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  3. He is not the player he once was put still a upgrade at qb for a lot of NFL teams
  4. Dear *hitsburg your 45 year rein of terror is finally over with deal with it. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY THERE ANYMORE. Ben Rapelisberger has got old and hard to deal with like all of us old men. His head is as big as one of them sandwiches ya'll eat. IT'S not about your team anymore and hasn't been for a while
  5. Hi, I have a Stradic 5000Fl with upgraded carbon-tex drag washer was service professionally in the fall. 150.00 shipped paypal only. I can put up pictures this weekend at some point if your interested. let me know
  6. I'm glad your not
  7. I'm sure him and old Baker will get along just fine because there both so humble and all they care about is team first and winning. **** This would be great to watch unless your a browns fan. Oh that's right I have been a Browns fan forever. We now have added a women beater, a team cancer and have a giant tool at qb fuuuk all 3 of them. All 3 are talented but I would rather suck then deal with the bull that will surround this team. P S The owner is a thief. Guess I'm getting old
  8. Soccer do you love it or hate it? I fake it when the World Cup is going on because a few buds really like it and it's a great daytime drinking excuse. Try to watch now and then but typically change channel and say I can't believe that many people in the world love it because I think it's sucks. I know love it folks I just don't get it. So I must stand with the hate it crowd.
  9. very nice work
  10. 2nd that
  11. I have 2 un fished LL bean multi piece spinning rods a 7 ft medium and a 7 ft medium heavy 85.00 each shipped. I'm out of town so I cant give the specifics. Check LL Bean for descriptions. I have a set that I've fished in fresh and salt water great rods for the money. Thanks
  12. I was so happy to see that my team did not end up with this tool. Sh*tsburgs walls are starting to crumble.
  13. You might want to check his career numbers he is a sure thing hall of famer IMO. I disagreed with that 2 weeks ago and my die hard Yank fan buddy pulled up the numbers. Changed my mind
  14. Great news thanks for passing it on