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  1. Technically ma but very close to ri. Good outing in back water spot . From 730 to 830 caught about 7 low slot and slot fish. As the tide came up the bite died. Maybe I couldn’t get my bait in the zone or maybe they moved. Around 9 a couple of other people showed up and were randomly casting cutting off my drifts. This is a small spot and I didn’t get a bite in about 1/2 hr so I left.
  2. I think we all ask ourselves the same question. Are there fish here and not biting or is there nothing around. The only way to tell is like other said. You have to have some type of visual. Without that you will never know if there are fish there or not. You can be fishing for a while and then all of a sudden get a hit. Were the fish sitting there the whole time or did they just swim in from a different location? What made them bite? I think we all try to get better at answering these questions to make us better fishermen.
  3. Hit a northern ri jetty around 1230. Low tide three guys fishing the end and looking dead. Guy walking out said there were a couple albie sightings but very slow and no one caught anything. Since I had nothing else to do I decided to stick around. Around 1 the albies started showing. They were popping up pretty frequently all afternoon and staying up for awhile. Unfortunately they were not easily caught on artificials. I didn’t get any but had several shots and kept blind casting. I saw about 5 caught all afternoon and the guys fishing near me missed a few. They said the morning was dead.
  4. We all have days like that. I would definitely try to switch up your tactics. Different location, times, presentation, tides etc.
  5. Yes it is. Good for you to find the fish.
  6. I noticed a drop in people targeting them. I think many have converted to Albie fishermen. Same goes for many scup fishermen. I also think a three fish limit makes it not worth targeting if you are looking to eat. Most people I saw targeting them would be filling buckets. You don't get much of a meal with three tiny snappers. It seems the numbers have dropped where I have been fishing. Not sure since no one is targeting including myself.
  7. I saw a recent post stating they were using Roberts Rangers to catch stripers. I have use roberts or a knock off for a long time primarily for bluefish. I had one in green which I lost and the one I have now is red. I typically use it to search for bluefish since it casts a mile. I don't remember ever catching a striper on it. Wondering if there's a color or specific type of roberts to catch both blues and stripers. Maybe a different retrieve? I usually just real it in on top of the water. So what robert do you use? What color? Weight? Retrieve? Checked out their web site. Getting pricey. So what isn't these days?
  8. I was at the canal on Friday morning east of the Sagamore. There wasn't crap going on. Decent amount of people fishing but no one catching anything. Picked the wrong location or day. I know everyday is different and different area's can be producing while others are barren. The problem is I tried the last three Fridays since I had off from work and they were all unproductive days.
  9. This weekend picked about 10 decent tomato's. Some green peppers, jalapeno, kale, lettuce, one lonely cucumber, and a big basket of green beans. It's definitely near the end. Butter nut squash is still sitting out there but the vines are dying back. I'll harvest soon and store. They last a long time in the cool basement. Cool weather stuff should go for a little bit until it gets much colder. Such as lettuce, parsley, kale.
  10. Friday shore. Tried for bass in canal at sunrise on perfect tide. The fish didn’t think it was perfect. Nothing going on. Bounced around canal didn’t see anything. headed to south cape late morning. Immediately saw a pod if albies. Got one shot and didn’t hook up. Saw one caught by boat. Popped up again out of range. After 12 didn’t see anything until about 5pm. A small pod popped up a few times. I had one or two shots and didn’t hook up. The pod moved out of range and one person on boat hooked up. no one from shore hooked up. The small bass were difficult to catch also. On peanuts all day. So another day of 12 hr casting practice. I did catch one schoolie.
  11. What type of braid and lb do you use. I use 15lb pp and 20lb flouro leader with small Vmc clip rated 30lb. I don like the leader going into the eye of the rod so it’s about a 18”. Uni to uni leader to braid. Like any fish albies are easy to catch if they’re biting. Sometimes they will just not hit anything just like some of the bass I’ve been finding lately.
  12. I fished canal Friday sunrise but I was on east side of sagamore bridge. Very few people fishing. No fish either. Someone walking said there were some schoolies down the road but I didn’t have my bike and didn’t want to walk that distance. hit bell rd around 10am and there wasn’t too many people there. No fish either. The other side by rr bridge also looks like a congregation place. I stay away from these areas at peak times.
