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  1. On 3/27/2024 at 9:45 PM, Fitzy said:

    I only like TA clips for albies and FW.  Everything else gets one of these:




    That’s what I use as well in various sizes and usually with the barrel attached. I think my most common size is size 7 that I use. 
    as far as tins go they all catch. Deadly dick,crippled herring,Hopkins,krokodile,graves,cast master,hogy, the list goes on. Get a variety and fish them. Size , weight,and profile to match the conditions and where in the column you want to fish and how fast you want to retrieve. Try some different retrieves. Fast,slow,pause,jig. I catch many fish just by casting it out and reeling in. 

  2. I'm looking to replace my very old Penn Spinfisher 5500SS. It's on an airwave elite 8 1/2' rod. It's my all around rod that I use very often. Fish from shore casting 1/4 to 2oz mostly. The reel is actually still working fine and has handled a lot of fish and some good sized ones too. 

    I was thinking about going to the 4500 size. Will I loose some casting distance from the 5500? I'm using 15lb braid. 

    I checked out the 4500 slammer, spinfisher, and comparible size saltist, and saragossa at a store. Also checked out some higher end reels but those are overkill for what I use it for. Just hand held and not on rod. 

    I was leaning toward staying with penn. All reels felt great. I liked the spinfisher the best since it seemed a little more compact and lighter than the other reels. 


    I've read all the differences between the slammer and spinfisher. The one spec that I'm not sure about is the drag. The slammer 4500 has a 30lb max drag and the spinnfisher has I believe 25lb. I'm not sure if that is an issue. 




  3. Looking for tips or tricks to reduce jig neck diameter for using on sluggos and other narrow plastic baits. 

    I’ve tried a variety of techniques but feel a file works the best. The only thing that concerns me is lead dust getting all over and on the file. I usually do this outside if possible. 

  4. On 2/7/2024 at 10:36 AM, clambellies said:

    We did stop feeding the birds after her first car got totaled.  It was interesting to note that where the mouse nest was inside of the console there was a big pile of bird seed.   The bird feeder was located on the other side of the house from where the cars are parked and is about 90 feet away.  Those little varmits travel!

    Years ago I fed birds but saw a huge uptick in mice rats chipmunks and squirrels. 
    last year my sons car had the wires eaten. I think it was over 2000 to get fixed

  5. I still listen to Johnny Winter quit often. One of my favorites. Saw him a few times years ago when I lived in NJ. He used to play every year at the narrows center for the arts in fall river. Kind of kicking myself for not going to see him there. It's only 15 minutes from my house and the place is tiny. 

  6.  That lure is referred to as a Ranger. (Rodgers Ranger). There are other companies that make a similar product. I'm a shorebound angler and usually always have one in my bag. Like others said it casts great and far even when the wind is in your face. I have really only caught bluefish on it. But I usually fish it fairly quick on top of the water. Maybe if I slowed it down I would get bass? Never tried it for albies. Doesn't get mentioned as an albie lure but I guess they'll hit anything at certain times. Maybe the smaller ones are more effective on albies. 

  7. I caught a 12" bass on Saturday 12-2 mid afternoon in a south east MA pond on a 4" plastic floating swimmer similar to a repala. Didnt' get anything else. I only fish from shore. 

    I may push the season further this year depending on the weather. I don't enjoy it when it's too cold. Supposed to be about 50 on Saturday may give it another shot. What the heck the small Res is 1 minute from my house. 


    Any tips for the shorebound angler? Deep, Shallow, lure size, speed, time of day. 


    I also don't mind catching pickerel. I would think the same stuff will catch both. 

  8. Pretty good night in my back water spot in the early time slot. Started about 7:30pm and was immediately into a couple of fish. Caught a few more as the evening progressed. After 9 or 9:30 didn't get anything. Gave up at  11.  

    9",7.5" sluggo jig for most. One on 4" storm shad. Tried some other stuff but no joy. 

    I believe I caught 6. I'd say 24 to 29" variety.  

    What's interesting is there were no signs of bait. Even the crabs disappeared. Must be something keeping them interested. Maybe eels since they were liking sluggo's.  


  9. I bought some years ago. Tried them a few times but didn’t like them. Too light. Too thin to get jig inserted. I gave up on them quickly. I may still have them in a box somewhere. The standard sluggo works well and I’m still using them. From 6” to 9”. I’ve used the smaller sluggo as teasers. Works good also. 

  10. On 10/15/2023 at 12:44 PM, mikez2 said:

    Very cool. Called a smooth green snake. They've become quite rare in Ma. You must live close to the coast. They seem to be hanging on in a thin strip along the coast.

    Thanks for the info. I live in Fall River on the north Dartmouth line. I'm in the bioreserve area. Lots of woods and a small reservoir very close. 

  11. There were some albies in the canal on Friday but not many. I saw more on the east end. I didn’t get any. They never popped up in my location. Always somewhere I couldn’t reach them or during lunch break. Did a lot of blind casting and moving around but no joy. 
    There wasn’t anything going on at all on Friday. No bass or bluefish. 
    of course I see something on fb that fishing was great next morning. 

  12. Fished my normal backwater spots last night. Spot one nothing except a visit from the environmental police. Been fishing this spot for many years and this is the first time I was checked. Showed my license and a little chit chat and he was off. 
    Spot two. Hooked something decent on 9” sluggo but it got off. Fished for a few more hours and managed only two small fish. 
    This year these spots have not been fishing well. Looked forward to sept and oct all year since in the past few years these spots were great. That’s fishing. 

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