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  1. Sorry bro I live in America and will do WETFIW as long as it does not infringe on other people unlike SOME of the people on the Cape.
  2. WITF has this country turned into. Some of the most deplorable people I have ever met inhabit that town. I have always enjoyed my time spent on the Cape and met some really good people, but there are so many self serving hypocrites that have turned the place into a yuppie cesspool. My town has turned into the same culture it's hard to listen to and worst to watch.
  3. Clinic put on by the Bruins congrats. Not so sure we can handle them but you always have a chance in hockey. GO CANES GO
  4. I have shared a lot of fish with friends, family and fellow fishermen that don't get to participate as much as they use too but love to eat fish. I always clean them and package them properly and do not give away whole fish. I do not keep stripers unless mortality is certain and in the case of most species I do not keep large fish. I have no problem with fellow fishermen keeping what they want as long as regs are followed.
  5. Yes I would. Don't matter where you live or where you grew up we all have come across crazy biatches as well as fine women from the same area. I find some of the crazies very entertaining and some of the fine ones very f'd up.Might of been where I was shopping or maybe I'm as f'd up as them.
  6. His brand of comedy could not have been done better. RIP Mr. Conway
  7. No way !!!! I can"t believe that a mega Billionaire won in court. I wonder how many lawyers and or law firms he has on retainer. The others that were involved should turn into Pats fans because the big cheese has kept all of them off youtube and TMZ and other video outlets. America
  8. Craft beer is the greatest con job in my life time. Draft beer has always been cheaper in a bar until the craft con happened. 6-7-8 bucks for 10 to 16 oz. of beer. Beer taps and beer lines are nasty. Nutty, fruity, hoppy, clean, smooth are not what I want to hear from my dudes when I'm drinking beer. Beer in a bottle please. I know I'm a out of touch old crappy &%$k my craft drinking buds tell me that all the time. IMHO
  9. Two @ss whoppings put on by the Bruins. If the canes don't wake up get out the brooms. We stunk today and got it handed to us. Home cooking might help doubtful. GO CANES GO
  10. Great game Sharks played well. Hurricanes better be ready or were getting steam rolled by the Bruins. LETS GO CANES
  11. I"m guessing it taste like chicken.
  12. I know but but but that $hit was funny
  13. "Go watch Honey Boo Boo free base Count Chocula" that is some funny $hit brilliant
  14. Full serve gas station with a car wash at 14 years old that my father managed part time for his friend.Great job in the summer sucked in the winter.
  15. could not agree more he needs his pain tolerance and conditioning level to match that mouth of his. Still soft and immature but potentially a great player unreliable at times. Sixers are a good young team. Good luck the rest of the way