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  1. Just finished building my 10y old sons rod. He wanted one that looked like his dads :-) Paired with a Penn 55v star drag reel. He’s hoping to catch some small cod and mackerel on sunday :-)
  2. Makos and Porbeagles have the same ability. They´re the same family as GWs.
  3. WTB VS3080ARA56 and VS5010ARA56 5`6 all roller rods in good condition Seller must want to ship to Europe.
  4. Thank You Tony. Yes I know they’re disc, but I recently bought a couple of old stock TS rods new here in Europe.
  5. What is the difference between a V stand up and a tuna stick? TS3080ARA56 VS3080ARA56
  6. Thanks
  7. Hi How much drag at strike could be anticipated by changing the 4 Belleville washers to the ones that is in the ’upgrade kit’? The card sais 28lb at strike from factory. Thanks
  8. Thank You Tony. Think I’ll look at another reel then.
  9. Is it possible to upgrade an early (first series) Int 50vsw with the metal shift button. The reel I’m looking at has the black plastic ring with a small metal button in the middle and a plate that sais ”HI”. best regards
  10. I want to buy a 50vsw in good condition. Seller must want to ship to Sweden where I live. I’ll offcourse pay for shipping! Older Penn 50 would also be of interrest if condition is good.
  11. Because the guy from Sweden is going to pick it up in the US :-) Well... Not travelling a couple of thousand miles just for that, but going tuna fishing in NE in a couple of days. So why not buy the reel when over there? :-) So the reel is SOLD and waiting for me.
  12. New line on all the reels tonight :-)
  13. Hi again. Would a f2f deal be of interrest? I’m going to MA in october. best regards
  14. As far as I know You will have to fill in an export form for customs which is then applied to the package. The form includes (besides adress) the price of the item and the shipping cost. I will then have to pay an addition of 25% of the reels price (including shipping) in customs here. But that part is something between me and the Swedish customs. So it aint cheap buying anything from outside the EU :-) Payment should be easiest with paypal I guess. Best regards from Sweden
  15. I want to by a bailed black torque 5 in good condition. I’ll pay good for a mint one. I’ll also pay for shipping and all related cost to Sweden. Best regards from Sweden