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  1. Thats a bonkers average for that distance. Elite group there.
  2. I emailed them some time ago as well. Every day that goes by is less a chance I will fill mine out. I am back dating 3 weeks at this point from memory.
  3. That's a bad one. My worst was wrapping myself around a tree during a DH practice run. Broke a bunch of ribs on my right side and put one rib through my lung which promptly collapsed. Most vivid memory was trying to get my full face helmet off before I puked in it. 10 days in the hospital on that one. A year after that was the end of the serious DH. Scars are just tattoos with better stories.
  4. Confusing couple of days. Weekend weather was crap for the fishing I like to do. Yesterday and today, couple of fish mini blitzs that last 5 minutes then hours of nothing. This am was zero point zero with perfect conditions and workable tide. Still early for my area.
  5. I'm ready next time with the tooth check. Streamers all day next outing...although your crab pattern is still a go to producer, I don't think a trout or salmon will hit it!
  6. Thanks. I was all fired up. Wife couldn't understand why. "You've caught lots of trout"
  7. Again I don't think so. The tail was completely flat and there are clear spots on the adipose. I did a search and there are even some archive pictures on this forum that look almost the same. The pic on my phone was a live pic so it shows the tail clear for about half second. I tried to grab a clear shot. I was all fired up and by myself and wanted to get it back in the water so didn't do a full crime scene csi.
  8. I don't think so. Sea run brown i think. Thought about that after the fact but that would have made it an albino unicorn. Either way its back in the water. The location makes sense for sea run. I hit burst on my phone for pics and adipose fin is spotted and tail looks trout. Pics on line of big ones looked pretty silvered like this one.
  9. I thought about it but could not bring myself to do it. Plus I didn't know if it would be a little funky or not.
  10. Battling a bad wind angle led to some short casts working a brackish cut. This bad boy came up and hit a herring pattern. Could not believe it. Absolute monster and a first for me. Had to grab a picture before letting go. Didn't want to fumble with a tape but marked a spot on my rod and measure later to about 24". Fatso.
  11. I had a Mayfly as well and did 100% salt. Bay boat it was fun to fish and comfortable but was like paddling a dock. No way I would take it where I take my current boat. I kicked around the idea of mounting a motor as there is plenty of room and some potential with existing mounts. I had a moment of "what are you doing" and sold it to go 180 on a boat I can paddle. Solo skiff or something along those lines would be more fun for a small power craft IMO.
  12. Yeah great. At least you aren't going to the same grocery store in Yarmouth with one of these wing nuts. I don't know, its nice to be able to download a parts list for my refrigerator or lawn mower from the internet but its given mentally weak people a great resource to find anything but their own failings to blame life's problems.
  13. My day and night herring offerings. Puffier versions for lower light.
  14. Thank you. They said the new ones are yet to be printed and should be out soon.