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  1. Nothing. It was a new rod and reel a month ago. This is the only line thats ever been on it. I will probably try power pro on it. I have power pro yellow 30# on my new spinfisher vi, no issues yet.
  2. All I know is every time I cut one out, it happens again. Im down to about half a spool now. It pisses me the **** off. Gonna unwind the whole mess, cuut out yet another knot and try to re-wind the whole mess tonight I guess.
  3. Fished out there last night. from the bridge edge (north) and the second jetty to the north. Not even a bite from 6-8pm and got cut off twice on snags (rocks?) on the bottom. Didn't really seem like a good spot. Lots of snags? Should I use a lighter weight? Maybe the pier?
  4. I dont think its the fault of Hatteras jack at all. I think its either the line itsself or how I'm using it. I just know the spinfisher vi 4500 with power pro yellow doesnt do it.
  5. All I know is I am getting a TON of twist with it. And the color faded fast. Im a noob, so.... who knows
  6. I don't listen to any of them. I will likely vote republican and nothing else until I the day I die from now on. Stay out of my gun safe, my wallet, and my life. This middle aged scumbag racist white male is fed up with being demonized by the left. The Center is becoming a deserted place these days. I know. I used to be there.
  7. but how? It seems to be rolling, the bearing...
  8. I have two packs of zman that have never caught a trout LOL. Even after sharing the bag with gulps
  9. What are you using for bait? or is it lures? Bluefish usually destroy my gulps. Man I need to get out there but we're adopting a new dog today, so.....Be a bit
  10. throwing leadheads and gulp. Has a tactical angler clip on the end. Its done it with double drop rigs and with lures alike. bought new at hatteras jack a few weeks ago, he spooled the line. I figure it might be something I am doing,. but damn if I know. How do I check what it is? Its maddening this thing, every time out it ruins my day it seems. Its happened 3-4 times now.
  11. Any idea what could be causing this? The way it was sppooled maybe? It doesnt happen on my spinfisher vi with power pro. Then again, thats a bait only rod. Ive ended up having to cut out a third of it probably due to the massive twisting problem. Also the neon green J-braid faded really easily. Have been completely unimpressed with this setup. Reel is smooth - not sure it's a reel problem, but man oh man does this line make one hell of a mess every outing. The power pro seems way nicer, but again, Im not tossing lures with it. Any tips to figure why it's doing this?
  12. ned to get a gold hopkins then. the only lure I've had success with is a gulp on 1/2oz leadhead
  13. Caugfht a 17" red at OI. 2 keeper trout and a keeper flounder. Was gonna stay the night, but grass ran me off. Grass is as bad as I've seen it at OI. Saw a striper caught. ZERO blues at OI yesterday. Not sure what that means but its rare.
  14. Update - the performed really well at OI. I like them. I went without pants (LOL) and left the liner in, and was GTG. Temp was around 58-60 all day. No leaks and they work well. Top is a little droopy and I lost my pliers out of the pocket because I didn't close it properly. My fault though. They worked well.