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  1. I'm free to go next Friday (8/31) if anyone wants to set something up.
  2. The toxin in eel blood is destroyed by cooking, and your digestive process if ingested. So, unless you're injecting eel blood into yourself, you'll be fine.
  3. I was going to ask about the lagoon too. I've seen it referred to as the sugar bowl. I participate in another hobby which puts me right at the sugar bowl lagoon and I can't leave, but I could bring my gear and drop a line. I was hoping that someone with experience fishing there could tell me whether I'd catch anything. I'm hoping that there's some landlocked blues in there or something. There are two gates where the water comes and goes with the tide, but those gates always appear to be closed so that only water can go through, and maybe small fish. I've seen schools of silversides in the sugar bowl.
  4. Hi, I'm new here as well. I have very little experience saltwater fishing, having only gone twice (fished Castle Island once, and went to Plum Island with a friend) although I have a lot of experience fishing in ponds and rivers. I'm looking for a fishing buddy or a group of locals to fish with as well. I do have a few questions about some spots in the area, but they might be too specific for the open forum. Has anyone tried fishing Fort Point channel? I'm thinking maybe I could try fishing from the Harborwalk.