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  1. The reading surf info I find seems pretty apparent. However, when you go to places you don't see obvious features, any milder clues. IT would be great to find a video of mild surf conditions. Finding the lip and milder rips and cuts. I do good where I can see it well, but there's many places I car see it well. MY best luck is dead low tide scouting, then hit the tide coming up. Long Beach Island south of the inlet is a good example. Very mild sweeping points. Or, Virginia beach...... For 3 day weekends on the surf, I am losing a chunk of my weekend.... Seems the goto is the inlets....
  2. Never thought of that one.
  3. Looking to make my own. Seeing what one you guys like on here. I fish inlets a good bit. Torn between banana, hot lips, or flat head designs. Looking to get 2 molds maybe 3. Typical 3/4 to 1.5oz beach jigs. Then inlet jigs up to 3oz. I fish fast inlets like atlantic city, long Beach nj, judith point RI, and hudson river. I also might roll my own for the upper delaware river. Rock and small mouth bass. 3/8 to 3/4oz. Fluke is also on the menu too. Half kayak half the time shore.
  4. So, colors..... You get white and brown hairs. Brown buck hairs good for anything, can they be dyed to wine color? Why do you not see bucktails in alot of common colors. Like for plugs? Brown/yellow, blue/white? Just red and white mostly? Are those bait fish rarely seen low in the water? Thinking of 3 molds, small roundhead to 1oz or so, the 3/4 to 2 hot lips, and a beast 4oz or maybe bullethead. Could still do medium and heavy in bullethead. Torn still. Will be easier to pick 3 than 2.
  5. Seems all you guy like mojos. Coffeehangover, Penn has then on sale 69 with free shipping. Plus you get 10% off with your first order. Very hard for me to say no. I got well setup around 2003 when j moved from upstate ny to the Bronx for maritime college. Since then, I was maintaining supply. Replace bad line. This year I redid all my stuff. The lady of the house loves the ocean. Me too....
  6. Piked up some more SSV Spinfishers. Was intended to buy another 2 3500's but 4500's ended up in the cart by accident. Think they're too small for a striper surf rod. Too big for fluke. Let's consider both bay boating and from the shore. Transfering 15lb fireline from the 3500's to the 4500 reels. Then picked up 200 yard spools of 10lb braid powerpro for the 3500's. Whats a good surf rod for these reels? I do have tsunami elite airwave 9.5' medium action that has a SS560L on it with 30lb powerpro. Think the 4500 with 20lb fireline be better? RI and NJ surf. Using SSV6500LL with either 30lb suffix 832 or 50lb possibly for inlets and from the boat.
  7. Penn's own site has a great deal on spinfisher Fives. Since I was a 1st time buyer, I also got 10% off. Ended up buying (2) SSv4500's for $62 each.... Figure I'd pass it along.
  8. I am going back to hiltnhead during the kids febuary winter break for a week. I am bringing an infatable boat and outboard, so anywhere in the bay is game on a good day. Been told fishing sucks in febuary. What would be my best bet there? I am imagining the deeper sots or possibly inlet area. But, what kind of fish sticks around. Pretty much any bay charter packs it up for the winter there.
  9. Big will, Those fast and deep inleys, you need weight. 3 or 4 oz. I stop at 4, but might get a 4 and 5oz mold because I stay at atlantic city often.... 40ft where I jig..... I move to the mouth/ ripline when it's heavy, not the channel. Partially because it's a bit crazy on some of those jetty around high tide. I like to hit bottom with too much weight. Them cast agsin, but reel faster. For me.... if the inlet is 20ft, I count to 15 if I land in 1 oclock. If I'm more ahead I count to 10. I also count when I cast, see how it takes cause you can't see it at night. If your hitting more, try a quicker time to take the slack, or slow the line before it hits with your hand, or reel it in. Added bonus, people see you talking to yourself, you get more leg room! Especially Atlantic City at night.
  10. Although ot metal lip, John skinner's book did talk about a large bomber he liked for shallows. 17a maybe.... I got the one he said in bone white and purple. It does make a good wake. The fish see that pretty well even more so in low light.
  11. If your removing the spool, buy a spare spool just incase your spool isn't there. If you're not fishing alot, just bring a more humble reel. Fishing is about relaxing. There is a large seller who sells tackle direct-ly just outside atlantic city. Likely they have it. Or a nice reel for less than a spare spool. If you got toothy critters, you might want to pick up heavy fluoro leaders. I use 100lb in SC surf. I bring 140 incase. Bull Reds don't mind them at all. I use plain old superglue on a double uniknot.
  12. I use both 832 suffix and original fireline. I tent to use suffix where I'm gonna eat line more, like losing lures at jettys. I use 50lb on jetty rods. 30 lb on one I might use for the surf too. Fireline is underrated. The force it takes to loose a 14lb fireline seems alot like when I loose 30lb suffix 832. 15lb is fluke and freshwater. 1st year with 3500 reels. It'll be out in the spring. It did great this winter on steelhead. Although the line was overkill there. 8 or 10lb. Once I decide which reel will be double spooled, I'm gonna put 8lb fIreland for freshwater. Got a slammer III 4500 that will get 20lb fireline.
