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  1. Would you happen to have doubles of the blue Mac and bone color you just sold in the giants?
  2. I was told it was new this year starting Jan 1st.
  3. Yup found a link myself for a small fee your dog can get a service dog vest. Kinda disgusting when you think about. I see so many people taking advantage of this. I was just in Cabela’s today asked if it was dog friendly nope only if it’s a service dog the lady says, but legally she can’t ask you to prove it.
  4. Thanks payment send. I think madfish meant bwstriper44 when he said bw
  5. No worries my offer stands. Glws
  6. I’d offer 40 for 1 2 3 5
  7. Are they sinking or floating
  8. Yes that’s what I meant please pm your info
  9. 12 for the rm danny
  10. Payment sent
  11. Ya boooooyyyy! Can’t beat the FlavorFlav of a striped bass.
  12. I still will take the rm Danny
  13. How much for the middle pencil top pick
  14. I’ll take the rm and the gold ccw if goldy passes on it
  15. Done thanks for posting this.