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  1. Ok. I thought that was the idea. I guess I'll try them, as an experiment if nothing else, but as I said, I've never considered it a big deal to adjust tire pressure by my method. It only takes a minute or two per tire. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Quite a meal.
  3. That looks good. What's the sauce or marinade?
  4. 67. But I don't feel like it. Mostly. I do get tired more easily, I guess. But still pretty spry.
  5. I don't live on the coast, and haven't driven on beaches very often, so experience and frequency is limited. I have some tire deflators (bought with some other recovery gear when I picked up an old Tacoma a couple of years ago), but haven't used them. What I'm wondering is, what's with tire deflators? Why not just deflate with some pointy object and keep track with a good tire gauge? Stop when you need to? I've taken air out of many tires that way in my fifty or so years of driving.
  6. I'm a long-time fan. Used to sing and play a number of his earliest songs in bars myself. Hoping for the best.
  7. Nope. Just the basic. Very quick and simple. Pork roll sounds good; cheese I could live without.
  8. Funny you should ask; I just sat down at the computer with my hot, fried egg sandwich.
  9. Bucks have always been good bang for Still are, I think. I've owned my share of them since the sixties. I have lots of knives of lots of brands, but I never look down on a Buck.
  10. I agree; very informative. Thanks.
  11. Just finished watching it again last night. Hadn't seen it in awhile. Great flick.
  12. A man after my own heart. I'd settle for an axe and a small knife, but the khukuri is icing on the cake.
  13. As I read the thread I was waiting for someone to mention Bussekin (Busse, Swamp Rat, Scrapyard). I'm a fan and am lucky enough to own several. All mine are Swamp Rat and Scrapyard. Never felt the need to pay for Busse, nor do I like most of their offerings. The Swamp Rat RatManDu is probably my favorite knife. When I pick it up, I often think, "This is a perfect knife." I bought several years ago when they were first introduced, and were only available for a limited time, as was (is?) typical of Busse family knives. I have seen it re-introduced and available since, but just checked the website; not there at the moment. Very popular design.
  14. Happy Birthday, and thanks for this site. From a land-locked Midwesterner.
  15. LOL! That's one of the best laughs I've had since this started. Thanks.