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  1. Becasue 4 runners get like 17 mpg - this gets 25ish (more if you choose the 4 cyl) without the basket, 23 with. The engine package in it sucks, its slow. It rides like crap (the 4 cyl outback is also slow. Very, very slow). The interior and tech package in them are horrible. They're overpriced. The MSRP on this car was nearly 39K (3.6R limited) and I got it for 32.5K. The lift cost me 600 bucks. The tires and wheels were about 750 after rebate at DTC. See what a 4 runner costs with leather interior, LED headlights, etc. The 4 runner is badly in ned of an update. Also this has a far, far better safety feature system with the eyesight. The wife drives this easily. Otherwise you have a 5'1 115 pound female in a vehicle she can't manage or see out of. She hated trying to drvie the 4 runner. The basket is for conveneince, sandy, dirty crap goes up there, shovels, chairs, folded dog crates, the rod tube, and traction boards. All of these things would have gone on top of anything else too. To each their own. We hated the 4 runner. This was a much nicer car. And it goes anywhere the 4 runner will within reason (approach angle, obviously). My first choice was a diesel colorado ZR2, but she liked this better and wanted the safety stuff, which the colorado severely lacks.
  2. Mine does better than most 4x4's. The only real exception is Wranglers, and land rover type vehicles. Sugar sand is no challenge for mine. Get the subaru if you want it. Its better than 95% of the SUV's on the road, thats for sure.
  3. So I bought a few of the lead fish and I have a stingsilver now. And a silver hopkins. If I wanted a gotcha for the pier - what color? I saw 3 packs of them for 10 bucks. Some silver, some gold some painted....
  4. I just picked up a batallion 10 ft for 77.00 new on Walmart local clearance. Not my first choice. But it should be nice Finding it for 77.00, plus seeing the video where the Tsunami rod rep says its NOT a bait rod, moved me toward the Batallion.
  5. It DOES need a hitch . Not in the budget or time until next year . The roof basket is where a lot of slop goes, the fish cooler etc. I have more ground clearance than many things out there actually. Its around 11.5" I spent as much time talking about the car as I did fishing. Its a convo piece. I just finishing building the rod tube for my rack. 4" PVC. coated it with plasti dip and fusion. Hope it holds up. Reels will have to be removed, but I need room for 3 rods, and 6" wouldnt have done that with reels on anyway. I prefer streamline.
  6. I'm not at all interested in a prevail. I'm looking in the range of baits in the (total) 2-5oz range. The airave elite 9'3" XH (But a recent video from biminy bay says they are not baid rods? Why not? IDK?) was a major consideration. The Battalion 10' 1-5oz was another choice. But I'm not sure if a 10ft is too big for the 4500 reel. The st croix triumph is TOO LIGHT. I'll throw 1oz, but rarely and only around oregon inlet. Everywhere else is a 3oz-4oz affair for me. usually 3 (3 is what I throw with my 7'6" right now). I need a rod in the 3-4 sweet spot that can do 1-2 and up to 5. And it will be a BAIT ONLY rod. Its going on a live liner / baitrunner. I may just get the 10 foot battalion and be done with it. I wanted the airwave elite but I don't understand why its a plugging only rod.
  7. I wish my filets looked like that. Mine end up in nuggets LOL
  8. want something with nicer guides than that - Also I her the prevail is a way lighter rod? Its kind of hard picking a rod for this reel that wont kill the bank.
  9. Brother, that thing goes better on sand than most trucks. It's got 11.5 inches of ground clearance, symmetrical awd with electronic lockers (Subaru x mode). It's great in the sand and amazingly balanced and sure footed. We went through places and stopped and started and had to go around a 4 runner that got sunk in front of us. Annual orv permit looks good on it
  10. I want a 9' , but it just doesnt throw enough weight.
  11. Yeah - I really want to get off the point. My ramp map is in the car. I'm easy to spot. I'm the only car out there, and maybe the only lifted outback you'll ever see in person. Still need to pick a rod for my new spinfisher vi 4500 Live liner. I was gonna get a batallion but not sure. I want a 9 ft. I already have an 11 and a 7'6"
  12. looks like off the parkway on the york might be the only thing. I dont even know if you can surf fish at sandbridge
  13. Me and my 50.00 a night cabin LOL. We usually camp in a tent. Its only like 2 hrs from the Mobjack, hell if I could cross the NC VA border at corolla it would be way less LOL. I swear it seems everyone I ever see down there is from up north. I seriously need to find some new spots. Im sick to death of the point. Its always covered up. Since we are living it up in our 50.00 cabin in Rodanthe, maybe I'll do something different. I have to work this weekend though. ETA the water was crazy warm last weekend. Sunday AM the water was warmer than the air.
  14. The 9'3 extra heavy is 3-5 oz (airwave) The 9' Batallion is 3/4-3. As a bait runner / live liner, the rod will likely never see metal. I just don't see how a rod that maxes out unde 3oz is the by choice. I could go 10ft, but I already have a 3-6oz 11ft Tommy farmer with a slammer 5500. I want something in the middle that's easier to work with and hold, and fish with in low light ETA - just watched a video where a Biminay bay guy said they were plugging rods, not bait rods.
  15. I found hatteras jack to be the most helpful on information. by far. very far