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  1. Could've been a stingray (bluntnose or roughtail). I caught some last year off the beach after I cast out spearing on a fishfinder rig. Catching a stingray is like reeling in a garbage bag. You basically need them to "lift" off of the bottom to be able to reel in. Done it once for each species -- don't care to do it again. The bluntnose ray was the more angst-inducing of the two because it has a whip-like tail. The roughtail has a chubby tail.
  2. Been out a few times this spring on various party boats out of Pt. Pleasant and Belmar for sea bass and ling. The boats' websites say they require masks at all times, but there is no enforcement. Many fares and mates don't bother with the masks. I suppose the risk is lower being out in the breeze and all, but the situation isn't ideal. I think the risk was lower when the # of fares was tightly capped at 16 or so, but now that it is up over 25, people are much closer together. I think folks will need to make their own decisions about whether it is worthwhile. For me, it is tough to justify for 5 bluefish or a smattering of short fluke...
  3. Interesting. I tried a few places in moco with a sabiki but got no action. Tons of small bait though.
  4. I caught herring in MOCO a few years ago in late December on sabikis Are they around already?
  5. Are triggerfish active at night or are they strictly a daytime catch?
  6. Chunked the incoming lst night out front moco. Nothing but skate. All the skate you could possibly ever deal with.
  7. Fished the incoming omin Raritan Bay this evening. Found lots of bait swimming around off the shore, but no takers on plugs, tins or bait. Didn't see any other fish pulled out either. The slow spring continues. My friend did have his 8 ft rod with a Penn reel oulled in by an unidentified fish during a moment of inattention. Please PM me if you catch that fish with the rod and reel. Thanks.
  8. Fished out back from 3 to 8 PM. Water was clear but no signs of life. No takers on bait.
  9. You caught them last year in the late summer and early fall in NoMoCo usually on small tins. I think the most common method of catching them is to set out early in the morning with a plan to fish for some other species (e.g., stripers, blues, albies, etc.) using tins, cast and the pesky shad will be the only thing you catch.
  10. SP bone white (floating) ($10) Hopkins NoEqual (2oz.) ($12) Ava 17 with a tube tail ($7) Swimshad (1-1/2 oz) ($3) SS popper ($20)
  11. i like jbraid x8. only a few issues with abrasion after a year of use. have also tried spiderwire but found that it wore out too quickly. never had any luck with pp -- lots of wind knots.
  12. If I'm in Belmar area, I like the pizza at Carmen's. If I'm fishing Raritan Bay or Sandy Hook, I like Keyport Fisheries after a good skunking, or Mike's Giant Subs in Keyport. Hit them off of the 36 on the way down or back depending on timing.
  13. Any signs of herring?
  14. Had the itch so I had to scratch it. I gave in and took a party boat out of Point Pleasant as the only action in town seems to be 'tog. Caught a few shorts. Yeah, I know boat reports don't count. I wish all of you a safe and happy new year. See you in the surf around April.
  15. Hit the surf SoMoCo yesterday evening on the outgoing for a few hours. Dead sea. Didn't see anybody else either. Today looks like a washout. This might be it for the year. All-in-all, a disappointing fall. The spring opened with promise. Caught quite a few shorts on sandworms in April, followed by 30"+ stripers on chunks. Caught a few blues, too, including one over 30". But things slowed down this summer. The highlights were a couple of huge stingrays caught on chunks. AndI had a few good days with the porgies in the bay in late summer. But the fall has been a let down. I hope everybody has a good winter.