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  1. My fishing stuff is almost here.
  2. Fished an upper bay back water spot yesterday evening. Hooked a decent fish probably low slot. Broke my line. Not sure why, but happens sometimes. Had a couple other taps but didn't hook. Didn't fish too long maybe 1.5hr.
  3. Sunday Caught a couple decent schoolies 25/28” upper bay back waters. The last couple weeks have been good fish up to low 30” with a decent amount of 15 to 20”fish. May try tomorrow night.
  4. Saw trash around the covered trash barrels. "Dude" the trash barrel is covered. No one is coming to pick up your trash. Take it with you and dispose of it properly.
  5. One area I fish you can drive up to the water. I don't understand why people drive up and leave their car lights on. Nothing like car lights on when your fishing. Ticks me off. You can't see anything with your car lights on. Shut them off.
  6. None in canal on Friday and I was poking around from sunrise to sunset. I don’t think they ever made it to the canal this year. Lot of bait on east and west end to support. If there was a bite I probably wouldn’t be posting it.
  7. Not really spoons but I like cripple herring and deadly dicks. I do carry kastmasters, krocodile, and other metals and epoxies. What I use depends on the condition and water depth. They all catch.
  8. The net is gone at sakonnet. It must have been removed recently. The albies were there in years past with the net in place. Not sure if there would be more fish if the net wasn't there.
  9. Checked out the sakonnet area Sunday evening. Nothing but bait. Nothing on them. Nothing blind casting. Been a bad year in that area.
  10. That's good. I often wonder how much fishing stuff is stuck in the canal. Especially lead. I've found a couple decent lures over the years but I don't go out of my way to look for them. They just happened to catch my eye.
  11. I was at the canal all day on Friday from sun up to about 8pm. There was no one there in the morning and very light all day. I was at bell rd around noon and there was plenty of parking. I guess the crowd issue is at very specific tides and on the weekend. I did see pictures that bob posted and a friend of mine that camps in the area said you can’t get into bell rd in the morning. Glad to see they are enforcing. I didn’t see any enforcing on Friday except for patrol telling someone they can’t fly a drone over the canal since that area is a no fly zone.
  12. Saw one yesterday off the end of the scussset beach jetty. After awhile it moved further out and I saw the thing jump a few times. Pretty cool.
  13. About time. Are other spots on the canal just as bad as bell rd. If they enforce bell rd wondering if crowd will find a new place along the canal.
  14. Sunday evening night. Didn’t see any malas but did see a large seal around the marina area on east end. Didn’t catch any fish. There was a decent amount of squid and other smaller bait but nothing going on.
  15. The tide and change in current direction don’t coincide. If I’m reading a tide chart I subtract 1.5hrs and that is about when the current will be switching from one direction to the other.
  16. I hooked a huge fish Thursday evening. Couldn’t turn it. In the process hook pulled out. Didn’t get to see it. That was it but only had an hour to fish.
  17. I need a stupid fishing trip. This year has to be the worst I can remember. The last 4 weeks has been horrible for me. I don't think I caught a schoolie in about 4 weeks. Really didn't catch much lately. In the past I would normally never get skunked. Could usually get a few schoolies or some blues. Haven't had any luck with albies either. Fish from shore only and live close to MA , RI border so I'm bouncing back and forth. There is a lot of bait up in the bays and rivers in MA and RI but the only thing I've run into are some very tiny blues which love to bite my rubber or gulp off. The stage is set but I've been missing the show. I will continue to go and hopefully run into some decent fishing. I still enjoy getting out and enjoying other aspects of fishing but the non catching is starting to get old.
  18. None seen or caught,canal and sakonette area sat and sun. Lots of bait nothing on it.
  19. Nothing to report last night. Lots of casting from shore. No bait, no fish, no birds working. Sakonnet river somewhere. Great tide. Usually packed with bait and at least schoolies or blues this time of year. Every day is different. Tough to keep the confidence when you have a string of crappy outings.
  20. Skunked sat and Sunday late afternoon. Wind blowing hard both days. Sat didn’t see much bait and no fish. Sun same spot and there was a ton of bait and a couple of schools of fish on the surface for long periods of time. Couldn’t reach them from shore and they never came close enough. Nothing on blind casting.
  21. Nice to see. Did they go fishing when they were younger? I have two teens who are not interested at all to go fishing. I took them when they were very young but they both didn't take to it. Tough trying to get everyone together and sharing something that everyone will enjoy.
  22. Shore only. Not obsessed but I do like to try for them since it’s something different,they look cool, put up a good fight, caught during the day, around for a short time. Don’t understand why people are using 5’ noodle rods for Albies and not bluefish, schoolies, fluke, or other fish. What’s the difference. A bluefish fights about the same as an albie. I don’t see the masses using noodle rods for anything but Albies. Never tried to eat one but you guys are saying they’re horrible. What are all the people on the beach and jetty doing with them. Most of them take every one and if I attempt to throw mine back someone asks if they can have it.
  23. Yes. The Albee’s are around so they could be anywhere. Shore fishing albies takes time and patience. And lots of casting. Keep casting even if they are not showing. It is just the beginning of the run so I would expect it to ramp up more in the coming weeks. But every year is different Have fun.
  24. If I'm wading the plug bag is over my neck and on my shoulder. I find it easy to rotate the bag for plug changing while in waist deep water. I don't like this if I'm not wading because if I have to bend over to take a fish off or do something else the bag swings forward like a pendulum and dangles from around my neck. If I'm walking beach, jetty, I like to use a hip bag that sits above butt and has a strap like a belt that clips together. I usually keep it on when fishing. To change plugs I loosen the strap slightly and rotate the bag to the font. Change plug then rotate bag to rear and tighten strap. Easy. The trick is finding the right size bag and trying hard to not overload it. I must admit that I typically have things in there that I rarely use. I also change over plugs based on what I think I may need for that specific outing.