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  1. Fishing vehicles I have.... 1960's 14ft row boat, basic sonar, transmon electric motor, good 8hp evinrude, 15hp max for hull. IT's planes, seems a ton faster than rowing Brand new 10ft zodiac inflatable, pack it in the car, same sonar, same good 8hp evinrude, my daily driver is an economy car, fits fine in there plus camping gear. 2004 Dodge 1500 ram 5.7l 4wd, have 1100lb or so Viking SP080 camper for it. -heck forgot the honda 400 atv. Counts for Ice Fishing. Woman want enclosed space to go #1 and #2 in.... Would really like a river boat like a 16ft Lund, can do bays, but can fish the lakes and river for steelies too. She'd like to bring the camper. She's also weary of boats without much if any sides, like bass boats... Option A) get a used cuddy cabin for about 4 grand....... Option B) do up the 14ft row boat better for now. New 15hp outboard (evinrude sale $1600). Maybe buy new 14ft deep V from Bass pro for $3000 in a year or two (Was my overall plan A) Option C) Get a new 9.9hp outboard max for the inflatable. Sell the 8hp. Not sure if the 4 strokes like being kept on their side...... Might be able to swing the deep V If I sell the 8hp...... Not sure if option A can go with the camper. Option B can. I do have porta potty. No big plans to troll. Not sure If I care to go past inlet by LI sound edge there in RI... Just happy drifting for fluke or whatever. Foul weather, I'm on dry land or wet rocks.... Spring time I hit the river hard for stripers. Weather keeps me off the boat maybe 20% of the time there. IF I really want to go, there's shelthered spots about 15 miles from the house like creek mouths... I live by Albany NY. judith point is a touch over 3 hours. CT corner of the sound is about 2 hours. Live about 2 miles from the Hudson river. Maybe 4 mile drive to launch. Also, I'm in a hunting club in the adirondacks by one of the largest bodies of water up there. launch site is primitive, but just fine for the 14ft rowboat. Rowboat trailer. Got a herniated neck disc. Not sure IF I can handle alot of boat chop, so I might need to go slow or go big..... This year I can go about $4000. Maybe 6 or 7 if my ATV collection gets thin outed. Might not be the cause of my neck problem, but brought it to the front burner this past August.
  2. Whats the deal with those funny expensive night lights? Anyone ever use one? The ones that folks float ontop of the water.....
  3. For most inlet work a splash here n there. Mostly when retrieving a fish. And the folks who surf fish up to their calves/ankles. Thats me on the surf........ The guys who are up to their waist in water. They have different needs then us dry guys...... I have a guy cotten mountauk top I take when using chest waders. I use a grundens neptune 103 when my feet are in the water only or in inlets. The neptune is a blend between a rain jacket and a full on surf top. I have wool sweaters, fleece tops, poly thermal under layers. Gloves, I been liking the wool fingerless ones more than the neopreme gloves. Although, I might like neopreme if I knew to get it on the big side. Like boots when deer hunting, snug cuts circulation and makes you cold quicker. Pants when my feet are wet only is usually the matchinge grundens nepture bibs.
  4. The tiniest of the jeeps. Renegade I think, has a premium edition that has real 4x4. Not sure about making 200k no problems though......
  5. If I did buy a Subaru..... Pick up the smallest wheels you can put on it 15's ot 16's and go wide. Like 235/60/15. Cut up some boards that fit in the back nice. What you save in gas, invest in a quick way to air up and down. Can't be much help here. My only beach buggy is a ZR2 Blazer 32x11.5x15's front and rear lockers, winch, and modified lights. Could drive with fog lights only not to spook fish. Also had a search light on the window.
  6. What do you guy use for paint?
  7. I love fireline, but it's not cheap. Mono is great is your in snag city. Snag city is where the nicest fish are though..... Once I'm out of my big spools of suffix 832, it's all fireline. When comparing fireline to braid, kick it up a notch or two. Think of 15lb fireline as 30 lb braid, but with a heat sealed finish. They really underrate it. Id easily fish with 15lb fireline for stripers. But, move up to 20lb fireline in the inlets and rocky spots. Freshwater with fireline, I have read on here amazing tories of what does not break 6lb fireline. Branch weed nests. Monster oddball fish...... I saw a huge clearance on 10lb spiderwire for $10 for 200 yards. Giving that a shot in 2019.
