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  1. I’ll take the A#130 please pm your info thanks
  2. I’d do 35 for the bottom 2 if your want
  3. Welcome.
  4. Interested in pikies if you split
  5. Sorry for your loss. It’s always hard losing a pet as they very quickly become part of your family.
  6. Sure
  7. I’ll take the second and third one please
  8. I’ll take both please
  9. I’ll take the polaris
  10. Bassonator Would you happen to know length and weight
  11. I’m in. Thanks and love them guppy’s
  12. Ok cool I’ll take Tiger lol. I’m in for whatever the group decides another 10 or just roll it over.
  13. So would you redraw 3 new golfers for everyone again or do we stay with same 3?
  14. I’ll take darter lot thanks
  15. Man having Finau and Schauffele in the same group I felt like a had a good chance oh well. Thanks JMB for putting this together and to whoever gave up a spot for me to have a chance. So now that Tiger won is it a carryover? Or to we pay another 10 for the next major?