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  1. Just went through same exercise. I too were gravitating to vmc because most vids and articles on the subject recommended them. I did get some vmc and mustad. The issue is that each brand actual size is different for same given spec. For example the 3/0 mustad is larger than 3/0 vmc.
  2. yeah. Buying a new rod is tough since most of the time you have to select the product in a store and can't fish it. I've bought a few rods in the past few years. I'm more of a value shopper. After fishing the same ugly sticks for for 15 to 20years I decided to buy some replacements. My main reason was the 10' ugly stick was feeling heavier every year. Still worked great and was a good rod. My target was to replace it with a 10' 1/2- 3oz 2 piece lighter rod around $150. I did research and went to store and looked at many rods. I purchased a Lamiglass Insane Surf 1-3oz. for I think $130. I like the rod but coming from a whippy tip of an ugly stick this rod is a little stiffer. Certainly not a broom stick. Little stiff on low end 1/2 oz to 1oz but above that loads nice.
  3. There's a lot more people around during the day which is more risky than keeping it open at night when there's not many people around. Maybe they have it reversed. Maybe should be closed during the day and open from sunset to sunrise. That's if the real concern is keeping the crowd down because of covid. I'm sure it's all about the money. I agree it gives them a perfect excuse but I would really like to know the root cause of the limited access since it's been open 24/7 for years. Don't really go over there much but I hate getting more access taken away.
  4. I don't know but my thought is in spring the the water temp and bait are more of a factor. Don't forget the current is completely different as you move around in the water column and there is also structure that the fish can use. I read somewhere that in spring it may be better to target the high point in tide and focus more mid to west end. The reason is that warmer water from bay is flooding in and could be just enough to get lethargic bass energized. I don't have any scientific evidence of this but I've seen the fishing go from nothing to crazy around a high tide. But who knows if this was water temp or a school just moved in and found bait?
  5. Either people don’t care or they didn’t get the message. Social media was alive with people from ma in Rhode Island eating,fishing,going to beach etc. I’m sticking to the rule. I think they supposed to official welcome outsiders this week sometime.
  6. Don’t understand the logic. Hope it doesn’t stay like that. I know most state parks are open sunrise to sunset. Stinks for fishermen who like to fish outside those hours.
  7. Been using clips my whole life and haven’t had a problem. I use coastal locks. I tried ta clip last year and had issues with getting it on some plugs. I was struggling with some and at night was worse. I use a barrel swivel then 18” mono leader then snap swivel. I carry a few pre made leaders in case I get snagged and break off. I’ve only been trying direct for Albies which is a pain. I may try a snap this year. Much easier to switch out plugs.
  8. Just a suggestion it might be better to break the reports into months instead of one huge thread.
  9. There was one day last week that was calm. Other than that it seems like it’s been blowing every day for months. What are they waiting for? Put up offshore wind farms at least to make use of the blow.
  10. Fished that area yesterday evening. Didn’t get a single bite. Pretty cold also with wind out of north.
  11. Green moss color regular power pro. Haven’t tried anything else so I can’t provide a comparison. You mentioned distance. In my opinion reducing the line lb test rating has a huge effect on distance assuming all other variables are the same such as rod,reel,lure weight. For plugging beaches and back bays I use 15lb. I started with 30 and hated the casting since I do cast some light lures. When down to 20 and it was a good improvement but still not happy. Went down to 15 and like it. I would say the smaller you go it seems the more easily you may get birds nests. I keep a close eye on how the line is starting on the reel to make sure there are no loops. For canal I just started to use 40lb but may try to go down sine I’m not completely satisfied with the casting. But most of the time I don’t need a long cast for what I’m doing. Its a balance. Casting,lure action, and ability not to break off a fish too easily.
  12. I have a ma saltwater req license which in the past was good in Rhode Island. I’m assuming the rule hasn’t changed. My wife was telling me this morning that RI may be opening up to ma residents on June 1 or 5th.
  13. I see minks often on the canal. Haven’t seen a rat in a long time. I’ve never seen mink on any other jetty or fishing area. Some of the jetties and area I fish have mice and rats running around. Probably a result of all the fishing baits and garbage left around. Dont know the effects of minks but maybe they should be released in other areas. Wondering if there territory has expanded or are they just near the canal?
  14. Are you sure it’s a mink? Could also be a fisher cat?
  15. Last year I bought some Albie snax primarily to fish for albies. I liked the way they cast for plastic and tried them in my striper rotation. I’ve caught a good number of bass on this lure. Caught my first bass of the year this weekend in the somerset area on a blurple color. Many areas I fish are shallow and rocky. This lure works great in those areas. I actual try it almost anywhere.