  13. Ive been on good ones, never a real bad one. November for strips, not that one. Later season blackfish/seabass been good to me. Sometimes a summer night fishing. If the shore bite is good, I pass......
  14. Got most every option. -ice fishing sled -atv -deer cart (awesome for treestand work too) -cabelas alaskan guide frame pack -drag rope in bag -Drill a few small holes in the ice fishing sled to put bungie cords on..... -Do a camo job on the deer cart, then put it under some branches, very hard to id/steal. -when and if dragging, I cut the lower legs off, and I tie the antlers to the upward facing front leg. Tilts the head up for an easier drag. -IF where you hunt is relatively flat, a 2wd ATV could be an affordable option. Also, easier to get on pickup bed.
  15. Getting ready for a trip there mid to late febuary. Hoping to do some spot fishing in the shallows. Looking at shrimp and crab soft lures. I lean towards the gulp ones. Any liking towards rigging, size, make, and colors.
  16. I saw penn's own website had SSV3500's and SSv4500's for sale at $70. I was real happy when i got them for $89 last month........ was looking for a spare spool, but an entire reel for the prie of 2 spools.........
  17. Penn spinFisher v isn't bad. Look at a ssv4500. My solution to fluke/bass is a penn slammer 3 4500. If you do not buy a spare spool, put 20lb braid. I have a 11ft medium for surf, a 9ft medium for fluke, and a 7ft surf rod for my inflatable boat. I use 20lb fireline on that one. I do have ssv3500 I use for fluke, springtime schoolie bass, and freshwater. I have only 1 spool right now with 14lb fireline. But, will be buying a spare spool for 8lb braid, maybe 10lb. I love fireline, basically heat fused braid. But I'm thinking their 14lb is really more like 20lb compared to others. One spool will be ok of from boat. Getting to fluke from shore might require lighter line. If from shore, that 7ft can be very limiting on bass or blues. Jetty, boat,or pier might be ok. You might want a 9 to 11ft surf rod. Tsunami has a value brand called ande tournament surf series. I have their 7ft for a boat rod. However, I know a few folks who like the 10ft. If your fishing bait mostly get something with 4oz in the middle of the weight range. If fishing lures, get something with 1.5oz of weight in the middle range.
  18. Looking for a bootfit wader. Looks like caddis has most of the market these days, most other do stocking foot. I will be using these in an inflatable boat, so no studs. I do have overboot korkers for the rocks. How do the boot sizes go. I am a 9 wide, but many size 10 shoes dont work well for me. I usually try to get a 9 wide or half size up.
  19. etorque? Is that a hybrid system. If so, theyll sell better than you think. When chevy made hybrid tahoe people loved them. Commuter lane............. zero to do with planet or MPG. 100% about zooming past traffic.....
  20. A huge window is closing on hunters safety. Garmin and others only has rechargeable batteries. They still have the extrex 10. It uses 2 AA batteries
  21. Looks good. I always carry 2. 2 ways to make fire, 2 ways to make light, 2 ways to navigate, etc... I also carry a small ham radio. I get a 2 meter repeater on my hunting club in the adirondacks, but rarely get cell service. I also carry bobby pins. Perfect when a bag or jacket zipper fails, or you break a bib or pack strap.
  22. Can't help tyou with a model. Just a little fact I want to pass. The #1 cause of a car not starting in my years of mechanic experience is car alarms. This is from 1997 to 2005 era before I switched careers. Worked mostly on german imports, so almost all had aftermarket alarms. Many times I wiggled a wire on a alarm system to drive it in the shop from the tow truck. If you get it, find out what they do to stop the car from running or starting. Interupting the starter solenoid circuit, interupting fuel injector power, or disabling the fuel pump from running are common ways. You might need to circumvent this issue on the surf. There are generic kits and vehicle specific plug in ones. IF generic is used, make sure you inspect the work if someone else puts it in. IF you own a turbocharged vehicle. Some alarm/remote start combos also have turbo cool down timers. It allows the engine to run for a minute or two while coolant and oil flow through the turbo to cool it down. Makes a difference in the life, quality, and oil consumption of a turbo.
  23. Factory seconds? I told my girlfriend get me one for my birthday now........ can't see it or touch it till april....... I'll ask her to try it out. I bought a ssv3500 from amazon and it had a broken crank pin on the spool spur gear. Just asked them to send another instead of penn warranty. This was their $89 ssv3500 spinfisher special around Christmas shopping season. It makes me really wonder how a reel that noticeably broken could be put in a box. 3 turns and the spool isn't going up or down, and the spool has its full stroke as slop.....
  24. I bought 6 penn reels this year. I'd be in real trouble at home if I got another..... (2) ssv6500ll (2) ssv500 (1) as 560ll (1) slammer 3 4500 to be my April birthday present. All on great deals
  25. Looks like from my reading, sheepshead on structure and 2ft shallows for younger drums. Seems the drums act like early season bass in bays. Small and slow, or non fish stuff like crabs. Not sure about lure selection though. Always try small bucktails. Might just try live bait. Crabs or minnows.