  8. I work in that area from time to time. Don't know any guides, but that lake has decent fishing. ON the way up to cooperstown is rt 28 if your coming off of interstate 88. That's a decent fishing creek and you cant rent kayaks on there too. Susquehanna river is right parallel to 88. Caught some nice stuff there. April is trout in the creek. Never heard about folks catching lake trout in otsego. Walleye, bass, and panfish. If your close to the full moon in april, panfishing can be stupidly fun then........ Mating season Check out Brooks BBQ in Oneonta, Omegon brewery (spelling?), and there's a nice bbq place most the way up n the right on rt 28, just a mile or so past a ford dealership. Not sure about bait shops, but there's a Dicks sporting goods on rt 23 in Oneonta if you hit snag city.... Thats where I get my hunting licenses each august.
  9. Deent post count, decent amount of time on ebay, and you usually have no problems on ebay. There are folks who have a bunch of userid's and use a fresh one when they wreck a reputation..... 3+ years 100+ posts, good description, and feedback. Any tiny scent of fishyness, then don't bid. Enjoy the new to you reel.
  10. There was a thread a week or two ago about shore fishing down there. Something really toothy was biting, but didn't bite when a leader was on. Think he was using small SP minnows.... I fish dawn or dusk there. Bathtub water...... Or, try shady areas or spots with some sort of run-off. 2 or 3" powerbait shrimp, small bucktail lures, and ratl-trap. Light redfish or early bass size stuff. Based on zero experience though...... Being related to a career coast guard officer, don't wander too far from the resort....... Fish the widest dock they got...... and on the side where the shadow is on.....
  11. Nice big ocotopus hook on a slider rig and a whole mullet and see what happens. My brother used a rod like that with a penn 9m way back in my day. Still got the Penn 105 Silver Series I would try to outfish him with. I use ande 7ft surf rods on the boat, or when using bait up close.
  12. Is this like hunting, the bulk of fishermen are aging and no new ranks coming in. Lamiglass I'm guessing sells alot of blanks. How's the custom market today vs 10 years ago. I used to build high performance heads, carbs, and transmissions for Pontiac v8s. My mom n pop got hacked by edelbrock, tci, and ebay ship to door competitors..... Handmade in the USA is getting close to dead. Couple that with Internet forums being good and bad advertising. It's tough....
  13. I'll take a peek at the bullet molds i lower weights... Was thinking the 3/8 to 1oz roundhead for smallmouth bass in the upper delaware 3/8-1/2, 1/2 to 3/4 for fluke drifting, and 3/4 to 1 for bass bucktails and shad bodies. Seems those shad bodies do well in the hudson in the spring. Bullet is definitely a pick for the inlets the one tat has 4oz. think its 2.5,3,4oz in one mold. Waiting for an ATV to sell before hitting the button. Spent a small fortune this year on fishing, including a used camper for the truck.
  14. Think the 11ft tsunami airwave is getting the SS560LL. When I get the boat situation settled, going to pick up a 2nd 9.5ft 1/2 to 2oz or so airwave elite for both 4500's. CTnewbie, keep that 3500. You're gonna like it. 20lb braid or 15lb fireline will be great on that. Early striper, fluke, light lure striper (sometimes they like tender bites...), and a great bunker catcher. Reel #2 Get one of those live liners.... Not only live bait or cut bait in slow waters, but the reels are great when working out a snag. Put the live liner on, walk to another angle on the shore an tug.... The fish don't care you got 2 drags when popping a cordell pencil.
  15. Anybody use their epoxy paint? I am putting an order in. Getting molds, flux, hooks, the paint, hackle feathers, blue and chartreuse bucktails, wrapping thread, andsome shiny chrome tinsel. Any little add-ons should I get. Getting 3/8 ot 1oz roundhead jigs with barb and Either a big banana jig or bullet head 2 to 4oz range for inlets. Maybe, maybe add on 1.5oz range hot lips, maybe.