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  1. When I was growing up my parents, relatives and just about everyone, smoked. There was no such thing as let’s not smoke around the kids. That was pretty standard those days. People were allowed to smoke at work and just about everywhere else. Fortunately I never smoked. Being a a parent requires a lot of sacrifice. I would bring my kids fishing but I would really not fish. I would be taking care of them. Teaching them. Unfortunately my two kids really never took to fishing. I would go every once in awhile and my wife would watch them. Typically at night when everyone was sleeping anyway.
  2. I file the collar to a smaller dia and put some grooves in the collar with edge of file. Then super glue the slug go to the collar and head. Works great but filing the collar is a little bit of a pain and I’m a little paranoid with lead filings on the file, vice etc..
  3. Just curious if people are still throwing the 10” Finns fish in the canal. I carry a few in my bag but to be honest I don’t give them the time as much as some other lures. They seemed more popular several years ago. I’m sure they still catch.
  4. What are the rules concerning entering the water in the canal? I know you can’t swim. I see people wading mostly at mud flats and pips. Some people wade in other places. I’m assuming wading is ok since I’ve never seen anyone get kick out.
  5. Is there any jig head with a small diameter collar? I usually file down the collar on my jig heads because the stock is usually too large for a slug go. What size suggo do you use. For canal I use 9” most of the time. Sometimes 7.5. Do do you have a preferred color.i usually fish black and eel color at night but I’ve also done well with black or blue over white. Not sure how much it matters
  6. I use deep woods off when needed. Nothing worse than having a trip ruined because of mosquitos. Most times it's not too bad since the wind is usually blowing. If the wind is dead then the mosquitos are more difficult to deal with.
  7. So far I only fished canal one time. That was Friday night. I worked hard and fished a lot of spots. I only got 2 fish. One runt and one low 30". They came after a couple of hours of fishing and they came back to back. Another hour or so of fishing with nothing. I do like one of the other gentleman stated before. I just go and fish and hope for the best. You would think the place is on fire based on the reports from various publications. I'm sure there are spurts of good activity but you have to be at the right place at the right time. That goes for all locations.
  8. Downsize your gear if there a no big fish and have fun.
  9. I have the red energizer head lamp that is sold in most stores. I think it's about 200lm. About $24. Adjustable beam. Spot flood etc. Not sure if it has red. I never use red. Had no use for it. I keep my light off as much as possible. Use white to unhook fish, tie knot's, walk if needed. It's all a matter of how much light you need for what you are doing? Also remember that the more you use the light the quicker the batteries die and the light gets dimmer and dimmer until you change the battery. If you have a high output light it may be heavier, use more battery power, etc.
  10. Unfortunately you'll have to try a few to see how they cast and perform based on how you fish and what you fish with. I started with 30lb powerpro and didn't like the way it cast compared to the 15lb big game mono I have used for years with no issue. I now have 20lb power pro on the set up and like it more but with some wind and some lighter lures I don't like the way it casts. My next step is to put 15lb braid on an extra spool and try it. I'm also started to get annoyed with the knots with braid. I close the bale manually and actually use my finger to put tension on the first couple of turns. Still have issues more than I would like. I may actually spool up some 15lb big game and see how it goes. I have a bunch of that stuff still in inventory.
  11. I do a lot of walking and exploring and come across interesting things every now and then. Something made with a bunch of beach trash. There's actually a lot of stuff on the branch. Hard to pick up in the picture.
  12. Love the jr. I have the larger one but I find it doesn’t cast well. I don’t use it to often. I don’t know who sells these around here .I haven’t seen them in awhile. I have two that I keep going by changing the hardware. I just bought a tunasmi ported popper yesterday. It's about the same size a smack jr and seems to be a little heavier. I’ll see haw it fishes this spring.
  13. Do most of you pick your line based on breaking strength number or equivalent diameter to mono? For example I just recently started using powerpro braid on one of my rods that I typically used big game 15lb mono for years. For some reason I think due to the equivalent diameter I put 20lb braid on it. I was not pleased with the cast ability of the line. Didn't seem much different or maybe worse than 15lb mono. I switched it to 15lb braid and results were much better. I'm wondering if I can even go lower. Never had an issue with 15lb mono breaking why would I go to 20lb when using braid? I'm still using 25lb big game in the canal and have caught many large fish and really can't remember any breaks. I know mono stretches much more. But from what I read on this site people in the canal are using 40 to 50lb braid. If you want distance wouldn't you use 25lb braid or maybe 30lb. Since it seems people are using higher break strength with braid I was wondering if braid breaks easier than same lb mono?
  14. Fished all day on Friday and didn’t find,see, or catch anything except a wind burn. The wind was brutal all day but some areas were fishable had bait but no fish. I was bouncing around shore locations. Canal, Falmouth areas.
  15. I don't know where all this bad wrap about the canal is coming from. I've had nothing but nice times there. It's one of my favorite area's to fish, relax, walk around etc. I do avoid the early morning low tide which seems to possibly be the only time there may be issues. Seems like the only tide and time of day the fish should be in the canal.
