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  1. Tried canal last night from 8 to 11. Nice night but fishing was slow. Only managed one high schoolie or low slot. Caught on black bucktail with red uncle josh pork rind. Fished a variety of jigs, Shad’s, tins, swimmers in a few different spots. Mostly jigged.
  2. Doesn't seem like as much bait in my spots as last year.
  3. I only saw small bass today. Caught a few in the morning and one in the afternoon. Wondering what the guy to the left of me was using. He had a fish on consistently. He must have caught over 20 bass. He was jigging something. Looked small and white. Fish were small. I was trying everything in my bag but only caught two. Albies were on the east end and West end late morning until about 2. after 2 I didn’t see any fish and was there until 630 pm. I didn’t see any albies caught. I had one hit and missed it.
  4. Fished midday Saturday afternoon in a backwater spot for a couple of hours. It wasn’t crazy but I did manage 3 small bass around 15” and one close to slot.
  5. What are your thoughts on weighted albie snax for albies. What version do you prefer? I haven’t fished the jig head made for the snax much. It doesn’t look like there’s enough room between the hook and plastic for good hookup. Thinking about trying the standard jig head similar to the sluggo in the picture.
  6. Did a quick 2 hour backwater trip right after sundown. Pretty slow but managed two bass in the mid 20” range. One on sluggo the other on mag darter.
  7. Last night backwater first cast fish on. While I have the fish on 4 people show up across the small channel and start fishing. Basically their casts are landing right in front of me. They knew I was there. I tried moving and casting in a non preferred direction away from them but they were casting in all directions like I wasn’t there. I wound up leaving. Caught one other there and the other guys fishing caught several schoolies. For some reason they were fishing with their headlights on. Unfortunately I think these people are regulars now in this spot. Went to a different spot and had pretty good action. Largest was around the 35” category on a black 7.5” sluggo. Other fish around 24” variety. About 6 fish on the night. Caught on. Veriaty of lures.
  8. Tried a northern jetty around 6 last night. Wind was cranking and there were big rollers coming in. Surprisingly there wasn’t much weed. There weren’t any fish and hardly anyone fishing. Three people on the jetty. Hardly any bait. Threw lures for about an hour and called it quits.
  9. Still a few in south east MA. They have thinned out a lot the past few weeks. I think I had the most hummingbirds ever this year. There were many of them and I would need to fill up a 4 cup feeder everyday because they emptied it. Went through a lot of sugar. Don't mind. It was a nice show all summer.
  10. Last night back water. Two schoolies within the first 10minutes. Thought it was going to be great but those are the only fish I caught. Had one other hit later in the night but didn’t hook it.
  11. Tried a north east shore spot looking for albies after work. Started about 6pm. Not too many people there and people leaving as I arrived. Should have told me something. Lots of bait and great conditions but the fish Surely didn’t like it because there were none around. since I hadn’t caught a fish in over three weeks I decided to jig the bottom with a bucktail with gulp mullet. Picked up about 4 sea robbins and one small fluke. Right after sunset went to a pink albie snax. Caught a small blue. Near dark tried a sp minnow and caught another small blue. Tried a few casts at another location on my way home and nothing was home.
  12. Nice. What size flukes do you guys use? I typically fish split body super flukes fork tail and paddle tails. I think they’re 5 1/2 long. Weightless or with weighted swimbait hook. What’s your favorite retrieve?
  13. Couple backwater spots last night dead as dead could be. No hits and very little bait. By this time last year it was fishing pretty good. Hope it gets going soon. Would have had more luck catching crabs. Two guys walking around the shore scooping up crabs. They were doing pretty good. I’ve been fishing this area a long time and this is the first year I’ve seen people doing this. I’ve seen it in another location not too far away a few weeks ago. I’ll have to look up if they opened the waters up to harvesting recently.
  14. Last year I saw the same thing in my area. Early morning slow. Pick up around 10 or 11. Sometimes I showed up after work around 6 and would get it was great around 3pm. Of course this was not every day but seemed to be somewhat of the trend. We'll see what happens this year. The only thing you can do is have fun trying. And yes patience is key especially in popular shore locations. Would be nice if people would respect their boundary and casting lanes. But that doesn't happen in many area. People just cast in every direction and if the fish pop up 10 lines are cast from every direction in that spot even if they popped up right in front of me. Tangles. You bet.
  15. This was officially in MA
  16. Great bluefish. Haven’t caught one that size in a long time. last night a few backwater spots. Dead zone. Nothing going on with a strong outgoing.
  17. Last night while roaming around trying to find some fish way up mount hope bay I noticed a decent amount of people wading in the water with lights on and carrying a basket or cage. What are they gathering? They were slowly walking through the water trying to spot something. I thought crabs but I thought you weren’t allowed to catch them art night. I probably should have just stopped and asked. .
  18. Saw a picture of him in on the water. Sounds like he really enjoys fishing just like the rest of us. Surprised he does some fishing from shore. Wondering if he has a fishing boat or does he mostly charter? Anyway seems like he likes trying different things. Just another passionate fisherman.
  19. I typically buy the 150yrd spools. I have backing where the entire 150 spool fills the reel. I never had a problem getting close to the backing even after some tangles and break offs. I’ll flip the line after awhile if there looks like enough on there. I fish from shore so I only need what is required to cast and fight a fish which isn’t much. I’m only using the top 1/4 or 1/3 of the spool anyway. If it gets lower casting distance starts to suffer. even when I do change out I see nice clean line that goes in the trash. If the entire spool is new line you’re throwing a lot of line out. Of course if you are doing some other kind of fishing that requires more line than filling the spool may be required.
  20. I like Rosco coastal lock.
  21. Cucumbers growing like crazy with lots of flowers and almost no cucumbers. Doing some reading it sounds like I have mostly male flowers. What causes that? butternut squash is doing great so it seems I’m getting pollination. bush beans didn’t do great this year. Had to start them a few times with the cold spring. I think slugs were getting them early on. Pole beans are going nuts and just starting to produce. tomato’s doing well getting enough perfect fruits.
  22. As other stated I just sharpen the hook if the hook appears to be structurally sound or there's just some surface rust. If they look too far gone I just replace.
  23. Last night backwater spot one. Dead. Some bait around including some needle fish. I arrived at spot two to breaking fish and lots of bait. The fish were breaking fairly consistently the whole time I was there. But they were not touching anything. I didn’t have any fly or small teasers with me. Not sure if that would have worked. I finally picked up two toward the end of my trip. 20” stripers. I got one on super fluke and another on a 6” sluggo on jig head.
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