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  1. You'll enjoy it. Buy those flotation seats when you want to sit low. Never rowed one, so cant say anything there. Not sure how far you want to go out. But, an electric outboard will treat you real well. Mine would cruise with a 32lb thrust one. When riding solo, you might want the battery out front. Buy a drift sock. Canoes really get pushed around by the wind, you'll need to low the drift down for flukin'. Alot of idiots out there with a cooler full of stupid and a lever full of horsepower. Get a flag and a good tall white light. Tohatsu makes mercury's outboards. You'll be fine with a 2.5hp. Make sure you hose down everything after you're done. Run the outboard in a bucket of freshwater. A canoe can only do so much, if you push the limits outrigger will be a good idea.
  2. Alot of these things started to happen when state run mental institutions were closed and prozac was put on the market. One drugs that levels out one person can wind up another.
  3. Giving that a shot on my way to cape may and probably back weekend of april 9th. They have any restrictions there with the covidstipation? Bathrooms opens?
  4. Berkley gulp works wonders. Frozen squid strips aren't a pain, many coastal areas have them. I've used shrimp from the supermarket with success. I go on a party boat in the long island sound in CT once or twice a year. They have spearing and squid. I bring the gulp and some shrimp. I like the green ones. Salted clam I've only used with success. Although I prefer fresh by far and are easy to keep for a week or so. I don't get out to saltwater because I live 3 hours away from shore, so my reel time is important, why half Azz it..... Especially, you got a buddy with a boat..... therefore you buy the beer n bait..... I drift a hi lo rig. squid n spearing or shrimp on bottom, bright green berley gulp on top. When the average arty boater is catching one or two sea bass, I can get 4 or more, mostly on the berkely gulp curlytail. I usually buy the 3 in ones. Between spots I pat the curlytail dry and redip it in the juice.
  5. hybrids have alot of low end torque. Might be better with a hybrid small SUV drivetrain, than a regular small SUV with a modified passenger car transmission. You should be just fine. Make sure the trailer brakes are in good shape.
  6. Any Fasteners going to the aluminum hull, use plastic washers. Also, saltwater outboards have pure aluminum anodes, freshwater uses zinc. May need to swap those out.
  7. IVe lost a few lures on my spinfisher due to the lack of a manual bail. I reel in the lure until the bail flips up towards the rod. If it flips the other way, sometimes the bail closes on me right after the cast. No clue if the slammer does that. Once you got past 16oz on reel weight, you really feel it. But, with 3500's or 4500's that wont be a problem.
  8. Use what you got for now. Theyll be decent drift bait or drift jigging reels. Like other said 4500 or 3500. 6.5-7ft. If I recall right, I use a shimano medium inshore tallavera 7ft rod and a shimano spinfisher v 3500 reel, usually with 14lb fireline. Im a bucktail / jig person and use 5/8 - 1oz jigs. Small enough for stripers big enough for flounder. Do not buy anything too nice and have a way to positively attach the rod to the kayak. Hate to drop several hundred. I bring that good one and then an old penn rod n reel 7ft combo. A bit heavier than the 3500 setup. If using lures, I keep a 1oz jig and 4 or 5 in grubtail on it. When buying a rod, keep in mind your sitting while fishing. Too much butt behind the reel seat and the rod will be poking at your chest. A freshwater largemouth bass setup a touch on the heavy side would work great. I really enjoy the shimano sahara reels, but usually use them for freshwater. I noticed the chesapeake bay area.... I have a milk crate with a lawn tractor battery in it. Attached to the milk crate is a 3ft or so tall masthead light (white). I also have a flag I use sometimes too depending on how bright out it is. The milk crate has a switch attached to it to turn it off and on. I'm no kayak nut, but it easily lasts a good 5 or 6 hours of fishing before I recharge. Side imaging is perfect for kayaks, but a decent down imaging with gps waypoints is great too. I steal the hummingbird helix 7 g2n from my 16ft tin boat when I kayak. The wife usually outfishes me, mostly because she fishes the spot ahead of me. She does great with a 10 year hummingbird fishfinder with decent down imaging.
  9. gpsbabel is another software. For some reason the free software doesn't run on my laptop. Waypoints are easy to convert from one to another. However, looking to get a countour depth map of a man made reservoir next to my hunting club in the adirondacks. Awesome small mouth bass, lake trout, and a avid fisherman in my club caught 2 muskies there.
  10. Anybody have reefmaster software? I need one lowrance AT5 file converted to read in a hummingbird helix 7 G2N. It's for the stillwater reservoir in the adirondacks NY. Great smallmouth, but filled with lots of underground surprises. There's a nice aluminum coated rock field in one portion. I would find it funny, but I already ate 3 props there and almost a lower unit. Gladly ship the SD card with the AT5 file to convert and pay shipping back.
  11. The roundout creek is an excellent place to fish. A few folks use flies representing small baitfish and have some luck. Late into may, folks troll smaller rapalas mostly under the surface in the middle of the river. like 5 inch or so long ones about the thickness of an index finger. They're there to bred and chase herring. In the night they do go up in the creek and chase herring. In may, they go to the side of the river to catch herring too. Lots of chances in 10-15ft. When the river in in the low 50's, these fish act more like catfish. They're just unable to get the energy to chase these herring. Usually before may, it's mostly a chunk game. You could jig a bloodworm presentation. Or, in the early season before herring show up, some folks use large live shiners. Something presenting a native baitfish in the creek would work. The fly fisherman use flies that look like 4 inch or so minnows. The roundout and eusopus is prime real estate. Very little places in those creeks to fish. I highly suggest buying or bringing a kayak. It's a very much a hit and miss game, but being in the roundout is prime territory. I drive past catskill on my way home, so I fish there. The herring population is a small fraction of what it used to be. I know several avid fisherman who just about give up catching stripers because its not like what it used to be. They focus on freshwater fishing. I actually have alot of luck kayaking the roundout above the falls and catching freshwater bass in there. I got a 20hp tin boat, so I often just stay near the catskill creek. Im a bait fisherman and only get the herring I use to fish. Ive tried alot of things far as lures go. I do troll between kingston and poughkeepsie with 6ft and 15ft diving lures. I had a bit of luck with using 1oz sp minnow type jigs on structure. It's very hard to get a spot where you wont snag jigs very easily from shore where you can fish.
  12. Ive not had good results with those direct replacement carbs... suzuki 230 not good. (2) stihl motors no good. I'd take apart and clean the original.
  13. FYI. Those wasr comes with the new reciever. The original receivers were cut in half to be legally imported. Then places like centiry arms stamp their own reciever and put it back together. Sometimes they done good, sometimes not so much....... Actually, that might not be a wasr10. wasr10 was a legal import, but had a special single inline stack magazine. Not the typical AK zig zag stacked magazine. Regular AK mags couldn't fit in there at all...... wasr10 was like 30% thinner or so..... The recievers could be opened up to fit though......
  14. MY main rod is 9'6" with that rating......... so yeah............ It's more ab out being there at the right time than casting out far enough....... The longer you can fish, the more you catch...........
  15. All I can add is your going to have to cut the butt down on whatever you find. So, you might as well start looking that way. Nice in slow with a fresh hacksaw blade, give it a dab or epoxy to prevent cracks from starting / growing. Barlow's has rd building parts. Im sure there's local places too