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  1. I like the current Daiwa BG reels for fresh and salt water fishing if you prefer spinning reels. I've never had a striper or "rockfish" make any kind of a long run, so the 3000 size reel should be fine. My standard mono for stripers and catfish locally is Big Game 15#. It takes knots well and is reasonably abrasion resistant. It is also very inexpensive at Wally World. -Ed
  2. If low profile isn't a requirement, you could look at Abu Garcia Ambassadeur "round" reels. I've been fishing mine in fresh and salt water for many years. They are robust and reliable. I simply rinse them after each salt water trip. They are easy to tear down for detailed cleaning and lube or repair. Parts are available at reasonable cost. -Ed
  3. Locktite makes several adhesive sealants. One is "wicking" and will work if you can get the screw out, but can't get the insert out.
  4. Also, using the lightest line reasonable for the size of fish will reduce line drag through the water caused by current, etc. I'm not saying to go "ultra light", just don't use a lot more line strength than really needed.
  5. I'd go with the unrigged as well. That way you've got flexibility on hook choice and placement for maximum hookup potential. Please post a photo of what you do.
  6. Price reduced to $149 includes shipping to 48. Offers? Thanks, Ed
  7. Thanks. I edited the original ad, removing the reference to text or email. It's just the wording I always use. I'll avoid it here on the forum.
  8. That's exactly what I've done. One question asked, one question answered. Why have you posted your "warning"?
  9. It looks like 4:1
  10. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000C. Built by Abu Sweden, in Excellent condition, with only a couple of very light marks on the finish. The reel comes in the original box with owner’s manual, rod clamp & bolts, wrench, lube and spare centrifugal brake weights. The reel has not been fished since recent complete cleaning and lubrication. $159 shipped to contiguous 48 states. Thanks.
  11. I've been fishing a couple of Abu Ambassadeurs in the Bay and triburaties for the last several years. I went back to them for their robust mechanicals and ease of maintenance. The 6500 size holds plenty of mono or braid for bay or inshore use. -Ed
  12. I'm looking at the St. Croix and the Tica Dolphin. Thanks, -Ed
  13. Late last summer I bought a used 2-stroke, Yamaha 15hp, pull start. I have it on a 14' Polar Craft mod-v and I love it. Starts easily, runs smoothly, and it's not really noisy. Easily planes 3 people plus fishing gear. I highly recommend it. -Ed
  14. I was primarily looking at spinning rods, but I also use casting rods especially for heavier baits. -Ed
  15. My "truck" is a 2008 Subaru. I'm shopping for an 8' 2-piece rod so it will fit easily along with my fishing buddy, my other rods, his rods, tackle boxes, changes of clothes, coolers, etc. -Ed