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  1. I would call that an epic outing. Especially from shore and with fly rod. Right place right time. I’m still looking for a day like that. I casted for six hours on Friday knowing fish were around and they were not having it. Did have a few short strikes but no hookups. No one was catching.
  2. Shore report. Had the day off Friday. Tried the canal in the morning primarily for bass and it was dead. Didn’t see any signs of funny fish either. Headed to southern cape areas. Not great shore conditions. Sunny wind blowing away. Blind casting and bouncing around found nothing. Few pods popping up way out of reach. finally found where the fish were. There was a mix of albies and small bass busting on peanuts all afternoon but they were very finicky. No one caught one Not even the boat guys that I could have shaken hands with. I had a few hits but did not hook up. I did manage a few small bass toward sunset. Someone I spoke with said they caught a few in the morning which doesn’t surprise me. Probably less picky in am. The weather was gorgeous and there were very few people at all locations. Not many boats out either. Need a day to recover from hours of walking and blind casting.
  3. I've been liking the various zoom super flukes. The paddle tail and fork tale ones in different colors. Fish them weightless and with weighted swimbait hooks. Catch all sizes of fish salt and fresh. I believe they're about 5" and reasonably priced. Also like Albie Snax standard 6" in various colors. They work on other stuff besides albies. For top water I like the smack it jr. That little plug has caught a lot of fish.
  4. Went out to a little back water spot last night. The fish were busting all over the surface. They were on very small peanuts and other small bait. Slightly picky but I was getting hits and hooking up consistent enough. One nice fish over 30". The action died after about an hour. Still some fish breaking hear and there and managed a couple more but had to work much harder at it.
  5. If I'm working I can't get to the water until about 6pm. A few weeks ago I caught one around 7 to 7:30 pm. Most of the time it seemed the action was a little ealier based on people that were there. So yes you can catch them in the evening. Everyday is different.
  6. Fished a jetty this morning. Between 9 and 11 the albies showed up. I hooked one and with everyone casting I had a huge tangle with about 4 lines while fighting the fish. Lost the fish and had to cut my line. Hooked another one and my line broke immediately. Hooked another one and once again my line broke immediately. I think my line got screwed up on the first fish with tangled lines. Use 15lb power pro and never had that kind of problem. Didn’t see any problem with rod guides.
  7. Good outing tonight around sunset. Caught 4 solid largemouth. One somewhere between 3 and 4 lbs. got a nice size pickerel. Missed several other fish. All on top water from the same spot. I should have stayed there. I decided to walk the bank and try other spots. By this time the sun was down. Nothing after sun down. Didn’t fish too late.
  8. Still have a decent amount around.
  9. Look at the Funny Fish 2022 thread that is very close to this thread. It's all about catching albies and bonito.
  10. What are you doing to your basil to look like that. Mine are struggling. I did make two batches of pesto this year. Right now the plant leaves look burnt and not growing much. I water and fertilize and they are in sun. What’s your secret?
  11. Was at bell rd yesterday afternoon and at sunset. At sunset a pod of fish popped up in front of me. I was immediately mugged with fisherman on both sides of me and some guy casting over me. People casting in all directions with lines tangled. Then the guy casting over me weasels in 2’ next to me. “Guy you got a popper” “you should put on a popper “. It took a lot not to say something to these people. To them it appeared to be normal behavior. It was a mix of bass and blues. There were a couple caught but for the most part they were keyed on bait and they were not within casting range for long. I did see some people fishing off the dock by army corps of eng. buildings. Is that open to the public now? I also think I saw bob g. Driving out at one point. Older gentleman with long beard in small grey car?
  12. I don’t have a lot of experience with different braids. Been fishing standard 15lb power pro for a long time. I agree with others. Wind knots are caused when using light lures and chucking them typically against the wind. If the line has twist in it there is bettter chance. After I cast I manually flip the bail and put my fingers on the line before the reel to create tension for the first couple of cranks. If the spool is overfilled you will get more knots. I still occasionally get wind knots but typically in the dark when I can’t monitor the spool well.
  13. I don't know if there is more grass and weed being produced but last week on Friday one area I fished was filled with weed and grass. The wind was blowing hard toward shore. It was also a great albie and big bluefish day. Of course I missed the best part of the bite since it was two hours before I got there. Only managed one big blue. A storm passed Friday night and the wind shifted to completely away from the shore taking the weed and fish with it. Water was perfectly clean. So I think it is more a function which way the wind is blowing and for how long. Obviously you need to know more to really find the root cause but I think wind has a lot to do with it. Location also make a difference. Is it easy for the grass and weed to leave? If it's a cove or cut it's harder for the tide and wind to get the weed out.
  14. cool
  15. So the last few years I’ve come across squid but didn’t have squid jig. Is there another lure that would catch them?
  16. In past years I've seen them on the east end of the canal. Not sure how much or far they venture into CCB. If they're on the east end it doesn't take much to get into the bay.
  17. Fished a small back water spot last night for a few hours. Fish breaking. Immediately caught a small bass. That was it. There were small fish feeding the whole time I was there but I wasn't tricking them.
  18. I didn't get any. The guy next to me who was there earlier said it was great. School was in close many times and stuck around for multiple shots at a time. I've never had a day like that. Always seem to miss it. Sounded like they weren't picky. I blind casted for 2hours or so and didn't get lucky. Lot's of eel grass.
  19. Got out around 6pm yesterday from shore. Got the you should have been here two hours ago. I caught 4 albies and a couple of bones. The fish did show again right in front of me but guess what. I had just started a lure change and missed my opportunity. Someone else cashed in on a big fat Albie. The fish popped up a few times but way out of reach. The place was nearly unfishable with eel grass all over the place. Couple cranks and you had grass on even single hook. The wind was also cranking. There was a ton of bait so that is a good sign. Hopefully it sticks around and no big storms to shut things down. Fingers crossed. I did manage a 33" ish bass after dark. Explored a different area and saw some bass swimming under lights. A couple good sized one. Finally got one to commit on a zoom fluke. Had to let it sink for him to bite. Not taking a steady retrieve.
  20. I use these for bones albies. Small and rated for 30lb. I think you can also get them without the barrel.
  21. Thanks for the information Bob. Nice to know there is potential to target other species if I'm going to the canal. Haven't really gone this year and I'm not going to rush there to catch scup and BSB.
  22. I use a small clip and have caught. I agree lures have hooks and slit rings. What’s the difference with a small clip? If they’re picky who knows why? I don’t think it’s because of a little clip. I like to change lures a lot so the clip makes that convenient.
  23. Am I missing something. If you take line off spool to another spool and then put it back to the original spool the worn line will still be on top of spool? I think you need two empty spools. Take line off reel and put on empty spool. Take line from that spool and put on second empty spool. Take line from second spool and put on your reel. Used line should be on bottom. If you have a spare reel spool you can go direct from reel with line to empty spool. I guess you can also take the line off by running on the ground so it doesn’t get tangled. Then take worn line side to start spooling it back on reel.
  24. Lots of humming birds. But same behavior. They are all fighting the others off the feeder.
  25. Tons of bait. Silversides, peanuts, squid, scup, sea bass. Mostly unharassed. There was a pod or two of mackerel hitting them. No bonito today for me. Did see some caught a few days ago. Was catching a bunch of small black sea bass. They were hitting small metal moving pretty quick through the water. Caught one mackerel. What a nice looking fish. About 12". Caught a small schoolie after dark. Tried a few times for fluke but didn't get any. Little scup and sea bass biting the tails off my gulp. Ugggg. Area paved with bait. Stage set for funny stuff to happen. Hopefully. Unfortunately there was a big seal lurking around.