  13. Crappy day for me from shore. Fished from 6am to 6pm and didn’t catch anything. Bass at day break on cape didn’t produce. Mid morning saw one pod of albies but didn’t want to cast over a couple of bait soakers. Didn’t see any again in that spot for a few hours and blind casting didn’t find any. Headed south cape in early afternoon. Loaded with peanuts and small bass crushing them all afternoon but they were not touching any oferings. Guy near me caught 2 albies in about 4 hours. Must have been the only two around all afternoon. no one else caught any and a sighting was very rare.
  14. Like Z-man said. If you see fish or have confidence there may be fish in the area it's best to fish there and blind cast and hope you hook up or they pop up within casting range and take a shot. Like you said if you see the fish while driving or walking they are usually gone by the time you can get your rod and cast. Even if your casting sometime they pop up in another area and by the time you get a cast off they are gone. It's good to cast anyway because you may get lucky and hook up.
  15. Pole beans are cranking. Picked a huge basket maybe 5lbs of premium green beans. Some tomato’s turning red and a good amount of large green ones. Hope they turn. Best tomato year I’ve had in a long time. picked a few small cucumbers but they’re basically done. Couple of green peppers still to pick and the butternut squash is stating to harden off.
  16. Caught two albie today late afternoon in brutal conditions fishing from shore. The 4 other guys fishing for albies left about an hour after I got ther leaving the entire jetty to me and some other person fishing bait. I was getting bored with no action so I decided to try the bottom with a gulp jerk shad on a jig. After a few minutes the albies popped up right in front of me. My jig was already out so I reeled like heck to try and get into the zone and made it. One albie crushed it. I put a pink weighted albie snax on after releasing the fish. Another pod popped up quickly far out but reachable. Chucked it in the location and hooked up. That was it for awhile until right before sundown they popped up twice but I didn’t hook up. Up and down quick. I also caught two fluke.
  17. I often think about the banjo minnow when I’m using super flukes. Basically they seem like the same thing. I guess you can put all the small rubber swim baites in the banjo minnow category. Maybe ahead of its time. Are they still around?
  18. I would call that an epic outing. Especially from shore and with fly rod. Right place right time. I’m still looking for a day like that. I casted for six hours on Friday knowing fish were around and they were not having it. Did have a few short strikes but no hookups. No one was catching.
  19. Shore report. Had the day off Friday. Tried the canal in the morning primarily for bass and it was dead. Didn’t see any signs of funny fish either. Headed to southern cape areas. Not great shore conditions. Sunny wind blowing away. Blind casting and bouncing around found nothing. Few pods popping up way out of reach. finally found where the fish were. There was a mix of albies and small bass busting on peanuts all afternoon but they were very finicky. No one caught one Not even the boat guys that I could have shaken hands with. I had a few hits but did not hook up. I did manage a few small bass toward sunset. Someone I spoke with said they caught a few in the morning which doesn’t surprise me. Probably less picky in am. The weather was gorgeous and there were very few people at all locations. Not many boats out either. Need a day to recover from hours of walking and blind casting.
  20. I've been liking the various zoom super flukes. The paddle tail and fork tale ones in different colors. Fish them weightless and with weighted swimbait hooks. Catch all sizes of fish salt and fresh. I believe they're about 5" and reasonably priced. Also like Albie Snax standard 6" in various colors. They work on other stuff besides albies. For top water I like the smack it jr. That little plug has caught a lot of fish.
  21. Went out to a little back water spot last night. The fish were busting all over the surface. They were on very small peanuts and other small bait. Slightly picky but I was getting hits and hooking up consistent enough. One nice fish over 30". The action died after about an hour. Still some fish breaking hear and there and managed a couple more but had to work much harder at it.
  22. If I'm working I can't get to the water until about 6pm. A few weeks ago I caught one around 7 to 7:30 pm. Most of the time it seemed the action was a little ealier based on people that were there. So yes you can catch them in the evening. Everyday is different.
  23. Fished a jetty this morning. Between 9 and 11 the albies showed up. I hooked one and with everyone casting I had a huge tangle with about 4 lines while fighting the fish. Lost the fish and had to cut my line. Hooked another one and my line broke immediately. Hooked another one and once again my line broke immediately. I think my line got screwed up on the first fish with tangled lines. Use 15lb power pro and never had that kind of problem. Didn’t see any problem with rod guides.
  24. Good outing tonight around sunset. Caught 4 solid largemouth. One somewhere between 3 and 4 lbs. got a nice size pickerel. Missed several other fish. All on top water from the same spot. I should have stayed there. I decided to walk the bank and try other spots. By this time the sun was down. Nothing after sun down. Didn’t fish too late.
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