  16. I prefer the 50/50 split for the ease of transportation and storage. No other reason. Form what I was told the 70/30 is a concept to get the rod closer to a one piece feel but the convenience of being able to transport. Somewhat middle of the road. I've been fishing split rods all my life. No issue with them. I did look at the airwaves. They do seem like a nice rod. The standard airwave was 50/50 split but I think it was 9' 6" where I wanted 10'. Maybe 4" is no big deal but I didn't want to risk it. The airwave elite is a 70/30 split. I think it was 10' can't remember the oz. rating. I probably could deal with the 70/30 split for transport but it's a little more of a pain than the 50/50. Didn't want it. One thing I didn't realize at first with the insane 10' was that all the guides are on one piece of the rod. There are no guides on the real size of the rod. The first eye is a long distance from the reel. When I store my rod in the car I usually leave the line going through the guides. All my other rods had one guide on the reel piece and the other guides on the other piece. The line would fold nicely between the two pieces during storage in the car. With the insane when you split the rod there's at least 18"+ of line from the reel to figure out what to do with. I just did my best to place it so it didn't get tangled in the real or other stuff in the car. Not a huge deal but some things you find after you buy a product.
  17. I use 5” mambo minnow a lot in shallow water conditions from surf.
  18. I just bought that rod last weekend. I only fished it for about two hours so far and didn’t catch anything. I was using 20lb braid with an older penn reel I had. Liked the way it was casting. I purchased it to get a lighter weight rod for the surf. I really didn’t look a lot. I went to one shop that had a lot of rods. About 200 was my limit and I wanted a 50/50 split. Out of all the rods I looked at this one felt the best and was 150. Many rods are now 70/30 split. I probable could have de lt with it but prefer 50/50. The old reel I was doing to use on the rod didn’t fit into the reel seat. I had to cot the base of my reel slightly to get it to fit. Hope it does well.
  19. Thanks for posting. I still fish there but rarely. Probably should go there more often. But as you know the parking early in morning or at night is shaky. You need to park off the island and walk in. It's a far enough walk when you park in the parking lot. It's where I started surf casting when I moved to MA some 24 years ago. I grew up fresh water fishing. When I moved to MA the fresh water fishing in the area was not what I was used to and the options seemed limited. Someone I worked with who lived in Westport at the time suggested I try salt water fishing. He recommended gooseberry island to fish. So I bought a pole and a couple of plugs he recommended and started to fish the island. I could remember fishing for hours not getting anything. Then one day something hit my plug. I had the drag on my pole set tight. The fish almost pulled me off the rock I was standing on. It was about a 8lb bluefish. I didn't even have waders the first couple of years. Would just cast from shore. Then I got waders and started venturing out on the beds. We used to wind up getting soaked even with waders on. It was tough wading on the bowling ball slippery type rocks while standing at least waist deep in water. But we had fun and caught lots of bass and blues. As time went on I started venturing out to other saltwater area's to fish. What I immediately realized was that I started fishing in a spot that was a very challenging surf fishing spot. When I went to the canal, cape beaches, sakonnet river etc these places were so easy to fish.
  20. Didn't see or catch a thing in canal on Sunday morning on the west end. Was there from 6am to 12:30pm. Pretty much blind casting the whole time. Plugging for stripers early for a few hours then switched to funny fish gear for the remainder. Didn't see one person catch a single thing. Oh I did see one 6" fish caught by a guy using bait. He said it was a small tautog.
  21. Caught two from shore Friday late morning. No one else around. Very nice. Also caught a bunch of schoolies. All on Albie snax. Went to same area around sunset and no albies but schoolies were almost every cast for awhile.
  22. Maybe it should be like Disney world. Completely walled off with tons of security. You can only get in if you pay the price and scan your finger (not someone else's) at the front gate. Oh and by the way the park opens at 9am and closes at 7pm but on certain nights the east end is open til 10pm. Fireworks on the west end every Thursday. Only a certain amount of people can get in at certain time slots. I vote for leaving it open without extra permits and costs to fish. I would be willing to pay if the money was going to something I supported and IF THERE WERE LOTS OF SUPPORT TO POLICE THE PERMITS. Signs and people on foot checking and kicking people out if they don't have the permit. How many people have a salt water license? I do and I have never been asked if I have one. So if I buy a special permit to fish the canal and no-one checks what good is it?
  23. Look at the mass or RI boards or search this site. There are threads about albies. I'm a shore guy and caught two albies a few weeks ago off a RI jetty. It was very good action. Most people we hooking up. I tried same jetty this past weekend in the afternoon and didn't see any or see any caught. There was certainly enough bait. Some other fisherman said they were around in the morning but mostly too far from shore. I'm only go about once a week to look but they are certainly around.
  24. Sluggo is my primary lure for night fishing the canal. I mostly fish them on a weighted jig. I carry a variety of weights and sizes of sluggo. Mostly 9" but will fish 7.5". Sometimes smaller as a teaser when the bait is small. I will size the weight to make the jig swim as close to the bottom as possible and to be able to swim the jig close to shore. Many fish hit fairly close to shore. I have caught fish on weightless pre-rigged when the current is slow. I don't fish it much when the current is fast nor have I tried a fast retrieve. May have to try that next time I'm there. Sluggo catches a variety of ways. I would just try different approaches. One day one method may work the next time a different method.
  25. I just received some albie snax that I orderd from Amazon. I ordered the ablie snax and hook combination. The hooks they supplied are 4/0 heavy duty non weight twist an lock.I got 12 albie snax but only 4 or 5 hooks. Very large gap. The 4/0 hooks from albie are bigger than the 5/0 from owner. They are albie snax package but probably made by someone else. This is my first year I'm going to try albie snax. I was in the same boat as you. Looking for hooks. That's why I orderd some with the hooks. I also wanted to get hooks for super flukes, 7" sluggo, 4" sluggo etc.. I found that even the same size hook has huge differences in gap and weight. I wound up buying a variety of hooks. 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0. I think it's a matter of experimenting. I only had a few casts with the albie snax and it was super windy out. For a plastic they cast nice and look nice in the water.