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  1. I have it being serviced now (costing me at least $66 for service and $20 to ship it the service center) . It its' American made serial # in 1200 range, I don't have pics now. I have original box and black VS bag. Loaded with used 50 lb Suffix. Very minor scratches from use. $575.
  2. getting ready to sell VS250 S . Interested?
  3. I getting ready to sell my VS 250 S. If interested ,I'll give details.
  4. I have a VS 250 S for sale. The serial # is in the 1200 range. I have the original box and original black bag. Has normal minor scratches. It’s loaded with used 50 Suffix. I just sent it into an vs authorized shop to make sure it’s mechanically perfect when I sell it. I should have it back within 2 weeks. Selling $650 shipped.
  5. Pine, Do you have a pic of the line manager?
  6. If you have spray equipment. Consider Acrylaq, Its' a premixed exterior lacquer for metal, Sold by Su*r F*n Chem.
  7. My guess is Hobie will take their time selling them as stand alone items. They'd much rather force people to buy newer, upgraded, boats.
  8. I have one with a DSC button. Calls coast guard and gives coodinates. Nice feature. I t's bigger than i want, but I do like having the feature.
  9. If the water is 6-7 " is an 8ft pole long enough to hold. I purchased an aluminum extension pole from A** Hardware that expands in length from 3-6 feet making it easier to store when not being used. Then I realized it was too short. I may reyurn it in favor of the 8' version.
  10. i have one, but use thinner , strong cord. I don't really liike it to much though. A liitle difficult to rewind on the reel.
  11. idk, they seem a little soft after sitting aroung more than a year. I'm really nnot sure though.
  12. My attorney has advised me not to make any more comments. Have a good day. I'm sure Tim will be pleased about this.
  13. Due to threats to my safety. I will no longer post on the PG.
  14. Due to the abovementioned threats to my safety I will no longer post on the PG.
  15. After the above mentioned threat,s i will no longer being posting in this forum.