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  1. Caught a few schoolies last night in a back water spot on high outgoing. It was loaded with bait and nothing visibly on it. Cycling through some offerings finally connected with a two footer on a zoom super fluke near the bottom. Couple casts later a smaller fish. Caught another on a small deadly dick. For the most part it was very slow but it was encouraging to see the baite and at least get a couple.
  2. I fish a lot of shallow water in ma and ri. As far as poppers go my number one is a smack it jr. if they are not hitting that I switch to a weightless albie snax slowly twitched slightly below the surface. I also fish a lot of zoom super flukes. Paddle tails and regular tails. Weightless or 3/0 or 4/0 weighted swim bait hook. I will try to fish the entire water column. Twitch near surface. Let it sink to bottom twitch in near bottom. Also fish it mid. You can also try a small shallow swimming plug. The small salt pro (sp) minnow 5 1/8 casts pretty well and runs shallow. Just cast it out and reel it in slow. If they are not hitting any of these lures you can try a small fly teaser above your lure. Sometimes I’ve tried all these things and more and couldn’t get a bite even though the small stripers were hitting bait. Since you are fishing in only 30” of water using metal and bucktails is difficult unless you use something really light so it doesn’t sink like a rock to the bottom. If you can ,try different times of day. Like very early in the morning and into darkness. Water temp has a huge effect on shallow areas. The fishing in these areas is usually much better in spring and again sept oct nov. I do catch fish all summer but July and aug are tough in shallow back bays. Are you sure you are seeing stripers? You may be seeing small blues or shad. In that case you can try a snapper rig or very small metal such as a 3/4l deadly dick. Good luck and don’t give up. Experiment and explore.
  3. I was at the mouth of the river on Sunday in the middle of the afternoon. There was not much bait that I saw. I saw one pod. There was actually not too many people fishing which should have told me something. I did manage a sea robin and a small fluke but had to work hard for them. People fishing bait were catching some small scup on occasion but even bait fishing was slow. There were a fair amount of kayakers in the water and they all looked bored. I didn't see any signs of predatory fish. I haven't been to other locations along the river so I can't speak for that. Everyday is different so you just have to try it out and see.
  4. Seams like every couple of days the news is reporting on a drowning in local waters.
  5. For many people fishing. Yes they are fishing to take it home and eat it.
  6. Zoom super fluke paddle tail and non paddle tail. Various weights depending on situation. Catches a bunch in fresh and salt.
  7. How's the fishing in the area?
  8. I catch fluke off of jetties all the time. Almost all are shorts. I usually use a jig with a 5" curly gulp or a jig with a 6" jerk shad gulp. I'm sure you can replace gulp for squid or something else or use other rigs. If you read the "fluke proven method" thread somewhere on this site it has a lot of information for trying your luck off a beach. Apparently, many of the fluke caught off the beach are in the wash or not too far out. I haven't targeted from the beach so I couldn't tell you first hand. I've seen some large fluke caught in the cape cod canal. So it sounds like there is potential to obtain fluke from shore. Experiment and try new area's.
  9. I have a bunch. They are emptying a 2cup feeder every day and taking some from my other feeder but not as much. When the other one is empty more show up to the other feeder. As I speak there is about 6 buzzing around the feeder. Time to refill.
  10. I went to the canal last night. East of the sagamore. Fished from 830 to midnight. Not another fisherman in site. Bounced around to my favorite rips and they were all vacant. So my first trip to the canal since last oct was a skunk. I guess the bite only happens in designated areas at certain times of the day
  11. Boots on the ground in numbers is the only way to enforce the rules. Changing laws works to some degree because you have a certain population that will abide by the rules. There’s the other population of people who will disregard the rules. I see poaching everywhere I go. Not just stripers. People just catch and keep because to them that’s why they are fishing. To bring home some meat.
  12. I did a vacation the week before July 4th. Stayed at Red Jacket Beach resort in south yarmouth for a few days then headed to Provincetown and stayed at Provincetown inn. Both places were overpriced in my opinion. I don't know the exact amount we paid but I think it was about $320 a night. We were thinking about adding a day at the provincetown inn and they said it would be $540. I said no thank you. I don't know if this was because it was a Saturday on 4th of July weekend. It wasn't too crowed the week we were there. We went the same week last year and stayed in Yarmouth and it wasn't too crowded. That's the reason we took the same week this year. Weather could be could and not too crowded. Locals say that crowds show up 4th of July through Labor Day. The restaurants were expensive. I like the cape but I think it's overpriced during the summer for what you get. I needed to vacation somewhere close to home because of a potential requirement to come back on short notice. My wife priced some carribean/mexico type trips and said the prices were high as well as the airfare. Off season the prices on the cape come down. I think Sept and Oct are the best months on the cape (including the fishing). I've taken day trips there but haven't stayed those months due to kids. My last child just graduated high school so I may be able to start doing vacations whenever. Prices everywhere have skyrocketed recently. A special dinner not too long ago would be $100. Now $100 is lunch with a few people at a chain restaurant.
