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  1. Set the drag right. I use gallon water jugs. 8.3lbs/gallon. To set hook, have hand on reel spool and tug. I have very little time to fish due to being 3-4 hours away from water and I like to hunt too. But, I am 1 mile away from the spring spawn in the hudson. Reading build confidence, but you got to be in the right place, the time time, present the right thing the right way. Get one of them wrong, skunked...... It all about enjoyment. Make the time worth the experience.
  2. Lost an a47 diamond and super strike needlefish lure. Was trying to hit a sandbar breaker around 100 yards out. Bought some more a47 and A27 to replace it. What would you replace them with? Forgot what those flatter surf board jigs are called. The a47 gets there, but it drags the bottom alot. The 2-3/8oz super strike got out there, but a bit pricey for a simple lure. What's the missles in your arsenal bag? I got a tsunami elite 1102m, penn ssv6500ll, and 30lb suffix 832
  3. Got 2 old penn 105 silver series. The thing reels in kastking 50lb roughly. It hasn't bird nested yet. But it does get a pinch or two on the line when casting. Anyway to put a modern roller on it. Or, fireline only.
  4. Tsunami makes a pair of aluminum plier's. I paid 35 bucks. I wash and wipe my reel, rod, lures used, and tool's used too. Car wax works good too rather than oil
  5. Fishing the groin side. Those spots between groin's worth fishing, or focus on channel.
  6. About a month old. Any easy fixes other than sending it back.
  7. Fished atlantic city sat and Sunday am. Fished sandy hook the way home. Tsunami shad, spro jig, and a super strike needle fish lure all snagged on 1st cast...... forgot the needle fish was a sinking one. Saw a tail wash by structure, about 5 revolution's of the handle, snag. Anyone see a yellow needle fish lure sandy hook, that baby was mine...... Atlantic city ate more jigs, but took awhile. Freshly winded reel from a store spinning on the spool on top of that...... Back at it in Cape may in 2 weeks
  8. What do you guys suggest if you put new tires on a 29" wheeled mountain bike. Not sure if it's 29 or 700mm It's been awhile since I looked at it like that. After fishing sand hook this weekend, the bike idea sounds enticing.
  9. Set it up so you can leave it alone for a bit. A way to lock the rods in. Maybe but the rod holder I node a crate and have a locking lid with cutout for the rod. This way you can Leave it to go to a store or restroom and not worry about it.
  10. My experience it seems a tired eel works better. I speculate the more recently baited one hold on the bottom harder. That balloon idea seems great.
  11. I was at this big wide inlet. The one side is a long shallow 10ft or so, the other side has those jetty fingers to protect the side, like 5 or 6 of them 70 yards long or so. Right off a few it's 40ft down. The rip line during the tide goes past a jetty or two, when there was a good incoming wind like Saturday was. No visible activity up top. What do you use to stay that low. Huge bucktail like 4+oz, diamong jig. Does going high up the channel do anything for bass. Not sure if there's an underwater eddy they can stay in. This is at this visible rip line, maybe 1/8th to 1/4mile in from the ocean jetty. Not the typical agressive rip line at a jetty tip. Tried tsunamI heavy shad during slight current. Couldn't get it down there. Was snagging bucktails towards the end of a cast. Was tired of feeding the rocks to try above 2.5oz. If I knew I was close, Id hit the gas on the reel. By then hands were frozen when I stopped trying it. This place was new to me . The boats were back more on sunday. By a feeder bay mouth and a bridge maybe a half mile behind me. My guess they were in 20-25ft.
  12. Wish I could get enough reel time to need a bushel. How do they catch em. They steal bait in blue crab and lobster pots?
  13. Crabs..... about a pint to pint and half volume per dozen...... guessing... 9.3 gallons in level bushel. So, about 50 to 70 dozen is my guess at the jellybeans in the jar.....
  14. Little birds, little fish, can't see fish.... pesnut bunker, or minnow sized offering.... Little birds, see skinny fish but can't make it out.... likely sand eels. Looks shiney, Id by color of shine. They were hitting small stuff in NJ this weekend. Couldn't get a single hit, but saw tiny minnows. My lures were spooking them. Silver with kinda tanish brown/red tops. Threw out a47 with 2 teaser's ahead. Got a few hits. Replaced a47 with bank sinker, still got hits. My teaser's were close to main line. White/yellow white/green. But that's along ways away. If you have a surf rod, throw a big lure out, see what jumps if anything.
  15. Typical new battery has a 90 minute reserve capacity on 20amp draw. Small Flood LEDS Are Around 25 watts each. Engine off, no draw, full charge is 13.8volts. 12 volts even is about 25 percent left. 2 25 watts is about 4 amps. Battery will be half dead in 3 hours 45 min or so. If it's half charged. 10 watt red led like a rear fog lamp or trailer tail light is a better idea. Take light apart, drill hole in back for switch.....