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  1. Yes Sakonnet point fish net is still in the water as of this weekend.
  2. I was mid river on shore Thursday evening into dark. There were birds working in front of me out of casting range so I don’t know what was under. They were definitely fish. I got skunked unfortunately.
  3. I caught a chub Mack off a ri jetty last year. I caught it on a small deadly dick about 1” long. It took many shots to get one so maybe a smaller offering would have worked better but I didn’t have any. Not much of a fight but cool to get a different species and have some action when nothing else is going on.
  4. Canal has multiple seals and what once was a rare sighting not to long ago is an every trip sighting now. Saw one with a big striper a few weeks ago. I’ve seen seals this year in places I’ve never seen them before. Like Westport and sakonnet point area. I would imagine the sharks will start coming soon but probably will not be enough to make a big enough dent in numbers.
  5. Nothing for me last night. There doesn't seem to be the amount of bait around that there usually is in the places I normally fish. Hopefully it will start filling in.
  6. See robins haven't been a problem for me in the last few weeks. Early in the season they seemed to be hitting everything. Someone next to me caught one so they're still around. Scup or something else that snips the tails off the gulp is more aggravating to me than catching a sea robin.
  7. Caught 4 today fishing from a jetty for a couple of hours. Bucktail with 4” gulp. No keepers.
  8. Same in mass. How can we get the gates to stay open?
  9. On the water painted a better picture of canal action. I guess if you fish there everyday all day and catch a few fish that constitutes as good action? NOT. I wonder if all the seals in there are keeping the bass out. Supposedly seals are catching.
  10. Typically most people are very nice and I would say probably don't know that their behavior is bothering people. It does annoy me when I have a spot and people just move right next to you and start casting. Thus limiting my casting to basically right in front of me and having to watch my casts since these people are casting in all directions. Usually I move. This typically happens mostly at the end of a jetty. For some there is nowhere else to fish but the end of the jetty. They don't care how many people are there. They will squeeze in and add to the crowd. Is there never anyone at the end of the jetty? This behavior is not only with newbies. See lots of experienced consistent offenders.
  11. Lockdrag. Nice fish. Enjoy your reports. What time slot are you typically fishing?
  12. Fished a spot with crystal clear water on a bright sunny day from about 1130 to 130. Got 5 schoolies one sea bass and one totog. Got the totog on a zoom super fluke. Never had that happen before. I had another chase it and nip at it but didn’t take it. Could see the fish hitting. Nice two hour outing.
  13. I just saw a seal in a spot that I never have seen one. They seem to be expanding their range. Hope they don’t make this spot their home. Sounds like a cool experience. I wonder what is taking more fish. Fishermen or seals.
  14. Sakonnet river shore couple of spots from sunset until about 11. Two small schoolies.
  15. First trip to canal in a while. Did the sunset to after dark toward east end. Shortly after starting fishing a seal popped up in front of me with a 30 plus in striper in its mouth. The fish was still flopping around and the seal was moving it around in its mouth starting to rip it apart. Shortly after there was another seal but it didn’t have anything. Must have been the only fish around because I didn’t even get a nibble.