  13. Looking forward to it. Not looking forward to crowded shore locations with people casting in every direction especially when they see something. Targeting them has gotten very popular recently. People ground fishing now have poles rigged up with a albie lure. It is what it is. Hope it’s a good run.
  14. Thursday and Friday evening sakonet River area. Thursday. A few small fluke. Missed something on top water. A couple 24” bass on 9in sluggo. A little weedy. Friday. Dead low not a breeze in site and big Matt’s of weed all over the place. Sea robin on first cast got tangled in someone else’s lost rig had to break it off. Did more searching for clean water and away from the bucket bregade casing every which way. Picked up a small sea bass. Didn’t fish too much. Too many weeds.
  15. Sounds like you have a great garden. Do you put a lot of fertilizer or compost in? How do you protect your blueberries from all the critters that like to eat them? My garden is doing decent. It's just starting to take off after a slow start with the cold, wet spring.
  16. I've had this reel for a long time and I still use it. Not as much as my 5500ss. I have it on a 10' pole. I used 15lb big game mono for years and didn't have any problems. At some point I switched to 20lb power pro braid but eventually wanted more casting distance especially with some lighter lures so I switched to 15lb powerpro braid. Works fine. With lighter braid and lighter lures you need to watch for wind knots. I use it for surcasting lures. If you're going to be jigging or fishing heavier bait in a lot of structure I would recommend using higher lb line. If you want to chuck lures I recommend 15 or 20lb braid. Mono casts like crap in my opinion. After using braid for a while I tried the 15lm mono again since I had so much of it. I couldn't believe I fished with that stuff for years.
  17. It would be nice if the state increased the number of parking spaces on the island. Over the years they removed a bunch of spots. On a nice day it's tough to find a parking space there.
  18. If it is state property how does the town decide how to disposition who uses it or not. Shouldn't the state control the rules of that land. Maybe they thought you were speaking of the parking lot on the island. That is definitely state property.
  19. Has anyone every been hit by a hummingbird. I haven't but sometimes it feels like I may since they are buzzing around coming close sometimes. Love watching these things. I have a two feeders. One in the front and one in the back of my house.
  20. A decent amount. A few weeks before and after the 4th or even during most of the summer there are people lighting off fireworks. Once I saw these weird lights rising above the bike path. As I got closer there was a group of people flying some kind of home made candle powered hot air balloon.
  21. Can you drive over the causeway or is it still closed. If closed what is the timeline to get it repaired and reopened? It’s clear that Westport doesn’t want anyone from out of town using their beaches. Everything is private or sticker only. as stated the parking lot by gooseberry island was open to anyone for years. During COVID supposedly too many people were using the area and Westport beach permit holders didn’t have enough access so they decided to make that lot permit only. Now that COVID is over why aren’t they opening it back up? Like working from home during COVID the town and residents probably like the perks. Fishing is better after Labor Day anyway so if you can park there after without permit that would be good. Can someone confirm?
  22. Yes. Been fishing as long as I can remember. Probably started between 3 and 5. I grew up in north central NJ. We had a tiny pond 1/4 mile from the house and my aunt had a summer cottage on some lake near by that the family gathered at almost every weekend in the summer. My father taught me the ropes. As I got more independent I explored every body of water I could find even if it was private. I would walk or ride my bike with a tackle box and fishing pole. There were a lot of small lakes,streams, and some large reservoirs nearby. Had some friends who had row boats on some lakes. Used to go out all the time. When I started driving my range expanded. Didn’t really do any salt water fishing until I moved to southern MA when I was 35. I bought some salt water stuff and started learning and exploring different locations. Still doing the same today @ 58. My father still lives in the same house I grew up in in NJ. He’s 79 and still does some fishing. What’s interesting is my brother and sister had the same upbringing and they did not get to get the fishing bug I have two kids that I took fishing many times when they were young. As many of you know it’s not easy taking little kids fishing. Unfortunately neither one took to the sport.
  23. Wow that’s cool. The Herman’s sporting good tag got me. They used to be the go to place for sporting goods back in the day. It’s interesting how many large sporting goods companies have come and gone. How much longer for dicks? Remember the sports authority?
  24. I was in Hyannis on Sunday walking around with my family. The police had a section closed off and markers in the street where shell casings were. We walked right passed it and could see the shell casings on the ground. To think a few hours earlier and we may have been right there. Never know these days. Something could happen anywhere.
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