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  1. you won't get in trouble for it... they just take it,
  2. I think most people prefer natural ****. Unless you see it made, or know how to synthesize lsd, which Im not going to talk about lol, its pretty risky and can be deadly. Like the 25nbom scare that happened a few years back. Believe me, it wasn't cool. One tab was 60x intensity of acid. ended up burning almost everything i owned on the camping trip. food, chairs books... on a dif planet. Fought a raccoon too. I think people have just gotten smarter and stuck to natural stuff which is way nicer anyway like torchwoods, wood rose, iowasca, mescaline, etc. All a good time.
  3. Its not gone lol. Not that hard to make...
  4. Its debby downer man. come on.
  5. You guys are good people. I know you can't see my face. But i mean that.
  6. Dude im in the bio field. you have to live. see the snakes in the grass and kiss a goat one last time. In all seriousness a pysilcocibin cubensis tea might be better for you.
  7. I said i hope a shark ate you. which im not apologizing for cuz your an a$$hole. I seriously wish that. Anyway get bent.
  8. what r u talking about?
  9. it won't hurt your circulatory system, or blood pressure.
  10. trade for a grs sea robin. authentic of course.
  11. fryin some nuggets.
  12. sorry random, just remembered that thread. hope all is well
  13. ide bang oprah. ses fit af
  14. your wife still on here?