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  1. Pathetic on Goodell’s part. Just sit there a do a little back and fourth with Portnoy. I believe the bidding was to raise money for charity. I mean come on Roger.
  2. I went last Monday to Plum Island and they charged me 20.00 and I live in Massachusetts. Pretty rough I usually fish at night and avoid the fee but just wanted to get in on the water.
  3. Sorry to hear that Kevin. Thoughts and prayers for and your family during this tough time.
  4. Ttt
  5. Are you for new only?
  6. Might be interested in the 2 on the left if you split. Thanks
  7. Looking for a new redband Danny. I’m only looking for the Danny at this time. Open to some of his older style trout Danny’s. Thanks.
  8. Could you please send payment info thanks
  9. I’ll take it
  10. Keep’ em coming boys. This is why I got ride of cable. Way more more Freakin entertaining! Priceless
  11. Hilarious!
  12. I’d be interested the top pikie if you split.
  13. 15?
  14. Do have solid yellow?
  15. I’ll take em. Pm your info thanks