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  1. All the heavy rain has made bay fishing difficult. Too much dirty water. Lots of shorts though. I'd put the ratio at 15:1.
  2. The author pretty much nails it. At least 80% of this idiocy is rooted from the left, and it will part of the democrat's 2020 platform. An Idiot’s Guide To Destroying Your Country In Six Easy Steps The United States of America seems to have a suicide wish as it wanders aimlessly down a continually narrowing path that can only lead to national ruin. Is this a premeditated act of self-annihilation or simply a series of foolish choices? Before a nation can be effectively destroyed from within it is necessary first that it be owned lock, stock and barrel. An independent, freedom-loving people are less easily controlled than one that is effectively ball and chained, which brings us to the first step in the program. 1. Create a Central Bank 2. Open the Floodgates 3. Push Feminism, the Pill and Abortion 4. Supersize the military 5. Promote transgender lifestyles – to children 6. Bury your national history over PC lunacy
  3. She is there to represent the justice democrats. Her ignorance is their ignorance, and it may be intentional. All they want to do is seize power, and it's clear their tactics are to offer free stuff for votes and to play race & gender cards at every opportunity.
  4. People overestimating their cognitive abilities, oh my; and it can cause a bias, yikes! Time to break-out the "social scientists" to provide more Profound Revelations like two or more people is a group.
  5. I think at least 80% of it is a food fad scam. It got pushed hard on parents of kids with autism. Lots of them went for it, which is to be expected, and for most, there was no cure. Mostly it was opportunistic feeders feeding on desperate people. Best guess is marketing people saw the success in that market, and brought it to everything. So now we have things that never contained gluten with big gluten free labeling on them. It makes life difficult for anyone with a kid with autism who did not like the taste of things that.normally would have gluten in them where they used a substitute for wheat. Now all kind of things have that stupid GF label on them.
  6. Owing to our public education/indoctrination system, the media, politicians and some ugly tendencies in human nature, many now feel entitled to have a certain level of comfort guaranteed to them for simply existing, and they believe someone else should pay for it. That is not socialism; it's welfare. Ever notice democrats love to whine about corporate welfare, but when they vote themselves handouts, its socialism? Maybe calling it socialism makes them feel better about themselves or they believe it sounds better anyway. The Nordic version of socialism isn't socialism. It's a welfare state. What is unique about them is they entered the industrial revolution late, and GDP increased rapidly. That new wealth gave them the additional funds for their generous welfare system. It won't last though. The UN and globalists are flooding them with additional consumers who don't produce much. Welfare systems are easier to implement in smaller homogeneous societies because there are not politicians playing identity politics and dividing the people. The people also have family and religious ties to one another.
  7. Seahorses will starve over time if brine shrimp is the only food. Brine has little nutritional value. Seahorses can be trained, fairy easily, to feed on frozen Mysis Shrimp. The trick is thaw them, then squirt the mysis out with a turkey baster to get them moving in the water column so they seem alive. As they get used to eating the mysis, you will be able to do away the turkey baster if you want. It also helps if there is something in the tank for the seahorse to wrap its tail around. An old piece of a branching coral, plastic plant or tubing. It will tend to hold on to it and watch the water column for food. In no time, it will recognize the turkey baster as a source for food. They only need a few mysis with each feeding.
  8. Watermelon & Tabasco
  9. Democrats at the top of their food chain (high ranking government types, the mega donors like soros for example) don't hate the country. They hate its western values, and seek to change them so they have masses that are easily controlled, ruled and exploited. Democrats in the middle of their food chain are either wannabees who want to be at the top, or they benefit greatly from big government via employment or laws that get passed to help remain employed or they simply don't understand what they support. The bottom of their food chain tends to be needy people voting for handouts or weirdos.
  10. Cleaned, cut in half, then onto the crabmaster 2. Use the fresh meat. The emptys go in the stock pot. The claws get steamed, sometimes with old bay, and put in a bowl for anyone who wants to snack on them. Though, my favorite method is to buy soft shells.