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  1. If I dressed like that, giving up sex for a month would be a smooth transition..........
  2. The weight has alot to do with depth, current, how fast your drifting, and to some extent what the bottom is like. You talking boat/kayak fishing, fishing from surf, or fishing milder wave action areas like long island sound or bays. Just like regular jigs, profiles matter. How long and wide it is helps keep it suspended, the thicker it is the deeper it will go. Material matters too. Some are lead, some are somewhat plastic, some are other metals which can be quite a bit less dense than lead. lead is about 11 thousand kg/m3, tin and nickel 7, iron/steel 8, brass/copper about 9, plastics .9-1.4, and epoxy is about 1.25, of course water is 1.
  3. Always had a soft spot for the bait runner Ds. However, ended up getting 2 ssv6500ll. Also got 4500s and 3500s. All my saltwater reels are now spinfisher 5s. No complaints. Have not live lined them, mainly use for surf. Spring is live lining. From what I have played around with it, I like it alot more than my okuma's I was using. Price wise, there's still spinfisher 5 deals around. That might win the ticket. Paid 99 for the ssv500 Ll 89 for the 3500 60 or so for the 4500s right from penn This was Nov to January period though. Stripers were tough, no luck in fall of 18. The 3500s were great on steelheads on 2 trips to niagara falls.
  4. I usually let work or my health insurance pay for rehab.
  5. Nice griffon gaff it....... I got one too.... I do the crankcase oil trick myself. Wet a rag with motor oil. Hit all the seams underneath, oil pans, brake lines, etc... The exposed stuff you see, I hit with POR when it acts up. IF I do it nice, sandblast, zinc etching primer, and paint. I usually put naval jelly on the pitted stuff before the primer paint. The sprinkler trick gets salt off too. Maybe run a fan underneath overnight to let it dry off quicker.... Removing salt is never bad.
  6. Stewarts convient stores almost all have non-ethanol gas If you wander around poughkipsee or so, you should bump into one..... MY 1986 cutlass loves that stuff...... Thnak for the advice, but It looks I've dodge the bullet with efi, atleast for 2019..... Picked up a nice tohatsu 20hp electric start with pull cord backup. It's got a carb and runs good.... I might be good for awhile, I might upgrade to more motor. Not sure yet.......
  7. Im sticking with an aluminum, still torn which one. Kinda wished I bought the duranautic listed above, but already got a good deal on a 20hp long shaft tohatsu 2012 model. Picking 1 or 2 out of 3. Keeping my old 14ft short transom grumman, but putting the tohatsu on. Or, getting a tall transom hull, like a smokercraft alaskan or starcraft sf 14 dlx. Might call it good if I upgrade to a new hull. Or, plan C, use the 20hp and keep my old grumman for small lakes and going under shallow bridges on the hudson river, and buying either a lund rebel with windshield, or trackers version the 16 WT. Both have 60hp mercurys. I'll spend the extra 2 grand to get the full canvas roof and side windows. It's been my dream to get a nice rowboat combo. I got an ok one for now with a 1996 evinrude 8hp. I also got a zodiac 10ft and use the same 8hp evinrude to push it. Ontop of all that, I got a old town canoe I can put either electric or and old, but good gamefisher 3hp air cooled outboard from the 70's. I may look for a newer 3hp water cooled short shaft to keep on the bigger boat as a kicker/spare or use it with the canoe or inflatable. I frequently go to North or South carolina for vacation. I take an economy car and use a hitch rack to put the inflatable and outboard on..... Crusing the back bays sure beats trying to catch fish in 75-80 deg bathtub water on the surf...... Puppy drummin'.
  8. I'm in. Thanks
  9. Veterinary medicine uses syringes for orally administer creme based medicines and vaccines. These might work better.
  10. I could of made them better, but I like the old school look to them. Next project teasers. Think I will make the shanks weighted with copper and solder. I was at judith point RI last columbus day weekend. The resident stripers were chasing either anchovies or young shad. My inlet jigs were just too big for their liking. If the bait is scarce or offshore, I think this will be a good method in the early fall. Going to try to time the shad yearlings leaving the Delaware for NJ cape may to atlantic city area.
  11. This is defintely the time of year to mention making these. Made these the other day. Used eggs from micheals arts n craft store. Drilled a little over 1/2 way on each side by eye, then drilled deeper on each side to get it to match up. Not ideal, but I used 10ga solid copper electrical wire and soldered the wrappedal ends. Should last awhile until in order stainless. Used an aluminum siding nail for the egg hook. Good ole rustoleum for paint. Definitely no need for a drying rack on these...... They could use a little more weight. Might make wrapped copper doughnuts soldered up to add a 1/2 to 3/4 oz to them. Got teasers, but toy need a bit of weight to keep them on the hook peg. Going to paint some 1/4oz worm bullet weights and peg them in with a toothpick tip. Could solder up some copper on the hooks, like skinner's book suggests for eel rigs.
  12. Picked her up. Great guy to to buy stuff on. Can't wait till the hudson river warms up. Thanks
  13. I wonder if it's worth it to drive from Albany NY to where you are for fishing, your going more south....... Look up USGS Buoys, not all have full data maybe 1/3 of them have water temp. In my experience and knowledge in the hudson river, 47 is the number for me to start fishing. And I quit at 47 too. Surf is too early, but do they have back bay areas. Locked large lagoons may have some decent fishing too. Shallow calm water exposed to the sun. Careful approaching, fish can be very close and spook easily. I'd give it a try on a nice day.....
  14. The hook metal and/or coating can be different for fresh vs saltwater on some jigs.