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  1. The country won't be united until: a) The ruling class stops trying to rule normal people so it no longer exists. b) The ruling class wins, and normal people have become completely enslaved. c) A major reset caused by a devastating war, famine, plague, deep depression or some combo of each. Then, once the nation is reunited, those aspiring to become the ruling class will start the division again. It's a cycle.
  2. Thinking of heading there in late June. Is it worth fishing in the surf? Can anyone tell me what to expect, species, suggested tackle, etc. . . I'm not familiar with the area. Thanks.
  3. Yes. The only way to clean-up the immigration mess is to determine what we're actually dealing with. Can't manage and problem solve without accurate data. That agenda driven court decision will get overturned.
  4. Bearing false witness makes the top 10. Punishment should be severe.
  5. I will add one more thing. For anyone with a family member, or good friend for that matter, who has a child with autism, be a good listener. Let them vent, talk or whatever, even though both of you know there is nothing you can do about it. They're not expecting you to make things different. It's that sometimes it's a way that helps them think, or it makes the burden feel a little lighter for a moment.
  6. Agree, but must add, results are as individual as people. You can do everything, and then some, but outcomes are still TBD. Things can be going great, and then one day puberty and hormones kick in hard, or something else happens, and the word regression gets tossed into the mix. As with any condition, outcomes vary. There are plenty of parents who put all they can into helping their child and never get the results they hoped for. It comes with the territory. The increase in cases of autism is alarming. We've all heard various theories about why, better at diagnosing, etc. . . but we've got tons of kids entering adulthood, and for many, there is no where to go. OK, I'll stop being a downer
  7. Fraternal.
  8. Very Nice painting. The savant abilities can be interesting. I know a kid who can instantly tell you what day of the week it was or will be on any calendar day in any year. He's also looked at some maps, and will never need a garmin.
  9. If weight is a concern for towing, look into an aluminum boat. They're much lighter. Now if it's going to live in a slip, that may not be a good way to go. I had an 18' starcraft with a 60hp evenrude and went all over the place with it.
  10. The unceasing political and media games being hurled at President Trump is evidence that the ruling class can't control him through their usual corrupt ways of buying and/or blackmailing for control. They really hate him for that.
  11. The coddling may also tie into them trying to help him avoid having temper tantrums. It's typical of parents, and not an easy habit for a parent, or other family member, to break. Viewing an outburst as a tantrum can make it difficult to understand what has the kid worked up. If the child has very weak or no verbal skills, the parents need to examine and think through the kid's behaviors to understand what he's telling them. Behavior = communication for those quiet ones.
  12. It's around 4 to 1 boys vs girls with autism. I know a couple with twin girls, one on the spectrum & one neurotypical.
  13. 20 years makes you a grizzled veteran
  14. Democrats moved hard left under obama. It's just that many of their voters didn't understand that that's where they went. Bernie was an accelerated continuation of that movement, but hillary and the establishment cheated, so these leftist crazies now are payback. Countries moving left tend to be in a state of decline. People find it's easier to vote than to work, and there's always a politician willing to cooperate in that fantasy. As countries move left, government gets bigger and more authoritarian, standards of living decline and wealth leaves. It's a cyclical aspect of history repeating itself. Life is hard, but improving for a few generations. Then things get real comfy for their kids, and grand kids, next thing you know is work-ethic gets replaced with want-ethic. Trump's election was a speed bump on the road to wherever it is that we're going.
  15. I feel for your brother. It's not a death sentence, but it may feel like something close to one for him & his wife. It's good they caught it early. That will give the kid the best fighting chance for learning how to handle his disability. Another good thing is it's way too early for anyone to have any sort of clue how things will work out for him, and hope matters. I do suggest he and his wife take notes and keep solid records of everything involving the school, discussions with teachers & aides and especially administration. They should also be sure to go observe the class from time to time so they get an understanding of their child's daily routine, and see any interaction with staff and peers. Along with being the child's parents, they've got to be his advocate, and he probably won't be able to tell them much, for now anyway. They should also be aware that there's no shortage of snake oil being sold to parents, especially when they're feeling vulnerable, which is around now, and maybe more so as they research the condition. Don't know where they're located, but there are resources out there to help parents gain an understanding of how to advocate for their child. Autism Speaks is big. There is also POAC (parents of autistic children) they have local chapters. They're likely to be more helpful.