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  1. Wow. Great to see the community come together and uphold the law. It's hard to believe that this was done in the first place if the owner didn't own the property or get the necessary approvals. I drove by on Saturday Aug 16. The parking area was open, all the bushes pulled and a small curb section pulled so you can pull a car in. There were some "no parking signs" on the road but I believe they are so you don't park on the road. It looks like the trees near the parking lot could use some trimming. I didn't pull in, park or fish there. Just drove by. There were some people fishing off the bridge. No one was parked in the parking area. They were parked at the corner of the main road.
  2. I read the reports but as others said it just provides a general idea of what’s going on. Fish move and a good report doesn’t mean good fishing the next day. Of course the shops want to get people into the stores so the report usually has a positive spin. “While canal slowed on Thursday the moon tide ,southernly breezes and girls jogging could bring the fish in from the east and the west”.
  3. They probably know exactly what they are doing. It was mentioned in another post. Put regulation signs along the canal and in the bathrooms. In different languages. Report it next time. Oh. How was the fishing Saturday morning. How were the crowds. I was thinking about going but choose another location since I don’t like fishing elbow to elbow. I was there Saturday evening because I wanted to get a few things at a shop. I caught one decent bass around sunset. Dead after that.
  4. Great outing. I was at the canal last night and didn’t catch a thing. There was also hardly anyone fishing. Maybe that should have told me something.
  5. I have catbirds and I’ve never had any plant damage from them. Groundhogs,rabbits, deer are another story. The last 5 years most of my damage was from groundhogs. I used to grow sunflowers outside. Now I don’t bother because all it takes is one afternoon for a groundhog to destroy them. They chew the stem until it breaks then pull down the plant and eat the seed heads. They eat all kinds of other stuff. My veggie garden has a good fence around it. The groundhogs eventually found their way in and destroyed a lot. They don’t like tomatos much so those were just nipped at. Maybe you have groundhog. The best way to deal with them is to kill them somehow. I found the best way is to trap them and leave the trap in the sun. So far this year I don’t have any. I’m always on the lookout. I get pissed when I see one because I know they will eat a bunch of my plants.
  6. When I was growing up my parents, relatives and just about everyone, smoked. There was no such thing as let’s not smoke around the kids. That was pretty standard those days. People were allowed to smoke at work and just about everywhere else. Fortunately I never smoked. Being a a parent requires a lot of sacrifice. I would bring my kids fishing but I would really not fish. I would be taking care of them. Teaching them. Unfortunately my two kids really never took to fishing. I would go every once in awhile and my wife would watch them. Typically at night when everyone was sleeping anyway.
  7. I file the collar to a smaller dia and put some grooves in the collar with edge of file. Then super glue the slug go to the collar and head. Works great but filing the collar is a little bit of a pain and I’m a little paranoid with lead filings on the file, vice etc..
  8. Just curious if people are still throwing the 10” Finns fish in the canal. I carry a few in my bag but to be honest I don’t give them the time as much as some other lures. They seemed more popular several years ago. I’m sure they still catch.
  9. What are the rules concerning entering the water in the canal? I know you can’t swim. I see people wading mostly at mud flats and pips. Some people wade in other places. I’m assuming wading is ok since I’ve never seen anyone get kick out.
  10. Is there any jig head with a small diameter collar? I usually file down the collar on my jig heads because the stock is usually too large for a slug go. What size suggo do you use. For canal I use 9” most of the time. Sometimes 7.5. Do do you have a preferred color.i usually fish black and eel color at night but I’ve also done well with black or blue over white. Not sure how much it matters
  11. Does anyone know why the parking area by the bridge was removed. I drove past a few weeks ago and there were plants where there used to be parking. Doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to park over there now.
  12. I use deep woods off when needed. Nothing worse than having a trip ruined because of mosquitos. Most times it's not too bad since the wind is usually blowing. If the wind is dead then the mosquitos are more difficult to deal with.
  13. So far I only fished canal one time. That was Friday night. I worked hard and fished a lot of spots. I only got 2 fish. One runt and one low 30". They came after a couple of hours of fishing and they came back to back. Another hour or so of fishing with nothing. I do like one of the other gentleman stated before. I just go and fish and hope for the best. You would think the place is on fire based on the reports from various publications. I'm sure there are spurts of good activity but you have to be at the right place at the right time. That goes for all locations.
  14. Downsize your gear if there a no big fish and have fun.
  15. I have the red energizer head lamp that is sold in most stores. I think it's about 200lm. About $24. Adjustable beam. Spot flood etc. Not sure if it has red. I never use red. Had no use for it. I keep my light off as much as possible. Use white to unhook fish, tie knot's, walk if needed. It's all a matter of how much light you need for what you are doing? Also remember that the more you use the light the quicker the batteries die and the light gets dimmer and dimmer until you change the battery. If you have a high output light it may be heavier, use more battery power, etc.