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  1. I don't have a spring or fall lure. Basically fish the same stuff all year. My lure selection is based on water and weather condition and what species may be lurking. For example if it's very windy I'll go more with metal, bucktail, and stuff that can cut through the wind. I bring a selection and change up to see if I get something.
  2. You can catch them from shore now. I saw some caught this weekend.They were on the small side. I didn't catch any.
  3. Picked my first tomato this week. Good size better boy. It was very delicious. Ate it raw. It’s one vegetable that store bought can’t emulate. Off season I buy compari which are decent. I have three tomato plants. Nice size tomatoes on them. Got to watch out for those chipmunk. other veggies doing well. Like one of my favorites green beans.
  4. Technically MA but very close to RI. Fished small estuary last night. Picked up a low slot and three other bass around low 20" area. All in about 1/2 hour on the high turn. Stayed longer but nothing else going on. Maybe I caught all the fish that were there:) The results were much better than I was anticipating. Nice night too.
  5. Yes a recent thread in this forum a few rows down from your post. Title The Best Plug you Every Found You did find some nice plugs.
  6. I prefer 50/50 for transporting and in my experience don't see any performance difference between 70/30 and 50/50.
  7. From shore what conditions and bait provide the best shot at Keeper scup? Time of day more important than tide? What time? High low tide? What about water depth? Time of year or water temp for larger scup? Seems bigger scup are around earlier in season.
  8. Several years ago I noticed a big bird on the side of my shed. It was some type of hawk and was eating a full size duck. Mallard size. He ate that thing for a few days off and on. I wouldn’t think they would go for something that big but but I guess they do. I think you should have let the hawk eat.
  9. Went out this afternoon and caught three nice size ones on pieces of worm. I think I would have caught more if I went earlier. I showed up on the last hour of outgoing. Caught two fairly quickly when I arrived then it was dead. Wife and kids like the scup. First time in years I brought some fish home. Typically fish for stripers and blues and catch and release. long time since I bought bait. $11 dollars for 12 worms. Wow. Almost a dollar each.
  10. I have a small black wood pencil that I really never fish. Thinking about painting it white to use more early morning or sunset. go with white or some other color? anyone actually fish black. I’ve tried a few times to fish it at night but didn’t get anything. To be honest I haven’t given it the time I give other plugs.
  11. Another vote for smack it jr. while not an official top water plug you may want to try a white albie snack with no weight. Just twitch it in. If you don’t get a bite on those two there’s no fish there. Ha ha. put a small teaser ahead of popper. Like a fly small sluggo or similar small bait.
  12. I’ve found several plugs throughout the years. Don’t go out looking for them. Just get lucky sometimes to spot them. Most of the ones I’ve found were in very good shape. A couple of weeks ago I went to take a few casts somewhere. I looked down and this plug was right by my feet. Other plugs I’ve found througout the years. 9” white magic swimmer, joints bomber, nice metal lure, Mack color popper I thing a gags. usually a low tide is a good time to spot them.
  13. I’ve seen them on the east end of the canal. Not sure how much they venture into ccb. Last year I didn’t go to the canal much but when I did the albies were not there. I don’t think it was a good year last year in the canal.
  14. Last year was horrible from shore in the spots I usually try. How far up Narragansett bay and sakonnet River do these fish travel? I’ve fished sakonnet the river from shore for years and never seen them. I’ve visited cold state park and barrington beach and never seen any there either. Let’s hope this season is great.
  15. I've trapped my share of groundhogs using a live trap.They were pretty easy to trap and I didn't cover the wire with anything. I look for their usual path and put the trap there. I put a line of food leading into the trap and in the trap. Used different types of mellon, vegetables. Fresh is better. Does the 22 pellet gun kill them? From what range? Do you need a license to buy one? Are they loud to the point that a neighbor would call the cops about gunshots? I may look into that route. But then again I don't want to wound one and have a neighbor call the cops about someone shooting groundhogs. By the way relocating live animals is illegal in MA. When I looked into this I believe they said killing a groundhog was perfectly fine but relocating them is not. If you do relocate they say you have to go more than 5 miles or else they may just come back.
  16. Hear ya on the weeds. Fished a couple outflows on Monday night and there were Mattes of weeds continuously fouling me up. Got frustrated and called it an early night. Did catch two small schoolies so it wasn’t a total waste.
  17. Not much to report. fished sakonnet river area on tuesday sundown timeframe. didn't get anything. didn't see any sign of bait. tried another spot closer to fall river. didn't get anything there either. fishing for stripers or blues.
  18. How about some fishing reports. No spot burns. Just a general idea of what is going on. First salt trip yesterday evening from shore near Fall River. Fished a spot I haven’t been to in years. I was filled with joy when a bass smacked my smack it jr plug. I proceeded to catch about 8 fish between 18, 24”. One on albie snax. No one else around. Very enjoyable.
  19. Just be thankful they are keeping up with the upkeep and always adding improvements. Could you image what the place would look like if they didn't have people cleaning it, cutting trees, fixing the road etc.
  20. The best time to fish the canal is 2 hrs after sunset to one hr after sunrise. That's for stripers. Of course things could happen outside this time period such as early spring, fall, and if there is a storm or push of bait. The crowds will be there soon. When the fish show up and social media spreads the word. It's most crowed in the early mornings like 3am to 7am.
  21. I have feeder in sun and I have no issue with hummers using it.
  22. I believe this is rabbit furr that I found on the side of my house. Do you think something ate a rabbit there or do they shed their furr? About 6” in diameter.
  23. $5.90 a gallon for home heating oil yesterday. Company said price went up .40 this week and .20 last week. Price always seems to go up much faster than come down.
  24. No hole under the fur. I did see an adult rabbit hanging around that area late winter. Maybe had a burrow close by.
  25. Correction. Used wake bait not glide bait.