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  1. Pocket fishermen - color c selector - flying lure - banjo minnow - the fishing tree and so many more. I think like all fishing items they all have there place. The problem is with the marketing. Famous fishermen swearing it's the best lure ever made. 100 % money back if you don't catch fish. I was in retail fishing business from 78 to 99 and we were forced to sell these items when they would finally sell them in stores after the hype died down from the TV adds. Always eventually ended up in the close out bin. But we had customers that loved these items. We use to say these fishing infomercials were prostitution of a ancient sport .
  2. Represented his country well. Thanks champ. RIP
  3. I should have gone ever week for the last ten years because I have those three symptoms. LOL Don't take but a blood test to rule it out. I don't have any medical knowledge other than what I learn going thru it the last two years.
  4. Fishing Pete might be right. Might get checked for Diabetes. I had similar issue's.
  5. Disco could get weed heads up to dance. That's not easy to do. Thought most of the music sucked but the women loved it and it was easy to dance to.Burn baby burn it's the disco inferno.
  6. That looks really nice and for 200.00 great deal
  7. Thankfully nobody white threw a punch or we would have to watch that battle on all the "news stations" until after the next election.
  8. Wimbledon is on now and in a epic 5 set match. I like this website other than the inaccurate information that is occasionally spread.
  9. Mom had some heat on that first pitch.Mike Trout is sooo good. As far as IP with the fixed comment WTF.
  10. very nice
  11. Mom and Dad should of been beaten as well for leaving kids in a running car in Philly.
  12. I like having a behind the plate umpire i think it adds to the game. Gives ya something to b&tch about during the game.
  13. I don't think floro is necessary for plugging but certainly works.I like a harder mono for top water plugs. I use Berkley Big Game in 20 lb to 60 lb depending on plug size and fish I'm after. It's cheap durable and has always performed well for me.
  14. Janis Joplin that was one fugly women.
  15. I hate to hear your flounder fishing is slow. I'm in NC and it's fair at best. DNR has decided to shut hook and line fishing down for the year in August. Prime time is Sep. and Oct. I guess the stocks are that depleted down hear. Glad you guys still have your full season to fish it's got to get better.