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  1. Well yes they can, but they usually hang on the bottom
  2. I wonder if this would keep the bloody crabs off the bait.. Only using 2oz instead and a smaller hook.
  3. I was thinking 20lb on a bottom rig. Most of what i catch at my places are spot and trout. Some croaker, I hear reds and stripers come thru too ETA I've been catchign trout on mummichogs caught in a trap at my spot, but the damn crabs get the bait FAST. The crabs are thick back here. But no one seems to catch stuff on floats.
  4. Anyone have a guide for rig tying for 2oz or so and bait for the back bays? Trout, striper, reds, whatever comes up? I'm not sure what rigs to use.
  5. I'll look that one up. I've never messed with a shimano rod, but daiwa rod warranty has been good when I needed it. I was also thinking of a mojo inshore
  6. I have a back bay 7'6 extra heavy that I love. I use it for some jigging, but mostly chunking 1-2 oz and bait in the back bays and wash. I'd like to find another rod similar to this thing. I could easily toss 4oz with it, and have, actually. What other options are out there in a similar style of rod that cost the same or less? I can't really afford more expensive rods than the back bay. Inshore / back bay rods are sort of becoming my favorites since I live on the Mobjack.
  7. Bluefin Speck Salmon
  8. I have a saltist 3000 on a back bay rod. That rod is nice for the money and makes a great light weight bait rod for the.... back bays where I live. I'd like to see a diawa bb in person. I had to send my saltist off to have it serviced after a year. It gets splashed. It doesn't feel as smooth as when I bought it, after getting it back from Diawa. The Stradic FL is a nicer reel, IMO and both are better than my spinfisher vi.
  9. I have a weapon Jr, got it from HJ. It's an amazing rod. But then again, the nicest thing I ever had was a Diawa, so....
  10. I've been catching a few good specks at my spot off the Mobjack by my house. Minnows, and white gulp. I fish from the backs at usually high tide. Got a 22" just this morning on minnow from the trap on a bottom rig.
  11. I might end up using a spinfisher on it when I use it as a surf rod in the wash, and the Stradic on it for jigging. I REALLY like my spinfisher vi 4500 LL. I'm wondering if I should get a 2500LL or just a 2500 for this rod as a second, more durable reel.
  12. I just got a new one and it's amazing. I've only casted it a few times, and I'm not schooled on nice rods. This is my first premium rod. But I like it. A lot.
  13. No. Because people will still head to the point, and there are countless miles on the beach in obx. Very few people fish where I do. Literally miles and miles of access on each ramp. Anyone who can read a map can go somewhere else. Nice try though. I wasn't the one complaining. Tourists have ruined the point for years. Nothing new. There literally is no way to give away a good spot on the oceanside of the obx.
  14. Anyone seen these? Or the ski rack type: I currently have a roof basket with a rod tube made from PVC, but the basket rack just kills my MPG - easily costs me 3-4 mpg. The topwater box is perfect, but 549.00? Really? I paid less than that for my thule roof box and it's 4x the size. If it was like 300, I'd be all in. Anyone know something similar to the top water? I'm not sure I trust the ski rack type, but I do see guys using them.