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  1. I just did the same thing, whole system cost me 60. I weeded out and donated a ton of plugs and plastics I didn't need. Never had a crazy collection, but i have about 700-800 jigs.... all put away in boxes labeled. The cork board is cheap and so worth it. So much better than the garage. My girlfriend travels for work and hasn't seen the living room.... hmmm...
  2. Thank you albacized, Ill be out Sunday. see you around. i'm pretty sure we fish a lot of the same areas, I think i have seen some stella- burgundy lami combos in the past.
  3. I grew up fishing plum. Back when we used to get huge numbers of blues, I saw a White in the mouth. Before the bars, in the river mouth proper. Also confirmed Makos on Emerson rocks.... Pretty amazing place...
  4. i haven't thrown topwater all year. Sounds like a pretty fun weekend.
  5. Having flashbacks to skate shoes and a cold afternoon in Barnegat a few years back. You where the only one who was prepared. If you can sneak out i might be there Sunday at this point, we shall see...
  6. looking like i'm leaning the same direction. Tight lines
  7. Wow, that thread reminded me of an acid trip last year. Love the visuals. Bravo Cary, as usual..
  8. Yeah boats out most likely, even though it is a 16..5 fairly stable kayak. I would get swallowed haha I wanted to continue my funnyfishing, but that is looking like less and less a possibility. Probably stick to the boulders. How do the bonito fare in heavy swells? This storm could kick off the bass.
  9. What do you guys think about this storm? super kicked up and weedy this weekend? . Everything is so unclear, but the surf report doesn't look great... I'm dfinitely hesitant to get in the yak...
  10. Thats a pretty awful rigging job...
  11. I craft the calamari. F jackall lures. Betrayed by the discontinuation of clone fry.
  12. Same boat. An eel most days, i'm cheap. Taylor swifts Boulder field is pretty sweet.
  13. A friend who crunches data for fisheries says there populations are not doing very well, they are starting to show concern for the species. Sad. I miss them, haven't had them North shore for years. I remember fishing 5/6/7 hours on the plum gut for them with poppers as a kid. I don't think numbers solely effect their inshore numbers however, a lot more at play.
  14. 3 for sure! especially if your changing often.
  15. I don't use clips, I tie direct, but i don't think it matters until it matters... I think its safer to tie direct in any hardtail scenierio. But, I mean there is a treble hook hanging off the back of your jig right? A little more metal prob wont do to much damage unless you find them insanely finicky. Hopefully all the peanuts this year will keep their guard down when it comes time to chow...