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  1. I think you're both right about talking to someone on the dock. I'm pretty sure the people who turned the lights out are the same clowns who came up to me at night a couple times making smart comments and reminding me of all the limits. I know they fish here too, and know they've been stressing over me catching fish in their honey hole, so they probably turn them back on when they're fishing. Well played lol. I'll find someone who isn't as petty to talk to and work something out with.
  2. Long story short, I'm staying near Ocean City, N.J. for the summer, and have been doing a lot of striper fishing at night. The first few weeks of July I was hammering the stripes across the street from where I've been staying on chunks of mackerel. However, some of the people who own boats on the dock, and fish it at night as well, took notice to how well I was doing, and shut out the dock lights. Ever since they shut the dock lights off, all of the baitfish moved elsewhere, and there has been very little activity. I've gotten a few stripes here and there, but it hasn't been as productive as it was when the light was on. It's really sad that grown a-s men can't leave me be and have to stress over me catching fish from their dock, but it is what it is. I can easily find somewhere else to fish, but this dock is very convenient for me at night because it's basically a few feet from my front door. Besides finding a new place to fish, any tips on how I should go about this? Do you think the dock light being off is 100% the reason I haven't been doing as well? Should I try a different setup or approach? Thanks.