located North Shore of MA. $5,800.00
  14. I bet you're right!