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  1. No one deserves to have something said like that about there spouse. Filthy nasty disgusting chit. As far as me being a little bitch you may be right.
  2. Dinghy's comment was as low as you can go to another man.and then he lied when I checked him on it. CNR wife is dead so it was way worse than the drunk uncle
  3. Labor day weekend shark warning. Might get you a little more fishing room.
  4. Prayers on the way.Hang in there red.
  5. I'm bailing out after reading the last 2 post don't do sports drama. Sorry
  6. How is this going to be run? I've never played but understand most of it. Is it going to be run on a sight or here? Thanks for volunteering to do this.
  7. X2 but it would be something from Led Zeppelin I guess.
  8. Good for Eli and good for the Colts. Be interesting to see if Eli can still get it done.
  9. great find
  10. I'M 59 years old and have over 40 years in the fishing business. I have helped introduce and educate fishermen for over 30 years. That was way before the internet. Many retired people take up fishing and many kids that don't have someone to teach them. We need all the fishermen we can get to be politically relevant. The internet is not the only problem. These issue's have been present as long as I can remember just not on the computer.
  11. Let me guess he picked up a rod and walked on water right out of the womb. No one told him nothing Never read a fishing magazine Never read the local fishing reports or listened to them on the radio Never went in a bait shop and talked fishing or listen to the old timers talk. Never seen someone catch a fish and later fished the same rock. I could go on for hours about how one acquires fishing knowledge. Some people obtain knowledge via computer so what. Get over it.
  12. Was more of a body buzz for me. Lacked the the good things about smoking.
  13. Thank you for your reports. Truly a special area.
  14. Family time sure does fly by. My oldest just turned 30. I miss hanging with the kids doing the fun stuff. The wife would of been pissed if she knew of some of are special op doings. Guessing they probably told her she was good enough to not say anything.
  15. Bet the Ice fishing would be real good.