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  1. It is camper required and it's Monday AM. Booked this thing like the first day or two you could. That ditch fills up quick in the summer...............
  2. I want $0 for this...... Sept 6th-9th 2019 Friday to Monday a week after labor day weekend. Sold Camper, so I can not use this campsite reservation for site 9 on reserveamerica's website. You want it, We will arrange time for me to cancel it, then you reserve it right after me. Remove post if this shouldn't be here. Thought I'd give an avid fisherman a shot at a rare to be available spot close to the ditch........ Enjoy......
  3. Took her out of the garage, washed her down, and checked everything, side windows are good, raining like hell and its dry inside, heat, fridge, stove, and sink work. LAst owner also put 2 boards and 4 eye bolts through the roof to keep a kayak or canoe in place. Done well and doesnt leak. Bringing the price down to $1650.
  4. 03647 made by scepter. look it up on ebay. I remove that gizmo valve thing. Carefull cut a piece of flat plastic into a circle and reuse the base threaded ring. Then use a plain old funnel to fill.
  5. So, I briefly trolled the hudson river last week. Did it with what I had laying around. Some K15 luhr jensen kwikfish. Did it with 7ft surf / pier rods with spinfisher ssv6500LL I use for live bait. Some have 30lb braid others have 25 or 30lb mono. In a 40-60ft channel, fish that are into feeding swim 15-30ft from the top. Fish on the bottom rarely bite I 've been told. NO luck, but didn't see much on the fish finder and I was north of the action. IT was the last day before the boat got pulled from the early season dock space. I picked up some 4" challengers with deep diving bills. Say they can do 20ft. I also picked up some 20ft and 30ft luhr jensen jet divers. I was also considering using a 3 way swivel with a 1ft leader to a heavyier jig, like 3oz bullethead. Either bucktail or a large grub on it. The other leader would be 4ft with a standard bill 4" or so jerkbait. This is for post spawn bass leaving the river. questions..... -Can spinning reels do this job fine? If so, do you have a suggested line to use? I have less troubles with mono on the river. I also like these reels to be dual purpose. Both live lining for bait and trolling? -How fast should I run the boat? The bait tapers off when the current goes past 1mph often. I'd be trolling up and down an area. MY boat can easily do 2-3mph. a 16ft deep V with a 20hp outboard. I can switch to a 6hp outboard too. -Think that 3 way with jig and jerkbait will work ok. I cast my own jigheads, so I could get a heavier than 3oz model too.
  6. no baitrunners, but love my spinfishers. For the right price, I might want another one.
  7. For sale is a viking sp 080 camper. This is 8ft long, about 1200lbs. Fits and handles in a 2004 dodge ram 1500 quad cab with 6.5ft bed ok with tailgate down. I think its an early 90s model. I got this in october, but have to sell due to getting rid of truck. Looks good inside. Camper has fridge, sink, and stove. Uses portapotty and it has no shower. Top pops up, plastic sides look good. No signs of water leaks due to being stored inside. Should be resealed up on the roof seams though. Comes with new truck bed mounts. Uses the stake rack holes to keep the camper on the truck. Comes with the original jacks to lift it out of the truck. They all work ok. $1800 located in germantown ny. About 10 minutes away from the catskil 21B? exit on the thruway. not too far from the taconic parkway either. Also have base for her. Wooden frame with (4) boat trailer jacks on each side.
  8. Do you have storage for the condo? A garage spot with overhead space? Depending on your love for fishing, there may be some affordable places to keep a small boat. Fishing or sailing clubs you can join. How old are the kids? Also, keep an eye out for rental places. Sometimes its cheaper to rent...... Some folks offer boat sharing. 4 people, 2 can provide some proulsion. You're looking at a 14ft rowboat minimum. An old method, but very doable. Combine 2 canoes side by side and run an outboard. Not sure what the capacity of the old town scanoe is. I thought it went down to 3 people with an outboard on it. 10ft inflatable will be too small for 4 for fishing. 2 can fish, 4 can just make it to a moored boat.
  9. Seems newburgh / poughkeepsie area is where the cows are at. They lazy bugger and been like on the edge of slack tide.... Rain has been messing with the water temps..... Not paying close attention to barometer, but Im sure thats a factor too. Got a new fish finder, a helix 7 SI. I also got a new boat and left the existing basic run of mill, but recent garmin color on there too. Few heavy lines of herring, and only seen maybe 2 or 3 significant fish. I just learned how to set the fish alarm rght the other day though. Im focused on catskill area. Heering have been spotty and theyre more fragile this year too from what I have been hearing. Bite has been slow up there. River struggles to get past 52 and 3ft visibility. Typical lots of junk in river, but its been slow to go away. Alot has to do with the canal system getting their locks up and running. Should get better. Albany has been somewhat slow too.
  10. Looks like they social media only........ Looked them up today for a rod warranty info.... Send them back rod my dime plus $15 shipping to get a new medicore travel surf rod....... Not feeling the rush to do it..........
  11. Without negative going back to battery via copper, all your connections will eventual corrode. What makes it even worse is using widely disimilar metals. Like a stainless screw hold your ground into aluminum. Aluminum will go fast. Saltwater is much worse, but your not out of the park in freshwater. Inside a boat or in pocket areas, a moored boat can have high humidity. Negative wire saves repairs, failures, and headaches. Wiring has to be done right. Shortcuts can cause failures or fires. Anything not fuse protected cover up with split loom. MAke sure holes are free of sharp edges that can cut the insulation. A run a wire from the battery and before it hits a fuse is not fuse protected in that section. Allox or similar corrosion protection is good. I also double heat shrink when splicing two kinds of wire. Like the short wires that come with lights to your long run from the switch for example. Loose crimps sink ships.......
  12. I used to have a cart, I do better without it..... Moving is the key..... However, keep this mission specific...... This cart is to move the misses and the family's stuff. Focus on making her happy there, fishing 2nd...... Make sure you can carry that stuff first. Rags to keep hands clean. Beverages. Stuff to keep you out of the sun. Food. Make sure bait does not mingle with food or drinks in the cooler. Anything with fat air tires beats stuff that doesn't. Time is precious. Keep your fishing stuff separate. Surf chairs are for surf, get another for the softball game. The quicker you get there, the longer you can stay. The quicker you get ready, the more times you can go when time is limited. I know people who wouldn't fish for a month, because their beach buggy was down.... Don't feel undergunned without one.
  13. What to fish is one thing......... Where to fish...... Also, these guys can be fustrating. Still chase them. But, great trophy bucktail hunters started of chasing squirrel. And they still learn more from still chasing squirrels. Take a break if these guys drive ya nuts. Go after local trout, porgies, or other critters.
  14. Need a 100 ton press to crush that barb........... Those are some greasy fishcakes.................. They close the canal to shoreside fishing? Heading there 1st weekend after labor day to the scusett campground. Think I got the name right... Might visit Mass maritime, a long time competitor to SUNY maritime.