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  1. Thanks this is awesome ill check him out!
  2. Thanks for the confirmation, Do you guys have any guides you prefer, we will be staying in Falmouth
  3. I Travel out to the Cape a few times a year to work at the Air Force station. The last few trips I was able to wet a line wade fishing on the weekends and afternoons. I Have my first trip to the Cape for leisure this September. I was wondering if it was worth getting a guide and Boat. I have a couple college friends joining me this time, and we all fish well for Trout here in Colorado. I have had some great days wading on the cape but was looking to see if it is much better with a guide and boat? In Colorado a Guide usually can get you on awesome private water with a fraction of what the rest of the state sees. I have a great time when I head out there for work, and even missed a chance to go on a boat after striking up conversation with a local at a bar when he overheard us talking about our day fishing. Unfortunately we had work the next day when he was heading out. The locals out in the cape have been nothing but helpful and awesome! Another side story the first striper I caught was from a fly given to me by an angler in a parking lot. we pulled up and saw all the fly fishing stickers on the truck and asked how he did. He was getting into a bunch of schoolies and handed us a handful of flies he tied and told us to have fun! I am counting down the days until I can get back out there
  4. i also have this vise, the jaws for different hooks really dont cost that much and you can switch them in a coupe min
  5. I have the meridian 10wt as well and I really like the long belly lines for that rod, The Airflo Tarpon is an awesome line on that rod, I also hear that Airflo is what scott tests their rods with
  6. you can also go old school, the book striper moon has some great flies and a philosophy about profile
  7. I can not agree more, I love airflo's long belly in their taper. IMHO I think most rods outside of the ultra fast present better with long bellys
  8. I am also a fan of the cliff bugger beasts, I dont always take it with me but it is nice being able to have all your flies